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Monday, November 20, 2017


Lilith, the Royal Family and the abducted/murdered children

Lilith, the Royal Family and the connection to some of the most tragic murders of the late twentieth century.
During World War II, it became clear that Britain was not as well prepared for war as Hitler was, and it’s armed forces were heavily outnumbered by German forces. Winston Churchill had however a ‘secret advisor’, some might call him a magician, who told him to introduce the ‘Silent Minute’. The people of Britain were told to sit by their radio’s each evening just before the 9 o’clock news, when one minute’s radio silence was observed, and people throughout the British Isles focused their thoughts on victory and peace. Hitler, who was himself well versed on the power that can be generated when millions of people mediate and pray together, was furious. He called it ‘England’s secret weapon’.
War time ‘leaders‘, and those operating from the shadows who controlled them, knew the power of thought. The time has now arrived for the rest of us to wake up and realize it’s power, and how it has been used against us for so long.

What I am about to document will make more sense to the reader, if they are already familiar and awake to the true nature of the Illuminati bloodlines, and in particular the British Royal family. I was first introduced to the satanic nature of the elite, after coming across a book by British journalist and researcher David Icke, called the Biggest Secret. The vast amount of information held within this book, and the extremely controversial content left me stunned. The testimony of former mind controlled ‘Mother Goddess’ Arizona Wilder in particular, who conducted Satanic Rituals for the highest echelons of the elite brotherhood, was for me particularly disturbing. Until reading this book, I had never heard of MK Ultra, or trauma based mind control, and so I did what Mr Icke recommends we do, do our own research, don’t take his words for it. This took me on an incredible voyage of discovery, and in my mind left me in no doubt that Arizona, no matter how difficult it is for our five sense reality of how this world operates to comprehend, is in all probability telling the truth. It is easy when confronted with information that stretches the limits of ones sense of reality, to simply state, ‘Oh that is nonsense, I don’t believe that’, well fine then, don’t believe it, whether one person believes it or not, is neither here not there, the truth is still the truth.

Whilst we, locked into our limited sense of perception mind set, prattle on about whatever was on the mainstream ‘news’ last night, or the current plot in some silly soap opera, we remain totally unaware that there are symbols, and geometry all around us which is designed to reap our subliminal thought energy, and devote it to the ancient ‘Gods’ that are still to this day worshipped within secret society’s across the world. Let me give you just one example of this that I noticed just yesterday, whilst sitting in my car in a small provincial town in Northern Ireland. I was looking at the protestant Church of Ireland’s spire, and thought, as the spire in the Mystery school teaching’s represents the phallus of the male energy, I wonder if there is a symbol of the Goddess female energy about to balance it. This could be a dome incorporated into the architecture of a building, or even the golden arches of Mc Donald’s, which represent the female Goddess energy. I did not have to look far, as literally approx 100 yards down the street, and in an exact line with the church spire, was the Roman Catholic chapel, complete with a dome, exactly where the spire would normally be! What you need to realise is at the very top of these so called ‘religious orders’ is the true knowledge of the nature of reality, and it has nothing to do with the personified deities, such as Jesus, which have been fed to the masses to believe in and take literally. The secret teachings and teachers have been very clever in how they disguise their various Gods, and subsequently reap the energy of the masses. Religion has been very effective for hundreds of years, but ever since the advent of film and television, plus modern music, they have went into overdrive producing ‘screen goddess’s’ and film ‘stars’, plus sports ‘stars’ and pop ‘stars’, for the thousands of totally unaware population to worship and adore. Often these major ‘stars’ will have obvious ‘hid in your face’ symbolism which relates to the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and beyond. Examples of which are Robbie William’s tattoo of the eye of Horus on the back of his neck.

Lady Ga Ga with her one eye pose is another one, though the one eye covered, either by hair, a hand or shading is one of the most common ways of Horus adoration with in the music and film industry. The massive pyramid stage at Glastonbury every year, David Beckham’s back (and it would take me another page to go into the esoteric meaning behind his tattoos!)
When millions of people give their energy to these objects of adoration created by the Illuminati companies and their money, they are also subliminally giving this same energy to these symbols of Egyptian/Druidic Sun/Moon/Saturn worship and other planet’s symbol’s.
Beyonce has recently given birth to a daughter with her husband, Jay Z. Both these people are I suspect MK mind controlled people, with Jay Z both programmed and his wives handler. Beyonce has given the masses Goddess symbolism through her songs and videos for years, and also programme re-enforcement for other victims of MK, but for now I just want to point out the significance of their daughters name Blue Ivy Carter. Blue is the colour which is symbolic of the spiritual nature of man. The male energy, the ’God’ of the universe lives in the sky and the female energy is of the earth, hence the term ‘mother nature’. They between them need the sun to create life on the planet, so God sent his only ‘sun/son’ to save us… literally! Ivy, as well as being a sacred plant to the Grecian version of Jesus, Dionysus and to the Druids, also can be read as Roman numerals IV, which is of course is 4, the number of the Goddess! This couple were also married on the 4th of April, the 4th month of 2008, that translates to 4/4/08! I hope in the following pages to make you aware of just how significant the number 4 and it’s multiples there of is to the elite bloodlines who rule us.

‘Hoodwinked : a symbol of secrecy, silence and darkness, in which the mysteries of our art should be preserved from the unhallowed gaze of the profane.’
Taken from Dr Albert Mackey 33rd Freemason’s Encyclopaedia.

The Babylonian black magician’s obsession with ritual and symbolism is not the bizarre behaviour it might first seem to be. By creating dramatic events, which are filmed and photographed and, via a controlled media, bombarded into our homes and front pages of newspapers, they are casting a spell on our human minds and our emotions. Remember the shock and horror, empathy and despair you felt whilst viewing footage of the twin towers burning, knowing you were literally watching the death of so many people, live I your own home, or the disappearance of the little girls in Soham, and live events unfold before your eyes via your television? Multiply this raw emotional state by millions and you get one hell of a negative energy shot into the ether, especially if the tragedy occurred on known ley lines which surround the planet; and they always do occur on these lines.

These events are carefully planned, often many years before, and will have many layers of reason for their occurrence. These include the introduction of new laws such as gun control that the public would ever have agreed to before the attack by the ‘lone ‘nutter’ gunman’ (mind controlled slave), or laws which fool the public into giving away more of their freedom, or as with 9/11, an event so big it sufficiently scared the people into agreeing to an illegal war (or several), that they would ever have agreed to had the event not happened in the manner in which it did. But these ‘false flag’ events are also used to fulfil the Brotherhoods requirement that human blood sacrifices are offered up to their specified deities. Modern man has been programmed in this ‘enlightened’ age to believe human blood sacrifice was a horrendous activity of ignorant ancient heathen people who knew no better. This is what they wish us to continue to believe, because while we are of this mindset, they can continue to carry out these mass rituals of human sacrifice right in our faces, and we will continue to live in the ignorant prison mind cell they have put us in, subliminally taking part in the horror with no knowledge of the real agenda. It is interesting to note however, that whilst dismissing the idea of human sacrifice, millions of people every week get on their knee’s and symbolically drink human blood in the form of red wine and eat human flesh in the form of a wafer. Actually in the church that I attended, whilst kneeling at an alter on a Masonic black and white tiled floor… yet people are OK with this!!

