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Joe Rogan – Elon Musk confirms Alex Jones theories

Published on 7 Sep 2018

WAYmo – Soulless Machines: The AI Infusion Has Begun...

Published on 8 Jun 2018

Something Is Up With Elon Musk and Spacex | Q Anon CIA funding/North Korea

Anti School
Streamed live on 24 Nov 2017

Remember in “They Live” everything is done underground.

Jade Snood
Elon is no visionary… been saying it for year… hes just a good sales man.

Most of his green tech is recycled old tech (solar roof tiles, such a big story at the time, such and old idea that didn’t take of at the time)

Also, he’s subsidized green tech, meaning not competitive, creating a monopoly (using government funds/Grants). A lot of the green tech he has put out is not that high tech… i can understand it and know its not even the best we can do with publicly available tech(i have a low level of electronics and i get this ><).

but… and you may find it if you search… Elon changed his tune a few weeks back and this confused me… think he may be joining the good side… after all hes a good sales man and want to be on the winning side. He came out and talked about his worries of AI and implants


So that’s a lead to look at atm Re:Elon and motives

Richard Branson is an agent too. Very close to Obama & royal family. Forever roaming around suspiciously in the world.

Bill Fisher
Issac the hotel “Doom” in Pyuang (what ever) is actually a rocket/missile with many miniature nuclear warheads meant to be deployed/dispersal after gaining altitude . They would take up position globally for simultaneous detonation. “The “White Rabbit” site is the command center and access point to “Snow White” AI/Global data collection site , fed by the 7 CIA central data centers ” Seven Dwarfs” .

lisa zabriskie
Elon Musk comes from South Africa illuminati family. He’s bs! Also In-Q-tel (CIA) investment group invest into Tesla. He’s comes off as part of a Hegelian dialectic ploy.

LadyKatie’s Stuff
lisa zabriskie and Bezos family? Read man!0

lisa zabriskie
LadyKatie’s Stuff ….what’s your point? Jeff Bezos is a DARPA baby!

lisa zabriskie – Nailed it! Musk is just more globalist B.S.! Obummer’s closing up shop at NASA (which always did Deep State globalist bidding anyway), and handing over the funds to Space-X was purely in prep for the NWO takeover and to make “answering to the people” even less likely based on the same narrative of not being held to any kind of constitutional or public accountability! The fall back on the “we’re a private corporation so we can do what we want and ignore your rights” theory, just as the social media platforms have done, all the while holding the monopoly! I knew when Musk appeared on the 2015 cover of the Rothschild’s Economist magazine … he was nothing but more of the same: Minion to the Oligarchs!

I have long believed Jobs, Gates, the Google creeps were CIA agents.

Truth Be Known Revolution (edited)
Your right, Elon Musk is involved with North Korea but not how you think. He’s being used to put up devices to knock out North Koreas power to invade. Obama shut down shuttle program to prevent this. Investigate Zach the whisleblower https://youtu.be/Ill5kufXUuI explained quicker here


You Are Free TV
Published on 3 Jan 2018
Tory Smith: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2rm3zZK_uA4aSzV2gHysGw/videos

MrFraterManifesto  (edited)
The moment I heard that Mike Flynn was fired because he possessed a list of over 700 D.C. pedophiles, which included the name of Mike Pence’s, “Best Friend,” that ‘pissed Pence off,’ my first thought was, “What is the Vice-president of the United States doing with a pedophile as a ‘best friend?’ My second thought was, “Birds of a feather flock together.” My third thought was, “I wonder who Pence’s ‘best friend’ is? Then, it dawned on me. Pence is his own ‘best friend’ and must have been on Flynn’s D.C. pedophile list.

Mister Heidt
The train is a fitting metaphor. “Coming on like a “fright train”…

Alfred Abbey
Knew about Flynn’s Knowledge of Pence for a while and wondered if others would bring it out. Maybe this means Pence will be taken down soon.

Cat in canada
You are wonderful. I saw Torry Smith talk about mike pence a couple years ago and now hes dead. Literally wasted away in a few short months and died as he was trying to tell ppl about this. I wasnt sure if it was true but you and timothy just verified it so GOOD DAMN JOB!!! Timothy has done at least two excellant interviews with Victurus Libertas channel who also does an amazing job reporting on this. Damn good job. Please stay safe.

