kim rotter
All the people who are harmed or killed during this movement should be able to hold whoever created this “caravan”- accountable for their promises to them or payments that led them to believe they could just enter illegally. It’s obvious those who started this movement don’t care about the human lives on all sides that could and are being harmed. If it is a private agenda by corporations, countries or entities trying to move in secrecy who ARE the one’s responsibility for every life, bodily harm, trafficking of children or any harmed during this, along with drug or weapon trafficking. This could be a diversion of our Patriots and Military to draw them to the border while there is another plan of attack against our Country. It was said year’s ago under the Obama administration that there was a plan to bring armed troops in from Cuba along the East Coast to create an attack while inner cells within our Country the U.S. are activated if my memory serves me right. This was after China had expected Obama administration to disarm Americans after the bank bailouts in which a loan was made to the U.S. to help cover the bailouts on the condition guns would be banned from citizens. Because the U.S. citizens and our properties were promised as collateral being part of the deal and what supposedly was to happen just prior to him leaving office or when Hillary came into power. I can’t find evidence now to back this but it was also during all the FEMA camps being prepared (re-education camps) and word of the millions of coffins being delivered as well as guillotine’s delivered to our military bases. Why would any of this be a part of our Nation’s plan?!? We don’t use guillotine’s here. We do however know other countries that do. “The “Trance”-formation of America” may be a movie people may want to watch as there are secret agendas to create a borderless world while citizens of the world are not paying attention or unaware of the plan to depopulate our world and destroy the U.S. as a NATION. John F. Kennedy tried to warn us before he was murdered. Go back and listen to his speeches and you can only imagine now over 50 years later, how deep the infiltration is and the attempt of full tyranny to put an end to our Constitutional Republic. A Republic which was supposed to protect it’s citizens and provide LIBERTY and JUSTICE for ALL while following the rules of that CONSTITUTION and our Bill of Right’s, put in place to PROTECT our land and Sovereignty. While WE THE PEOPLE had FREEDOM to persue LIFE, LIBERTY and HAPPINESS without TYRANNICAL entities trying to rule over us. God Bless and help our Nation and other’s as the deceitful rulers plan is in full swing.

ferd kibic1
The media is so far up the Deep States Butt!!! Everything they say is negative, against AMERICAN people! Listen to what they say, down playing this mirgrant caravan! Deep State wants an ONE WORLD ORDER> do your research! They want to kill over 3-9 billion people! Do your research! Do not listen to the media, they are told what to say, they are OWN by the DEEP STATE!! They all say the same thing! This is your Country, your life !