Dates, numbers, astrological position of the sun, moon and stars are all incredibly important in relation to the event. Take the Norway shootings on 22d July 2011. The headlines screamed about Norway’s 9/11 ( omit’s the God Number, the perfect ten) The number 9 was looked upon as evil, it represents the end, the omega, 11 appears to be a favourite sacrificial number, hence we stop everything on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month and remember all those who were sacrificed for King /Queen and country. Meanwhile on the nearest SUNday (7th day of the week) to the 11th of November, the Queen of Great Britain and the Commonwealth will lay a wreath of poppies (the opium flower, symbolic of the hypnotism we are under) at the base of a giant monument symbolising the ancient God Osiris’s penis! The Queen herself is a physical representation of Queen Semirimis/Isis and the ritual is an offering those who have died in her name.

Anders Breivik, the man who carried out the Norway bombing/shootings in full Masonic regalia
July 7th is another important Number to the initiates of secret knowledge. The number seven used extensively in the bible eg: seven spirits of God, seven candlesticks, stars, pairs of animals in the ark, 7th day ect, ect. The Pythagoreans said the No 7 was held to be the number of religion, as man is controlled by 7 spirits, to whom it is proper to make offerings! Deities who were expressed by the heptads (No 7) were Aeuis, Osiris, Mars and Cleo. So lets look at the Norway mass murders date : 22 7 2011, which breaks down to 22 = 2 x 11 and 2011 = 2 x 11 : 11 11 7 11 11. I suggest that the Norway murders were amongst other things a massive blood sacrifice to one of the Gods of the Illumiati : Osiris, the God who descended to the underworld.

The London bombings of July 7th 2005

July 7th 2005 saw one of the worst days in recent history on the streets of London for bloodshed and carnage. Lets look at the date. 7/7/2005 equates to 7 7 (2+5) 7 (7 7 7), again a mass ritual to Osiris, but also served to muster up more support for the illegal invasion of Iraq, and to stir up anti-Muslim feeling in the UK, to fuel the proposed war of the religion’s as written by 33rd degree Freemason Albert Pike, who also predicted the two world wars and how the twentieth century would unfold. After the third world war, according to Mr Pike, the (his) one true God Lucifer and his angels would rule the world!

Note the Coca Cola advert on the side of the bus, a phallic shaped bottle with a huge red sun (Horus) behind it

Look at the words of the torn advert for a film…. ‘ Outright terror, bold and brilliant’. Now observe the letters and numbers of the number plate. LX 03 BUF. Let me decode this for you according to the Pythagorean table. L=3 X=6 0=6 and 3 Then BUF B=2 U=3 F=6, and so we have (3 + 3)=6 6 6 (2+3+6) = 11 that’s… 666 11 !!!!
The bombings happen exactly one day after the announcement that London was to hold the London 2012 Olympics. On the 6th of July (6/7..13)Londoners gathered around Nelson’s column (another huge phallic symbol), and celebrated the announcement. The very next day, the capital was plunged from a state of positive energy, to the depths of negative energy as they came to terms with the news of the underground bombings. Remember Osiris was Lord of the Underworld, so where better to offer this sacrifice than killing people underground. The same could also be said for Princess Diana, who was killed in an underground tunnel on the ancient sacrificial site to the Goddess Diana., and to once again hide this in our faces they put a torch above the site representing Goddess energy, a replica of the torch as held by the Statue of Liberty, which was a present from the Parisian Freemason’s to the Freemason’s of the ‘New World’ in New York. The one bomb which exploded above ground did so in Tavistock Square, and again therein lies a clue as the Tavistock Institute is the leading research centre for mind control in the UK.

2011 has seen some form of disaster on the 11th or 22Nd of each month, including earthquakes, which can be caused by the use of HAARP technology. (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program). On 11/1/11 came the first anniversary of the Haiti earthquake, 11/2/11 was Chile, 22/2/11 Christchurch New Zealand, 11/3/11 Japan, earth quake and Tsunami, 11/4/11 Japan again suffered, 11/5/11 Lorca Spain, Strangely there was nothing on 11/6/11, but one in the Philippines on 11/7/11. Minor earthquakes happen all the time, but these were all major ones causing death and injury, and of course remember the horror you felt watching the footage of the tsunami knowing again you were watching the death of so many people, and like the twin towers burning, it was repeated over and over again, to ensure it reaped maximum energy. It should also be noted that as 7is the number of Osiris and 4 is the number of the Goddess, add them together and you get 11, and so I suggest when this number is linked to death and sacrifice it is a sacrifice to the God’s and Goddess’s of the ancient Mystery religions. (Perhaps I should also point out the obvious by now, what were the twin towers, when they rose so high into the skyline of New York? One big, giant eleven of course!) How could anyone look at these dates and say these earthquakes were just a naturally occurring phenomenon?

The worship and sacrifice to the ancient Gods and Goddess’s who stem from Egypt, Babylon, Sumeria and beyond continue to this day to be a vital but covert essential for the secret societies who continue to control our governments. I would like to therefore present some information which I think is highly significant, and will hopefully serve to open ones eyes to just how deep this satanic brotherhoods affect on the collective human consciousness goes.

Lilith, Goddess of the underworld…

There are many deities worshipped by these ‘people‘, but one of the most significant ones to those who practise the black arts is a Goddess named Lilith. She has been quoted as being the first wife of Adam and also associated with Anu and the Annuaki and the mother of Samael., one of the demon angels praised even today in satanic rituals. According to Jewish lore, Samael was the serpent who tempted Eve and the father of Cain. Cain was said to have to looked not like the earthly beings, but like the heavily beings, and a child of the Lord… the Nephilim.

However, back to Lilith. A translation of her name is female night demon. According to some traditions she forced herself on Adam, and bore him many demon’s and spirits that were the plagues of mankind. To the Babylonians Lilith gave birth to the first vampire, and she has also been described as a consort to Lucifer. Lilith represents the dark side of the Goddess, as with the Masonic tradition good /evil, black/white

She has many symbols associated with her, such as the owl, the lily flower, which is named after her and this is also a widely used symbol of the Illuminati bloodlines in the form of the Fleur De Lis, which is found on flags and heraldry all over Europe, and also adorning the gates of the Whitehouse, which itself is built in the belly of an assortment of roads which make from the air the shape of a owl. Lilith is also associated with the deity known as Molech, to which a 40 foot stone monument stands at Bohemian Grove, where the worlds elite take part in amongst other things human sacrifice. an ancient stone carving of Lilith

More Goddess symbolism is the capital letter M and the Number 40 She is also known as the Scarlett Woman, and so the colour red is associated with her, and the great whore of Babylon, the Great Mother and the Mother of Abominations – a creature associated with the underworld. But perhaps the most significant thing she has been associated with in many cultures is the stealing and killing of children, and it is this stealing (or abduction) of children which I wish to focus on.

