‘PE Ed 498 Jan 81’

DPP Wanted Paedo Charges Lowered To Protect Diplomat (Transcription 9)

“Private Eye
Edition 498, Jan 1981

Hayman Caught With His Fingers In The PIE

A FLAMING row has broken out between the Attorney General and the Director of Public Prosecutions following the revelation (Eye 492) of reckless sexual exploits and fantasies of retired ambassador Sir Peter Hayman KCMG, CVO, MBE.
Hayman joined the Paedophile Information Exchange under the name of Henderson and conducted obscene correspondence with other PIE members through a flat he rented at 95 Linden Gardens, W2.
In October 1978, Hayman was questioned by Obscene Publications Squad officers after pornographic literature addressed to ‘Henderson’ was left on a bus. Whereas several of his PIE correspondents now face trial at the Old Bailey this month, Hayman was merely cautioned not to send obscene material through the post again.
This appears to have been the result of an Establishment ‘fix’.
The most worrying aspect of the Hayman affair lies in what was disovered at his Linden Gardens love-nest: pornographic photos, articles of female clothing indicating the regular entertainment of prostitutes and 46 quarto diaries, each of some 80 pages, cataloguing six years of deviant sexual activity.
The earlier diaries cover part of Sir Peter’s term as British High Commissioner in Canada from 1970 to 1974 and would have made him a certain victim of blackmail had they fallen into the wrong hands. Hayman had previously held top posts in the Ministry of Defence and the UK delegation to NATO.
The Eye expose of Hayman’s activities horrified the Attorney General, Sir Michael Havers, because the Director of Public Prosecutions, Sir Thomas ‘Tony’ Hetherington had never told him that Hayman’s diaries were obscene (if he had even mentioned them at all).
Havers demanded that the Beast of Berlin’s writings be sent to his office so he could read them himself. Hetherington panicked and set several minions previously unacquanted with the Hayman case onto the job of locating them.
When the diaries were eventually forwarded to Havers it became clear that he wasn’t the only person who’d been kept in the dark. The security services had not been informed of their blackmail potential either. Nor had Willie Whitelaw, as Home Secretary the Cabinet Minister responsible for security matters. Nor, indeed, had the Prime Minister.
Meanwhile, back at the Dipper’s Office in Queen Anne’s Gate, there was a clumsy attempt to lower the charges facing Hayman’s paedophiliac cronies so that they would willingly plead guilty in return for a token fine. This would keep the public revelation to a minimum and prevent altogether the discussion of the deal over Hayman in open court.
To the Attorney General’s credit he refused to contemplate any such deal and demanded the charges stand. It now seems likely, therefore, that the dangerous weaknesses of one of Britain’s most trusted post-war security and diplomatic figures may yet be formally revealed.
But the lewd contents of Hayman’s diaries will not be read out because they form no part of the case against his fellow paedophiles.
Doubtless the diaries will not be mislaid or shredded while in the Attorney General’s care but will be returned in due course to their owner and creator.”
The Eye then notes Sir Peter Hayman had not resigned his job as Governor of the International Students House, a hostel in Great Portland Street, W1 for young university students from all over the world.

It seems a ‘deal’ was cut after all – Peter Righton walked away from court with a fine of £900.


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