Savile Dropped Hints

Prince Charles Savile Friendship 25 March 2020

Savile says when interviewed in the book “Hiding in Plain Sight”
“The papers are always after me and Cliff Richards”

Savile said “I think babies should be eaten at birth”

“I suspect it is almost 100% that this has come out as it has and when it has because the foreign press was about to name names and go ahead and do untold damage to those sitting on the truth in this country. The security services have been taken out of the loop and I am pretty sure that, the next few weeks/months whatever will see Savile exposed as a “security asset”, hence his bullet proof vest whilst alive and at the BBC and that would perfectly explain a why a judge saw !”no public interest” in the press being allowed to show us photos of him at a kid’s home he vehemently denied he’d ever visited.”

Through the Keyhole Jimmy Savile

savile animal

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