Before I continue, I wish to make it clear that I am not accusing the families of the children I wish to write about of any misdemeanour. I have no evidence to suggest they were in any way involved. However that said, I do suggest that someone may well have been documenting the children’s lives and clearly movements to have enabled events to have unfolded in the pattern in which they did. I do also suggest that the use of trauma based mind control may have been used. This is usually a multi-generational abuse system, and due to its very nature, front ‘alters’ or ‘personalities’ will most likely not be aware of their programming. This would make the parents appear genuinely distraught people, having no idea of their alter personalities involvement in their children’s fate.

From time to time we hear of the abduction of a child. These child abductions are featured in great detail on every news bulletin and on every front page of newspapers throughout the land. The faces of these beautiful little children smiling at us, and the realization that something very evil my have befallen them affects every one of us. We watch their distraught parents pleading with whoever may have stole their beloved children from them, and as we are all human, we collectively share in their pain. Then the discovery of the body, (but not always). We hold our own children closer, and vow to never let them out of our sight, for fear they too becoming the victim of some evil paedophile murderer..

But on closer inspection all may not be as it first appeared, not the ‘child stolen and murdered by ‘lone paedophile madman’ cut and dried case.

The Abduction and Murder of Sarah Payne

On the 1st July 2000, a little girl named Sarah Payne went missing from a cornfield near her Grandparents home. The nation was gripped by the disappearance of this beautiful little blonde-blue eyed girl, smiling at us from her school photo wearing her red dress, via a bombardment of news stories from mainstream media. On the 17th July her dead body was found, and the nation grieved for her and the pain her distraught parents were suffering.

A man named Roy William Whiting was eventually charged with the murder and the nation breathed a sigh of relief that he had been caught.

Along with the backing of one Rebekah Brooks, Sarah’s mother Sara helped to establish a very flawed legislation named after Sarah and based upon a similar case in the US which allowed some people the right to know if a known paedophile was living close by.

Sarah Evelyn Isabella Payne was born on 13th October 1991. This is a very significant date in the life of an occultist, as the reverse of 31st October, all Hallows Eve. To a high degree Freemason it is a date commemorating the death and torture of many of the Knights Templar on 13th October 1307 when many were imprisoned tortured and killed at the behest of King Phillip and his puppet pope. Princess Diana’s occult ritual death saw her car hit the 13th pillar on the 31st of the month of August (8th month = 4 4) in an underground sacrificial site to the Goddess Diana. The cornerstone of the Whitehouse was laid on the 13th October 1792, (the cornerstone of the twin towers was laid on 11th September 1966, 35years to the day before they were destroyed!) and President Obama announced the financial crash on the 13th Oct. from the Whitehouse. The Chilean miners were also brought to the surface in 2010 on the 13th October via a contraption called The Phoenix (more Masonic symbolism). So you see, 13th October is a very important date in the life of an occultist. (I should say my reference to masons being occultists is aimed at those in the high degree Masonic lodges of 32d and 33rd Degrees, not the lower initiates degree‘s, many of whom are good people, and have no knowledge or understanding of the true nature of their organization at the top end, or indeed those who are above the 33rd degree. I should also mention when I state the word occult, I am aware that it means hidden knowledge, but it can also refer to hidden knowledge manipulated and used in the pursuit of evil intentions. The manipulation of energy to create more negative than positive force. The year Sarah Payne was born, 1991 with its obvious mirror image may allude to light/dark energy, as the number 19 represents the sun. 91 therefore may represent dark, it is also of course the number we get when we multiply 13 x 7!

ON the 1st July 2000, Sarah disappeared whilst playing in a cornfield with her siblings, in a place known as Kings Gorse, West Sussex (note the royal reference).. It has been documented elsewhere on the internet that this is situated on a ley line know as a dragon line, and like other deaths I will detail, all go through sites of royal homes and palaces. In the satanic ritual calendar, July 1st is know as Demon Revels, and requires blood sacrifice of a female. It is also the birth date of princess Diana, born on 1st July 1961. On the day Sarah disappeared, 1/7/00 Princess Diana would have been 39 yrs old (13×3). Sarah’s body was discovered on 17th July 2000. The 17th July is also the date Dr David Kelly, the weapons inspector ‘suicided’ for telling the truth about the lack of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and just recently another whistleblower who dared to tell the truth about what was going on at the News of the World with regards to the hacking scandal was also found dead on 17th July.

The 17th of July just happens to also be the birthday of the current wife of Prince Charles, Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall! In fact little Sarah was discovered on Camilla’s 54th birthday (5+4=9)! Think about that for a moment please, here we have a little girl (whose first name is Hebrew for princess, her last name is French for Pagan) disappeared on the birthday of the murdered Princess Diana, former wife of Prince Charles, and her body was found on the birthday of his long time love and now wife Camilla!

A nation mourned for the lost beautiful little blonde, blue eyed, (symbolic of the Aryan race) girl in the red school uniform.

Now remember Lilith, the dark goddess who steals children and kills them. She was the original ‘Scarlet Woman’, (red uniform) and the consort of the Prince of dark spirits Lucifer, the fallen angel! And here we have a direct link to the two women who were/are wives and consorts of our own Prince Charles.

The name Sarah Evelyn Isobella Payne also has meaning when broken down and translated. Sarah, as I have stated is Hebrew for Princess. Evelyn, Eve, obviously second wife of Adam, tempted by the serpent, and according to Jewish lore, Lilith also represents the serpent demon. Isabella = Is : Isis the ancient mother Goddess of the Egyptian trinity of Osiris (male) Isis (female) and Horus (saviour son/sun). Bel is another word for Baal, an ancient half human, half serpent God, (Note again the serpent reference, which is very significant to those within the occult who still worship this reptilian symbol) and Payne, as stated French for pagan, where many mystery school teachings have their roots. Also of course the name Payne, simply spelt another way says the same : pain. And so we have a Princess, mother goddess in pain and the cult of the serpent!

The man convicted of the murder was one Roy William Whiting. As we were told that this man is a paedophile, we therefore make the mental connection that little Sarah was used as a sex object, (paedophilia is rife within the occult, as the energy they get from the abuse of children is very important to them, hence the ancient tale’s of the sacrificial virgin, in other words, virgin = children). Whiting’s middle name has a significant link to the royals. William, the son of Diana and Charles, like Osiris, Isis and Horus. Prince William was born on the summer solstice of 1982, and has been fashioned as a personification of a sun god like those before him such as Horus, Mithras, Tammuz and Jesus. Again the year has significance, 19 (sun), 8+2 = 10 (the God number), born on the most high, the Sun God!! For more information about this please refer to this brilliant analysis by the late Rik Clay, who exposed this trinity and its links to the 2012 Olympics in London, Before his apparent ‘suicide’ just after this info was discussed on internet radio station Red Ice Radio.

