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Barry Smith World Order & the EU 1 of 2

Published on 12 Dec 2009

Barry Smith World Order & the EU 2 of 2


Published on 22 Aug 2012

What he said about the Russians is very timely. The Russian (and Iranian) invasion of Israel is looking even more likely in 2016 than it would have seemed back then. The Russians now have an airbase and naval base in Syria, also they have a very advanced S-400 air defense system which makes it very difficult to attack them from the air. In addition, they have a radar jamming system (invented by an Iranian scientist) which makes their own aircraft invulnerable to Israel’s own Iron Dome air defense system, making it possible they could invade Israel without any problems. None of this was the case 23 years ago. Right now, Israel and Russia have a good relationship, but Israel’s alliance with the Western illuminati makes them very vulnerable. If Putin decides one day that he has had enough of America’s meddling in Russian and Middle Eastern affairs, he could decide to invade Israel. One more thing, oil was recently discovered in Israel, giving Russia another good reason to invade, in order for Russia to profit from Israel’s oil fields. This is also another new development that wasn’t the case 23 years ago. How long, Lord? Thou knowest, Lord…

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Nwo criminal scheme is dead. All other forms of nwo residual technologyThat seeks to enslave all ppl Will also be removed. Fiat currency is to remain. Gold backed currency is being putin place in all countries by the alliance.