Is This Really Tony Blair?

This looks quite weird.  Firstly, his forehead seems elongated.  Secondly, I am wondering where this was taken?

Tony Blair Murders ‘Changes’

Chinese Students in2003 not Taken In

Further Work on Tony Blair – his Questionable Character

AND he plays away.–Cherie-warned-sexy-conspiracy.html

Blocked Goldsmith from providing Parliament with full legal info on Iraq War

More Info. no longer there?  Oh Dear.

To the ptb – removing the link doesn’t remove the stains.  Remember Lady McBeth?  Blair received approximately 40 million reward tokens for his judas like treachery…

A Really Good Piece from ‘The Slog’

Blair’s J P Morgan Payments

Tony Blair or Vanity Fair

BlondBlair pic Courtesy Daily Mail.

Obama’s Amazing Identical Smile

Blimey – Comment under this news story –

Copper? Says:  ‘Vince Landa, now deceased, is the name I was told did Angus Sibbett, and that was given to me by someone who mixed in the thick of those circles at the time.

As for the other one named in that as the murderer, that’s a first for me- that name thrown into the mix, but I was told another rumour about him. As he’s still living and no more was said to back that up I won’t repeat it on here.

Michael Boyers

Michael Boyers

Being from that neck of the woods I don’t recognise any of those names (Boyers/Cutter/Caffrey/Jenkins etc etc), and Google mostly throws up only comments made on a couple of sites from the author of that yahoo news piece. Maybe someone can do better than I in finding anything online about any deaths of those mentioned. It’s smelling of balloney to me.’

Michael Boyers


22 December 2015

Comment: “I apologise for the flippancy – this is a serious journal and you are a serious academic who writes well-researched, serious books – and sometimes I read these books and I do appreciate the effort, but sometimes part of me just wants to scream and -get to the point- !!

I note, with thanks, the comment was not banned, nor did you say in your response that you believed it to be utterly false … hah ! – but as an observer I simply interpolate and extrapolate, I also have a curious habit of remembering odd details … 4 pieces of anecdotal evidence I offer (and note that I do not think such a statement will ever be documented even if true – these villains are much too careful for that)

1 – an observer at these tennis matches was astonished at the inter personal dynamic of the two; it was quite clear who was in charge, and when tony left it was so the “adults could talk in private”

2 – another observer, a journalist who was trying to write a piece/book on tony came to the conclusion that he was, in psychological terms, an empty vessel – a “toom tabard” as we say in Scotland – he had no convictions nor beliefs of his own, he was something that was shaped by others – completely

3 early in his political career he found a source of money to fund his own office

4 david owen, ex politician and a qualified doctor, wrote a book on tony coming to the conclusion that he was deserving of a clinical diagnosis, i.e. he was a genuine psychopath ! – which is a bit rich coming from a man who was in his own way, a wrecker of all he touched and was nicknamed “dr death” by political satirists in the 1980s – takes one to know one !?

A lot of the “new labour” (i.e. anti-labour) generation went to CIA sponsored summer schools in the US in their younger days – spooks using politicians as agents is not far fetched and likely Blair was spotted, groomed and recruited early on. As for which spooks, well, pick any one they are all just branches of the same family, but with the association to levy, I would pick the mossad

– the “rentboy” accusation is more metaphorical than literal, but you know … he did go to public school, and was probably tutored by notorious pederasts, so … who knows? Recent months in the UK have spewed forth torrents of revelations which seem to suggest about half the UK ruling class are paedophiles, and the spooks have been systematically covering it up for decades.”

Comment: “Kevin … the “Rent Boy” tag used by blah has much truth to it. And I congratulate “blah” on his acumen. My imperfect explanation follows.

I am unable to provide hard evidence because it has been destroyed. But allow me to recall from memory.

Blair’s full name is Anthony Charles Lynton Blair

Apparently, on an unknown date during the mid-1970s (when Blair was aged about 21 years) he was arrested for “importuning” in public toilets in London. This is a commonly known fact to most serious researchers familiar with British contemporary history.

As an example, here is what the laws in your State of Ohio has to say about “importuning” …

Blair was charged and summoned to appear at the Magistrates Court in Bow Street. He was fined £50.

He was charged under the name Charles Lynton Blair (or simply Lynton Blair) … presumably to provide some kind of cover from future scrutiny.

I first learned of this back in circa 2007, after stumbling upon a YouTube video of a public presentation given by a respected researcher, somewhere in the south of England (perhaps Portsmouth). It was he who stated the facts of the above case, to an audience of about 100, complete with all details and evidence.

I downloaded a copy of that video. But in those days, I was using Win-XP without any proper PC security. About a year later, I had my computer hacked, by unknown actors, and that particular video (+ a few others) became inoperable from that day. Furthermore, that same video was wiped from YouTube … presumably around that same date. I have tried several times to relocate a copy, but to no avail.