Roy Whiting’s initials WW in his name are also significant as they are inverted M’s (again goddess symbolism) and to those practising the Black Arts, to reverse something enhances the power. Before her death, Sarah painted a picture at school, in which anyone with a trained eye would see she was telling us she was the victim of Masonic ritual abuse. The painting was displayed at her primary school, and published in the Sun newspaper on 5th July 2000. It depicts a man standing on a black and white chequered floor, with something in his hand and wearing what may be descried as a Masonic apron. He has brown hair and stubble. Neither her father nor grandfather looked like this man. Most tellingly was two pillars behind the man both with Sarah’s name on them. Pillars in Freemasonry are very symbolic of the principle of polarity. This was indeed a very strange picture for a child of eight years of age to have painted, unless she had knowledge of the inside of a Masonic temple, then it makes sense.

Sarah’s little body was discovered not 10 yards from the A29 (2+9=11) and her size ‘13’ black shoe was found 200yards south of the A272 (2+7+2=11), the letter A is symbolic of the trinity. These were the details as fed to the public via the national press, and so literally millions of people across the country’s sub consciousness was fed these subliminal esoteric and extremely significant numbers to those who practice the black arts, and we therefore were subjected to the dark energy that surrounded the death of this beautiful little girl.

The Soham Murders

Sarah Payne was born on 13th October 1991. Within exactly 40 days of her birth (note the goddess number again), two other little girls were born. Holly Wells was born on the 1st September 1991, and her friend Jessica Chapman born on 4th October of the same year

Just over two years after the abduction and murder of Sarah Payne, tragedy struck again when Holly and Jessica left a family BBQ to go for a walk. Once again the faces of the two beautiful girls looked at us from every newspaper stand and T.V. news report, wearing their red (that colour again) Manchester United football shirts, complete with the Vodafone 666 logo.

Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman.

Not forgetting of course that Man Utd are also referred to as the Red Devils!
The collective thoughts and prayers of the Nation were once again with the stolen children’s grief stricken families. And of course the collective fear and worry over the ultimate fate of the children.

The date the girls went missing was 4th August 2002, that’s 4/8/(2+2=)4 This would also have been the 102ND birthday of the late Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, who had died on 30th March 2002, 5 months prior to the girls disappearance. The charred bodies of Holly and Jessica were discovered beside RAF Lakenheath 13 days later (that number again) on the 17th August.

The 17th August just happens to be the birth date of one Mary Louise Victoria Saxe – Coburg Saalfield, born 17th August 1786. Mary (the name Mary has huge significance to the goddess, Mother Mary), was the mother of Queen Victoria.
How strange! What a coincidence! The girls disappear on the birthday of the mother of Queen Elizabeth II and are discovered on the birthday of the mother of Queen Victoria! And discovered beside the grounds of a Royal Air force base!

I should note that the Numerology of all three girls birthdates obtained by counting up the Numbers in their birth date is 7, the Number for Osiris.

Perhaps I should also point out that 4th August is also the date the first world war broke out, and the birth date of one Barry Soetero, later to become President Barak Obama in a later altered state. 4th August equates to 4/8 = 4 4 4

Prince William was also christened in the music room of Buckingham palace on 4/8/1982.
The names of the girls may be of significance. Holly Wells could translate to Holy Wells, meaning sacred water, or Holly, as a sacred tree of the Druids. Jessica Chapman may be of significance because of the first letters of her name : Jes Ch.. Jesus Christ? I’m not entirely sure to be honest, but food for thought anyhow.

The deaths of Holly and Jessica, officially blamed on Ian Huntley, (there is always an official version of events, and then there is the truth), tragic as they were, were not the only child abduction and murder’s to take place that year.

The Spring Equinox abduction of 13 year old Milly Dowler

ON the 21st March 2002 a 13 yr old girl named Milly Dowler vanished whilst walking home from school. Milly’s body was found on 18th September 2002, 5 months after her disappearance.

Lets look at the significant dates and numbers associated with Milly’s disappearance.

21st March is a very significant date. Being the spring equinox it is associated with the Goddess Ishtar (the origin of Easter, when we acknowledge the sun overcoming the darkness and celebrate there being more hours of daylight than dark (now dressed up as a Christian festival). To an occultist it is known as the Sabbath Festival. This date is a very popular date with the Black magicians of Atlantis who are established via secret society networks at the highest levels , government, military, multi-national company’s and banking throughout the world. Massive blood sacrifices have taken place on this date and over the 3 days of 20th, 21st and 22d March in recent years with the bombing of Bagdad and Libya, as it is also a date when sacrifices are made to the God of Mars, the God who represents war!

On the day Milly was abducted a bomb exploded in King George’s Street, Jerusalem, killing 4 people. King George of course is the husband of the late Queen Mother and father of our current Queen Elizabeth. The 21st March 2002 was also 9 days before the death of the Queen Mother, and 40 days after the death of Princess Margaret Rose, the Queens sister and daughter of the Queen mother, who died on the 9th Feb.2002, the fortieth day of the year. Again we have the symbolic number 40 and the name Rose, both Goddess symbolism, the name Rosemary signifies bloodline of the serpent cult, the Rose of Mary. Remember the film Rosemary’s Baby by Roman Polanski, paedophile and husband of the murdered pregnant Sharon Tate.? In the film Rosemary, played by actress Mia Farrow (the then young wife of singer Frank Sinatra, who was himself fond of using and abusing mind controlled sex slaves as documented by one of his victims, Brice Taylor), is impregnated by a demon at a Satanic Ritual. Coincidentally, Queen Elizabeth’s third name is Mary, and her sister Margaret’s second name is Rose. Camilla Duchess of Cornwall also has Rosemary as a second Name. Coincidence? I will let you decide.

Lets look at Milly’s name : the letter associated with the Goddess energy is the M, the thirteenth letter of the alphabet, or 4 on the Pythagoras table of numerology. Hence we have the giant golden M of major Illuminati company Mc Donald’s, often where possible, situated close to large phallic symbolism such as church spires ect. Though the M itself is usually placed on top of a very high pole. We have Hollywood icons called Screen Goddess’s such as Marilyn Munroe, and Jane Mansfield, and of course the singer Madonna, with her ritualistic concerts, steeped in hidden references to the black arts, and portraying herself as some sort of Black Madonna Goddess/Lilith. Her Kabala name is Esther (Ishtar!) Remember the furor when she ‘adopted’ children who were not actually orphaned, and was accused of stealing them from their families and culture?. In Christianity we have Mother Mary, and the consort of Jesus, Mary Magdalene, who was up until the 60’s portrayed, despite there being no evidence to suggest it any where, as a prostitute, or Scarlett Woman, until the Vatican decided that due to lack of proof, she was just an acquaintance of Jesus. According to the gospel (God Spell) of Thomas though, it appears she was more likely to have been the wife of Jesus, or so they want you to believe, and therefore giving the public reason to believe there may well have been a bloodline of Jesus. The name Mary, and it’s variation Marie are also symbolic of the Goddess energy. (remember queen Victoria’s mother was also called Mary, as was the paternal grandmother of Queen Elizabeth Queen Mary of Teck, a direct descendant of Vlad the Impaler who Bram Stoker‘s Dracula was based on.)

