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The Artist Madonna & The Long Term Effects of Satanism, OTTO & the Temple Of Set

James Harder
Published on 5 Mar 2017

Description – Colonel Michael Aquino knows about an entity named TYPHON; Not the real Seth as a soul of ancient origins.~* FYI; Some ghosts you might have heard about don’t care or aren’t aware when you use their name and HARM OTHER SOULS in their name. For this reason Michael Aquino and Anton LaVey’s Daughter from the Temple Of Set are likely going to learn the instant they die in Human form that other Elder Souls don’t quite like being associated with ritual murders, global destruction, pedophilia or LIES and despicable actions done in their names. The Artist Madonna , Like Michael Aquino’s group have bound their souls and identities to a particularly powerful spirit elder who most souls don’t chose to offend. Their hollow auras full of holes and lower vibrational colors reflect this association with simple-minded Goetia type demons who are using their minds, bodies and souls…