The Bow Street Magistrates Court, where Tony Blair was fined for seeking anal sex in a London public toilet has since been closed down (14 July 2006). Presumably, this gave the Secret Services chance to delete/destroy all evidence of Blair’s court appearance.

Such factoids do not emerge out of nothing. Nevertheless, I concede we would have immense difficulty proving that it actually happened now.

Yet I am confident some people still have the necessary and damning evidence sufficient to cause Blair great public embarrassment (if not sufficient to win a court case). Our only problem is identifying and making contact with such individuals.

I hope this comment will provide much encouragement to “blah” so he may be inspired to ferret out more evidence.”

Comment: “Thanks for the additional replies, anglo-saxon and jules … yes I think the sexual blackmail angle is right, but it is even worse than you suggest, no one gets anywhere near anything valuable, or has real power, if they are not absolutely-controllable in some way and the spooks are proactive in this.

– the stuff about tony blair actually “cottaging” I had heard of before, but it sounded like it was one of those “too good to be true” things(*) one should be careful of. Of course it would not be out of character for a labour politician, tom driberg was notorious for such.

Blair as an ambitious young psychopath with a useful talent (public relations) and with no fixed positions on anything, would have been the ideal candidate for an agent. Levy had a background in the music industry, which I am told has been useful “cover” for operatives – and sites like this and the book by ostrovsky have informed us all about “sayanim”. I am sorry I could not find the references I was looking for, so this is all very circumstantial, but it fits and would explain a lot, occams razor and all that. The jewish mind also has, when seeking a goal, a brutal directness – other lobby groups might think about legal and above board presentations, argument and appeals … but they think : hey, lets just buy/blackmail the guy in charge, and/or get “our guy” the job in the first place; they don’t muck about, and have a perverse pride about their sneakiness and low cunning, breaking the rules makes these inbreds feel superior.

Another incident on the “blairs not the top dog in his own house”- theme came from alan mcgee, a glaswegian (- this is relevant) record producer who got invited to chequers as a guest of blair for a weekend shindig; he found to his amazement jimmy savile was also there and more so who seemed to be in charge, “holding court” and so on – mcgee thought savile was simply a washed up hasbeen with a bad line in “patter”, worse taste in jewellery and an act that was just pure kitsch, old as the dinosaurs … savile further annoyed mcgee by “pawing” at his wife all night (- she must have been very young-looking) and mcgee half thought about “chinning him” but didn’t as he also sensed that jimmy was somehow “heavy” … coming from a glaswegian this is relevant as all of us have finely tuned spider senses for “heaviness” i.e. “gangsterism” – as you never know who you might be standing beside in the pub some friday night … tony blair is PM and yet kowtowing to bouffant-suntan levy and the ridiculous james savile, who is also “gangsta” … if I was PM I would be the “alpha male”/”top dog” in any social gathering I was at … unless of course I am, and know I am, someone elses teaboy (or rentboy)

I am sorry to disappoint but my ability to “ferret out” anything is limited to googling and a good memory; george galloway (love him or loathe you can’t ignore him) is supposedly making a film about blairs post-politics money-grubbing but I think the best stuff against blair might come from the barclay brothers, who he seems to have pissed off (- a business deal involving hotels with the barclays and the qatari royal family at loggerheads, and blair acting for the qataris) – they have the money to buy quality information, and also the legal cover to head off any libel threat – insider feuds are often the only way for us normal folks to see in through the cracks at what is really going on.

Finally, the idea of “UK PM as foreign agent” has already been used twice(!) – once in the BBC TV drama “page eight” with bill nighy and also in “ghost”, a hollywood film with ewan macgregor and pierce brosnan; while these are both works of “fiction”, I think the writers are winking at us.

(*) – there is a technique in information warfare called “sow a bad seed” – when your opponents have a lot of evidence against you and you seem doomed, one way to deal with it is to manufacture some “smoking gun” piece of evidence, leave it for them to find and let them run with it … of course, when necessary, you can easily debunk the so-called “smoking gun” which then tarnishes the other, sound evidence.

Merry Christmas and God Bless you all !”

1 Response to Is This Really Tony Blair?

  1. Boyers knows what is happening, the Blair’s have ordered the murder of many UK citizens, They and MI5 with the Freemasons and gangsters carry out the killings, they all fake evidence against people, they use drugs to render people senseless and make them do things they would never normally do, then video it and use this to sway public opinion, prostitutes are used and public money is used to buy the prostitutes and drugs, CGI and faked photos are used, false testimony and faked evidence used, Public money finances this and drug dealers are given drugs from Police evidence stores (how many people got busted with 5kilo and when at court only 2kilo is used against them as evidence)

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