The lily flower, like the rose is also symbolic of the Goddess. The lily is associated with the virgin and the red rose the fertile queen, and both are symbolic of Lilith. Do you remember the huge wreath of lilies that was spread over the coffin of Princess Diana? Diana by her own admittance was the Windsor’s brood mare, brought into the fold to produce an heir and a spare, but had to be a virgin before she married Charles. She said in her ’unofficial biography’, written by Andrew Morton, who admitted after her death that his source was indeed Diana herself, that she stood at the door of the cathedral on the day of her wedding and felt ‘like a lamb to the slaughter’. Little could she have know just how prophetic that thought was to be!

Milly Dowler was not give the name Milly at birth, her real name was Amanda Jane, but for whatever reason she was given Milly, and this is therefore the name the nation knows her by, and gives their thought energy to. So we have Milly, or M Lily. Her surname can also be broken down to easily reveal Lilith symbolism : Dowler : Red Owl. And so Milly Dowler becomes : M symbol of the Goddess, Lily, flower of the virgin queen/goddess, Red, the scarlet woman Lilith, and the Owl, as also symbolised by a forty foot stone owl at Bohemian Grove, California, and where the worlds elite and leaders meet every year to perform rituals and sacrifice to Molech the deity that receives child sacrifice associated with Lilith!

Milly Dowler was born on 25th June, 1988, 4 days after the summer solstice. Lets break down that date into numerical symbolism. 25/6/1988, = 2+5+6=13 or 4 (M), 1+9+8+8=26 (2+6=8) 4/8. the fourth day of the 8th month is the fourth of August. She died 13 years and 9 months later on the spring equinox of March 2002. Coincidentally, Michael Jackson the ‘King of Pop’ died on what would have been Milly’s 21st birthday!.

A man named Levi Belfield has been convicted of her murder after a trial which created huge media attention due to the scrutiny the Dowler family were subject to in the witness box. It was revealed that Mr Dowler, Milly’s father was fond of sexual practises not becoming of a respectable married man with two children. There was such a furore that it appears there may now be a change in the law to protect witness’s giving evidence in court. The Dowlers hit the headlines just weeks later again when it emerges that Milly’s phone had been hacked into and messages deleted after she had gone missing, by people connected to the News of the World. It was actually the catalyst for the paper to close and the resignation and arrest of one Rebekah Brooke, the top executive at News International, who had been editor of the paper at the time. Co-incidentally (or not!) Rebekah Brooks was also behind the campaign backing Sarah Paynes mother Sara to bring in Sarah’s law. It has since emerged that as well as being publicly seen to be helping Sara Payne, the News of the World were also hacking into her phone in a gross act of betrayal. I was interested to learn that the charity that Mrs Payne runs now is called Phoenix! (I wonder who suggest that name).

Rebekah Brooks keeps company with some very influential people, including British Prime Ministers Blair, Cameron and Brown, and has been described by media mogul Rupert Murdoch as a 5th daughter.

Nineteenth century depiction of Lilith, and Rebekah Brookes. They could have been twins!

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has been named by Arizona to have been present at Satanic Rituals conducted by her. Other attendees included Nancy and Ronald Regan, Al Gore, Bill and Hilary Clinton, Gerald Ford, the Bush family, Henry Kissenger, Bob Hope and a string of other famous names. For a more updated version one might look no further than the guest list of famous names associated with Murdoch’s children and the famous Chipping Norton set! And just a foot note to this, I think it worth noting that the man given the task of conducting the ‘inquiry’ into the phone hacking scandal, is one Lord Justice Brian Henry Levenson, who has attended parties held by Matthew Freud, and his wife Elizabeth Murdoch. I wonder just who decided this would be a suitable candidate for the job? Or is it just like the rest of these white wash inquiries, reaping millions from the tax payer to be eventually given a conclusion in keeping with what his elite ‘friends’ require of him!
As for the hacking of Milly’s phone. One must beg the question why? Why would anyone want to hack the phone of a thirteen year old missing girl? Anyone in their right mind of course! Why did they delete some of the message’s on her phone? Could the messages really have been from her handlers? Was Milly the product of MK ultra mind control, bred especially for this very important sacrifice to the Goddess Lilith who steals and murders children? The same group of detective’s who investigated Sarah Payne’s murder were called in to help with the disappearance of Milly. Interestingly they called the investigation Operation Ruby!! Two alarms bells ring in my mind here. One is the choice of calling it after the most precious RED jewel known, and two is : it may well allude to a MK Ultra mind control programme where sex slaves are given jewel programming. The higher the value of the jewel, the higher the value of the slave, and ruby would be up there amongst the highest!

The official story is that she was abducted and murdered by one Levi Bellfield who also has murdered two other people.

Again, analysis of this mans name will give clues to the Black arts. : Levi, an abbreviation of Leviticus priests credited with writing the first books of the Bible, from which stems the three major religious of the world, and gives us knowledge of the Nephilim and the Watchers, the exoteric origins of the bloodlines still in control to this day. The Levitican priests were masters of the Black Arts, and were aware of the true story of the serpent race, which had been passed down to them from Sumer and Babylon and not the glossed over version they presented to the masses to take as literal truth. Levi is also a anagram of evil, which is self explanatory, and the obvious Bellfield, which is a play on Bel/Baal the consort of Lilith, and so Levi Bellfield becomes : Evil Baal, the half human serpent God!
But of course, as the mass of people are programmed from a young age to believe everything the nice newsreader tells you as fact, and do not question any official version given, and we therefore do not believe this sort of thing happens, the consciousness of humanity becomes embroiled in Satanic ritualistic practises, hidden in our faces. The Reptilian worshiping elite bloodlines continue to hide this stuff in plain sight, reaping like psychic vampires the negative energy created by conducting these sacrifices on significant lines in the earths energy grids.

Such is the web of control at the top level, and as the media was so important in the ritual, as a means to control our thoughts and feelings, that of course the previously mentioned ‘Satanist’ Rupert Murdoch, owner and controller of so many media outlets, has recently denied all knowledge of the hacking of Milly’s phone, but yet was reported to have ‘held his head in his hands’ whilst apologising unreservedly to Milly’s parents, and who just recently gave them two million pounds compensation.

The cynic in me wonders given the evidence, if such a large payoff was more to do with them allowing their daughter to be part of such a major sacrifice!