Link Via Voat: https://voat.co/v/pizzagate/2177520/10727184

#Pedogate – Ritual Abuse Missing Child Case Blown Wide Open – Interview W/ Timothy Holmseth

Victurus Libertas VL
Published on 7 Oct 2017
haleigh-cummings disappeared in 2009 but is really alive and being trafficked?

Jayde Smith (edited)
Elon , in my opinion, stole Tesla (Circus Court). .. That Hotel in NK, that ‘looks like a Pretty Large Missile in disguise!!! JMO. Warhead Alert!! Bill Gates is Mr DEPOPULATION with the help of His Poison Vaccines!!! Your Research is Good, Follow the White Rabbit! Alice in Wonderland , ..Treason /Mutiny!!! Yes!!! Obama guilty of SEDITiON!!! Bushes Guilty of War Crimes (Hague Court) Others Were found Guilty too!!! Argentina Sub Missing!!! ???? Why is Argentina mad at Obama??? Why is Phillipines (Duerte) calling Obama “Son of a Whore? (DRUG WAR?) WHY ARE WE GUARDING DRUG FIELDS IN AFGHANISTAN (did Trump take it out, gave 3000 more soldiers to Commander in Afghanistan???) Follow the Money… All Roads Lead to Rome.,..? What did Ambassador Stevens know (Bengahzi Guns), Does Hillary, along with Obama leftovers have an Office in Guatemala?? Is it to take down another Lawful Elected President, down there??? ( Like Libya, Iraq, Now Syria ) Hillary and McCain sent Chemical Weapons through Turkey to Accuse Assad of Gassing his People? 2x! Only way to enter Syria- Humanitarian??

Elon Musk is another new age spiritualist. He attends The new age Burning Age Festival. His IQ is sky high. These kind of guys are recruited early on in their lives to serve their Luciferian masters. For that he will be remunerated greatly. And he is convinced by his masters that Lucifer is the “good god”. Remember what the induction of the book “Rules for Radicals” says? Lucifer is getting an image upgrade. More coming soon. Oh, and btw, f you want to meet a bunch of new agers in one place, look in a yoga studio. New age is so vague and confusing; purposely so. At the end of their dark rainbow is….1. no sin, 2. eternity through gluttony (rampant fornication, nd 3. Lucifer is the good god.
Jesus is the ONLY God, just like the Ten Commandments say. Seek HIm in sincere humility. It will change your life.

LIVE FREE OR DIE  (edited)
Why would CNBC announce that Tim Cook was going to be traveling by private plane? They did it on Thursday, 12/28/17 at 1:57 PM. That was in the midst of all the airport shutdowns.

Here’s a Thought:
Facebook is for Facial recognition technology (hence “FACE”book) – either you will give them a photo of yourself or they will take your picture by activating the camera in your video monitor/computer. This way, they don’t have to invade the DMV’s or PASSPORT agency and thereby violate government safekeeping of your data. Facebook theoretically could also be used to marginalize the US Census – or any other country’s as well. (Not China – not allowed in China.)

Amazon – via Alexa – and Apple – via Siri – are for voice recognition technology. Your voice print is as good as your fingerprint, and maybe even better. If they can get enough Alexa’s and Siris distributed throughout the country they will know where you are and what you are saying even when you are not on your cell phone. If they have your facebook picture (do you think Apple and Amazon would not have access to them???) they would know who to look for when they want to apprehend you based on voice localization. Amazon also is part of the private space exploration program.

Cellphones – enable localization either by triangulation or GPS or both, and Google and Apple can activate your GPS even if the phone is off. Also, provide voice recognition confirmation.

Self-driving cars = should be self-explanatory.

REgular cars – now all have GPS on the motherboard.

James Alifantes: Alifantes translates to BABY SELLER. One of the Creepiest Vid’s in the World: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=biBAIg8IdAU

Who is Alex Jones: (I like him, but I don’t know) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31UrDpfM2Lc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31UrDpfM2Lc, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lKcMgq7qCrw&list=PLBD4LoiFLZlz89LvHzel-uNX-SR6DuxRz (I think this is probably the best of the bunch.) PEACE.

Woofie Woof Woof  (edited)
That’s present N.K tyrant KimJung Un’s father who died Kim Jung iLL, Global Warning a lie, NASA is Owned, Believe Elon Musk is bad guy. They are pushing driverless Cars, bad idea, Bill & Hillary from college days recruited into CIA/operatives. Jimmy Carter met David Rockefeller in London and was selected to be President. Obama reared by communist Cia Mom and her communist parents, Obama reared & groomed by CIA to be Divisionist/Racist.