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Who really is Chris Blackwell ?


N.Z. P.M. John Key Jail Rape Jokes \ Gay Red Jacket

Ras Mikaere Enoch
Published on 18 Dec 2015

annabanna6661 year ago
he is such an evil disgusting man so so corrupt .selling kiwis out of everything. made us china’s dairy farm and America’s spy station now trying to get rid of nz sovereignty.complete disregard for anyone but his wallet . now selling our state housing. when will someone take him to court when will new Zealand s media stop protecting him . he breaks laws on a whim. our forefathers killed and died to protect the freedoms Jon key Is getting rid of .our grandfathers would turn in there Graves to see the police corporate state nz has become .he welcomes oil company’s over refugees he’s a war mongering fascist pig and should be hung in aotea square . he makes me ashamed to call myself a kiwi. he is a mini Hitler doing it all behind closed doors. dirty corrupt politics. new zealand people we can reclaim our democracy from this pig dog we must unite as people against this disgusting evil man . we must be world leaders again like woman rights and so on we don’t have to follow American orders we are new zealand not America

[Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club Award] ——► [STEPHIE KEY]: Khazar Lucifer Jew John Key!topic/

Stephie Key as her artistic alter-ego “Cherry Lazar” in a 2013 work that will be exhibited in Paris on Friday.