As a footnote to the above. On Friday 11th May (note the significant date 11th of 5th month on the 5th day of the week) Rebekah Brooks was questioned for 5 hours at the Leveson inquiry into the ‘Phone Hacking scandal’. She appeared in a dress labeled by it’s designer as the Peter Pan dress, and was immediately referred to looking like a Salem Witch. I believe the Leveson inquiry is a not what they want us to think it is. Sir Brian Leveson has already admitted to attending parties held by Matthew Freud and his wife Elizabeth Murdoch, daughter of Rupert and ‘close’ friends of Rebekah Brooks, the Camerons, Jeremy Clarkson and many, many more very influential people from the world of TV, politics and commerce, who we would never suspect to be connected were we not aware how these bloodline families interconnect to weave a web of deceit to con us. Brooks appearance at this hearing on the eleventh of the month (numerology is very important to these people) and being associated with a witch is almost like laughing in our faces at how easy it is to hid it in our faces. But the Peter Pan is even more significant. The Original J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan was not he cute little imp as depicted by 33rd degree Freemason Walt Disney, he was actually the spirit of a dead child who mothers feared because he stole children from their nurseries. I have went into much more detail in my Thje Land of Oz and the London 2012 Olympics, Saturn returns blog, as I believe this has much to do with what they might be planning over the summer. Look at the name Leveson Inquiry. When something gets as much coverage as this has, it is because they want to programme our subconscious in some way. Leveson can easily be turned into Evel n O2. I realized what they were at when on the 1st May, a major Satanic ritual date (remember the fake killing of the already dead Osama Bin Laden last year, then they killed all the people who were supposed to have carried out the fake killing in a helicopter crash) when this year they publicly humiliated another Old King, this time Murdoch, by saying he was not fit to run his empire.

Rebekah Brooks is playing a part in this pathetic game designed to once again hoodwink a nation.

I should perhaps also note that given the recurring symbolism which to my mind denotes a connection to Lilith, the ‘Original Scarlett Woman’, which I have repeated connected to the cases withing this blog, that on 25th January 2012, a surrogate mother gave birth to Rebekah Brooks daughter who was named Scarlett Anne Mary!

And so we have made what I believe to be significant links so far of the deaths of four stolen children , all murdered and all with symbolic references to the Negative Goddess Lilith.

Now for the fifth child, and probably one of the most talked about ever in history,

The disappearance of 3years old little Maddie McCann…

ON 3rd May 2007, a little girl, just 9 days short of her 4th birthday (Note again the significant numbers 9 and 4) disappeared from her holiday apartment in Portugal, where she had been left alone by her doctor parents along with her twin siblings, whilst her parents dined at a near by restaurant. It seemed the whole world was looking out for Maddie, though not it seems her parents, who did not go out to look for her. Could this be perhaps because they were already aware what had happened to her, and knew there was no point?

We (the public) were especially trained to look at one of her eyes, as the pupil of one eye had a strange shape, in fact dare I say reptilian in shape! Anyone versed in the symbolism of the Illuminati, will be aware of the significance of the single eye, as pictured above on Robbie Williams tattoo, the Eye of Horus, or the All Seeing Eye.

The history of the case has been well documented, even the McCann’s strange decision to fly off in a private jet, laid on by tycoon Philip Green, to be blessed by the Pope, and a reward by Jo Rowley , supposedly the author of the extremely hidden in your face Harry Potter stories about a young wizard, a pupil in a school which is in another dimension! (I wonder where Miss Rowley got that idea from then!). What happened to little Maddie we will probably never know, there has been much speculation, but the purpose of this particular piece is to establish links to both Royalty and the worship of the Goddess.

The most obvious link to the latter is clearly her initials, MM. As has been mentioned earlier, the letter M symbolises the Goddess and as it is doubled gives twice as much subliminal negative thought energy every time we look at her name, which we will from now on and immediately feel all the negative emotions one would naturally feel at having been furnished with so much publicity about this lost or stolen child, wondering just who did take her, what has she suffered, and at the hands of how many people.

Note the colour of dress Maddie is wearing in this picture used by police for millions of people to look at. Also, the telephone number, 8 (4+4) and the 555 111, which adds up to 18 (3×6) or more obviously… 555 + 111 = 666! Can you see how in your face these people are? and this is the OFFICIAL number given by Crimestoppers UK, the police force of the United Kingdom

The name Madeline literally translates to : of the place of Madga. Who do we know came from there? Oh yes! Mary Magdalene, who up until the Vatican decided otherwise, we were told was a prostitute, a ‘scarlet woman’. The author Dan Brown’s work The Da Vinci Code, put in the minds of the masses the legend that in fact she was the wife/consort of Jesus, who carried the Bloodline of Christ to France, where it became the Merovingian Bloodline, and therefore we are to assume that as Princess Diana was from this bloodline her son William, the future King is of the bloodline of Christ. All very appealing I’m sure were it not for the fact that absolutely no historical evidence of this man exists outside of the bible. But that is another story!

On the 3rd May 1764 – exactly 243 years (2+4+3=9) before Maddie disappeared, one Princess Elizabeth (El=Elohim -Lizard-Birth) Philippe Marie Helene de France was born.
She was a French Princess who was granddaughter of both the Holy Roman Emperor (on her mothers side) and King Louis XV and his consort Queen Maria on her fathers side. It appears this Princess who whose name translated equates to Elizabeth Philip Mary and Helen (Queen Elizabeth II is named Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, the obvious royal connections speak for themselves, and of course the Mary again, Mother Mary. MM), was quite the staunch royalist, refusing to leave Paris when the French Revolution began, and so on the 10th May 1794, aged 30years old, she was beheaded in Paris. She was quite the martyr to the Royalist cause. So it seems Princess Diana was not the first Royal Princess to have suffered trauma and death on the streets of Paris!

Perhaps I should also point out another interesting fact . On 3rd May 1961 a Miss Susannah Lamplugh was born.

Suzy Lamplugh

was a 25yr old estate agent who disappeared on 28th July 1986, and who’s body has ever been found. Searches around RAF Norton Army Barracks, despite tip off’s that she was there came to nothing, and Suzy to this day is still missing presumed dead. Now for another ‘amazing co-incidence, Suzie just happened to disappear on the 31st birthday of one Princess Elizabeth of Schleswig-Holstein (nee Princess Elizabeth of Lippen Weissenfield). Princess Elizabeth is the current Princess consort to the head of the Ducal House of Schleswig-Holstein Sonderburg Glucksburgh, Christophe, Prince of Schleswig! Our Queen Elizabeth’s husband (and consort) Prince Philip is of the House of Schleswig-Holsteine-Sonderburgh-Glucksurgh ….. Just a coincidence mind.. nothing to worry about!

Also Suzie Lamplugh has a interesting Name : Lamp (a device for illumination) and Lugh : Lucifer?

On the day Suzi disappeared she had written in her diary an appointment to meet with a Mr Kipper. The elusive Mr Kipper like Suzi was never found. But a closer analysis of this name could in fact hold clues to what happened to Suzi. If you turn the letters round a little bit you get MK Ripper. Is MK alluding to MK Ultra, the trauma based mind control (MK is the German initials) which was started in Nazi Germany and brought to the US and UK after the war via Project Paperclip, where the Nazi scientists were given new identities and funding to continue their work. And Ripper, after Jack the Ripper, like Mr Kipper, an elusive man who murdered women in Victorian London, and was ever caught, though many believe the real murderer had close connections to the British Royal family.
Suzi Lamplugh disappeared 5 days after the Royal wedding of the queen’s third child, Prince Andrew to Sarah Ferguson, which took place on 23rd July 1986.

The high profile death of another young woman occurred 13 years later in the year of the wedding of the Queen’s fourth child, Prince Edward, that of Miss Jill Dando.

Television is an important tool in the social engineering of the human mind and life. We become familiarised with the various personalities who’s faces appear in the corner of our living rooms, kitchen etc, and feel as though we almost know them personally, such is the power of the media. One such face was that of the lovely Jill Dando. Jill was a very popular T.V. presenter throughout the 1990’s. A tall, blue-eyed blonde, she had a look very reminiscent of the late Princess Diana.

On the afternoon of 26th April 1999 (inverted 666) Jill Dando was shot in the head on her own front door step. The nation was shocked. That evening the ITV 10 o’clock news headlines reported the murder and literally within seconds of the beginning of the broadcast asked the question : ‘was it an underworld killing?’ Again to the untrained mind one would assume the newscaster was referring to some sort of criminal gang, however, the underworld is also a reference to the demons from the lower forth dimension, brought forth at Satanic rituals, and literally as the Newscaster said the worlds we were shown a film of Jill Dando looking elegant and beautiful in a sparkling … RED DRESS. The film continued with the scene of the crime, and police interviewing a lady who had her back to the camera, holding against her back a balloon from Mc Donald’s, complete with the capital M, signifying the Goddess.

Jill Dando had like Sarah Payne, a very significant birthday : 9th November 1961. In Britain that equates to 9/11/61. She was born in Weston Super Mare – (Sunset over the moon), more Goddess references as the moon is traditionally seen as female energy (as opposed to the male sun). She was born into a devout Christian Baptist family, and apparently remained devout throughout her life, and was a very close friend of that other bastion of Christianity : Sir Cliff Richard. However on the week she died she appeared on the cover of that weeks issue of Radio Times magazine, wearing a black leather/rubber looking ensemble (very becoming of a devout Christian! Could this have been indicating that her goody goody image had another side to it? Perhaps another personality a darker one representing the dark Goddess Lilith. Jill was 38 years old when she died. 3+8 = 11.

Again please observe what has been hidden in full view. Note the numbers of the car, 4 7 2. The 4 and 7, again a reference to Osiris and Isis, and put together make 11, and add the 2 to get 13. Add the F with the numerical value of 6 and we have 19, the number of the sun, and all within the pyramid/ triangular shape of Jill’s open legs (the sacred feminine). Just this number plate alone and Jill’s position encapsulates the holy trinity of the male God energy, the female Goddess energy, and put together the sacred sun/son. The blue colour as I have stated in regards to Beyonce’s daughter represents the spiritual aspect of man, but the female is wearing black, complete with red lipstick. To me Jill has been very much depicted as the dark Goddess Lilith, and the poor girl had most likely absolutely no clue as to what or how she was being manipulated whilst doing this photo shoot.

Note the VROOO OOO M. V is the 22nd letter of the alphabet, 11 + 11, and also is a 4 on the Pythagorean table, and M is also a 4 as well as being the 13th letter of the alphabet. R is both the 18th letter of the alphabet (6+6+6) and on Pythagoras’s table a number 9, which is the Omega, the end! O is represented by a 6, and so at either side of Jill’s head we have when de-coded

11 11 9 666 666 13/4! And how prophetic of those at the Radio Times to state that her ‘holiday is over’!
A man named Barry George was convicted of the murder of Jill Dando, but the conviction was later overturned. The trial, conviction and subsequent acquittal ensured this event stayed in the lime light for years. Her murderer has ever been caught, and I am guessing never will be.

Now, please note the date Jill’s murder occurred. : 26th April 1999. Recognise it? On this date in 1923 Elizabeth Bowes Lyons married the Prince Albert, later to
become King George VI, (remember Barry GEORGE). In fact on 26th April 1999 they would have been 76 years married : 7 + 6 = 13! It should also be noted that Jill was a personal friend of Sophie, who married the Queens youngest son Edward a few months after Jill’s death. Arizona Wilder, the woman who conducted rituals under mind control for the elite including the British Royal family, has written that Jill was indeed a sacrifice to mark this marriage. They are incredibly ritualistic, and live their lives under the influence of what is happening astrologically. Arizona wrote at the time : “On June 19th 1999, Saturn is direct in Taurus at 13 degrees, releasing malevolent powers. This marriage has been arranged for this year to empower the rituals from August11th to 13th and the ones starting at 12 am on December 31st.”

As you can see, numerology is very important to these ‘people’. They contain deep meanings and hold the key to energetic vibrations that can effect everything about and around us, due to the fact we are all mere energy in different forms.

The birth dates of Holly, Jessica and Sarah all equal 7 (six pairs and the divine 1). Maddie Mc Cann’s number was 4, the number of the Goddess. Suzi Lamplugh’s was also 7. Jill Dando’s was 10. Ten is the perfect number, hence why 9 and 11 means so much to the black magicians of Atlantis, it omit’s the perfect 10.

My reference to the ‘Black Magician’s of Atlantis, is merely a name to describe those who are behind this manipulation of human kind. They are believed to have been survivors of the ancient land that was Atlantis, and after its destruction they emerged from land many believe to have been Ireland, and made their way across to Sumer, then Babylon, up into Egypt, before conquering Rome and spreading up into Europe. They took with them secret knowledge of how the world and it’s different dimensions really worked, and devised methods of keeping this ancient knowledge to themselves via a network of secret societies, and mystery schools, whilst forming various ways to keep the consciousness of the masses locked into a fear mentality, telling them about higher and lower dimensions, (heaven and hell) and creating religion to ensure that they give their freewill and minds to them, i.e. ‘the only through us will you achieve entry to heaven’.

It is therefore interesting to note that in the last century these aforementioned lands Ireland, Europe, Babylon (modern day Iraq) and recently Egypt, have suffered turmoil and war. Sumer is the ancient name of Iran, and as most are aware, the drums of war are beating at the Whitehouse, just waiting until the correct circumstances have been manipulated into place to ‘justify’ another invasion, to ‘protect the western world from those nasty Muslim people!’ We must wake up to this manipulation of our minds, and use our thought energy for the good of mankind, by praying this will not take place, remember Churchill’s ‘secret weapon’.

Ireland has seen over the years many atrocities, especially in these past forty years, the six counties of Northern Ireland, where the murder and maiming of the innocent was rife during what were described as ‘the troubles’, the pitting of two supposedly ‘Christian’ religions against one another. I personally believe that the people of Northern Ireland were nothing more to the elite brotherhood, than an experiment, to have a dress rehearsal and see how easy it would be to get people to hate each other due to their chosen religion. The new method of war fare was to be ‘terror’ism, an attack on the mind’s of humanity, to literally terrorise them, creating the scenario where people lived in fear of another person, the them and us, divide and conquer method to keep us locked into fear. When the time came to launch this new found warfare on the world stage at the beginning of the new Millennium, involving not Catholics and Protestants, but Christians and Muslim’s, officially established on 9/11, Kissinger’s British puppet Tony Blair, quickly wrapped up the ’troubles’ by creating a new assembly and throwing ’peace money’ at them. It really was not that hard to create peace, due to the fact that both sides had been controlled by British forces for many years. There is much still to be revealed about the sorry tale that was the Northern Irish troubles.

As was the case many thousands of years before, when the Atlantean bloodlines migrated to what was likely much warmer lands, whilst on Irish soil, under the roof of Bush’s cousin, the Queen of England’s official residence, Hillsborough Castle, the two men literally sitting in the sitting room named after the castles former lady of the house, none other than the Queen Mothers sister, Lady Granville, Bush and Blair officially decided to go to war in Iraq. (I say officially, as both men’s shadow controllers would have already made the decision many years previously). Going symbolically from Irish soil to establish themselves in the lads of Sumer and Babylon and Egypt, as their ancestors did many thousands of years before them…
And so President Bush’s war on a state of mind ‘Terror’ was well under way.

The Omagh Bombing

The Northern Irish conflict was the excuse for many horrific murders and much pain and sorrow throughout the land. On August 15th 1998 the biggest single loss of life occurred when a bomb exploded on a busy shopping main street of a provincial town in the centre of Northern Ireland. Twenty nine people were murdered and also two unborn twins, and many, many more were seriously injured and traumatized.

Officially, the bomb was planted by members of the Real Irish Republican Army, a group who were supposedly opposed to the Good Friday Agreement. Prime Minister Tony Blair said at the time that it was an ‘’appalling act of savagery and evil’’, which would be laughable coming from this man were it not so tragic! Two men were tried and found not guilty of the bombing after it was revealed that the police force of the Irish Republic had forged interview notes. There has been much debate over the circumstances surrounding just who knew what was going on. Given the evidence I have researched, I feel it necessary to state what appears to be hid in everyone’s face, but no one seems to what to acknowledge it.

An MI5 double agent who uses the name Kevin Fulton, said he told his MI5 handlers about the planned bomb, three days before it happened, yet they did not tell the police. The Ombudsman, Nuala O Loan’s associates obtained evidence to confirm what Fulton had said, yet refused to confirm or deny this. I contend that the reason nothing was done about it was because ultimately it was MI5 who were the real perpetrators of this incredibly evil act, and as always, they have left us clues as to their identity, if you know where to look.

On the 13th August, (1+3=4/8) a red Vauxhall Cavalier was stolen and fitted with the false number plates reading MDZ 5211. Lets just look at this information first. Already we have the significant colour of the car, red. We also have the term Vauxhall. Vaux is a Russian pronunciation of fox, the only word in the Pythagorean table which converts to the numerology 666. The headquarters of the British MI6 is of course situated at Vauxhall Bridge in London. The symbol for Vauxhall is a Griffin, a mythical creature consisting of a cross between a lion and an eagle, both ancient sun symbols.

Then we have the Cavalier. The term Cavalier has its roots in the Latin word for horse man, caballarius, and of course was also a term given to Royalists loyal to King Charles I and his son Charles II.. And who do we know who is an excellent horse woman of royal descent and incredibly loyal to the British Prince Charles, none other than his own sister, daughter of Queen Elizabeth, and grand daughter to the Queen Mother, Princess Anne, whose birthday just happens to be……….the 15TH AUGUST.

On the day of the slaughter of the innocent on the streets of this quiet Irish town, the Princess Royal celebrated her 48th birthday (note again the Goddess numbers 4 and its multiple !!

The car was fitted with the number plates MDZ 52 11. Note again the first letter, M the letter of the Goddess and also D which on the Pythagorean table has a numerical value of 4, Z on the same table is 8, which is obviously as stated a multiple of 4, and could also perhaps allude to the initial of Anne’s daughter Zara, the only great grand daughter of the Queen Mother from the true female line. Now the numbers of the plate, 52 11, by now I suspect you have figured it out, 52 = 13 x 4, or add them to get 7 the number of Osiris, and of course the number of sacrifice again 11. MDZ, also when given numerical value is 4 4 8. Jill Dando’s date was (2+6) 8/4 and she was born on 9/11. The bomb exploded on 15/8, (5-1) another 4/8, on Princess Anne’s 48th birthday. For more information on why I think the numbers 4 and 8 are significant please see my blog on The Wizard of Oz and the Olympics.


The car was stole on the 13th August, 13/8 or 4/8, the explosion happened at 3:10, that’s 31 or an inverted 13. The name Omagh has the numerical value of 26 on the Pythagorean table, and again 26 = 13 + 13, the number of totality and all magical works! 26 is also the number of Jehovah.

A code name Martha Pope was used, and the wrong location of the bomb given, which resulted in well meaning police officers herding the people to stand directly beside the bomb rather than away from it, again given the sick minds of those who design these attacks, this meant maximum carnage.

15th August is the 227th day of the year, this adds up to … 11, and the day Saturday is the day of Saturn, again astro-theology at (the worship of the planets and the stars) is at play.
And so ends for now my analysis of some of the most heinous crimes in recent British history. It is now up to you the reader to inwardly digest the information I have put into words here. I readily accept much of it to a person who loves their Queen and country, will have difficulty accepting much of my research, but facts are at the end of the day facts. I have not speculated here, I have given you thoroughly researched information, and should you find that it is too much to comprehend and you prefer to go back to you particular cosy version of reality then be my guest, by all means, but we cannot keep our heads in the sand for ever.

The events of that fateful day of 9/11 I don’t think necessarily had the desired effect of the terror Bush and his cohorts wanted, because what it appears to have achieved for many is to awake their minds to what is wrong in this world. There are many who talk about the economic disasters and how the Elite of this world have been manipulating us for thousands of years, but while they speak many truths, they appear to be frightened of really getting to the heart of the problem, perhaps due to the fear of ridicule and criticism. I really hope that it will not take another event on the scale of 9/11 (or bigger) to convince the world we are in the grip of an evil dynasty.

For now I shall leave you with a few more interesting numerical facts regarding the British Royal family. : Queen Elizabeth II was born by cesarean section on 21st April 1926, something incredibly rare in 1926 due to the risk of death to the mother, but please note the date : 21/4/26 26 = 2×13, we have the goddess number 4 again, and the 21st of April just happens to be the 111th day of the year, also if you multiply 21×4 you get 84, again the 4 being particularly obvious. This year the Queen celebrates her 86th birthday on the 112nd day due to the leap year, 112 = another 4. Her sister Margaret was born on the 21st day of August 1930, 4 years after Elizabeth, on the 233nd day of the year. Which when added together give you 8. Multiply the 8 as in August being the 8th month with the 21st day : 8×21 and you get 168, another multiple of the sacred number 4! Both girls maternal grandmother, the mother of the Queen Mother, Celina (Nina) Bowes-Lyon was born…… on September 11th 1862!!

Might I leave you with this food for thought. This year 2012, marks the 112th anniversary of the woman named the Black Queen’s birth, known to the masses as the Queen Mother. Note the number you get when you add 1+1+2 =4, this will take place on 4th August, which falls on a Saturday this year (Saturn day). This will also fall right in the middle of the biggest event London has hosted in many, many years, when the world will be giving their energy to the live events happening at the Olympic games!!.
I don’t know about you, but London during the summer of 2012, and in particular the weeks in which the games take place is the last place I would want to be!

Posted 6th April 2012 by Bessie Totten