Black Americans versus Black Africans. The verdict! Rudolf the tall white alien. No. 358

Rudolf the tall white Alien
Published on 2 Oct 2017

This is a valid criticism of our situation. Our shameless cargo-cult leaders push victimology onto our people for their own personal gain. But we were not always like this. Our original post slavery leadership warned us to stay out of politics and concentrate on making a living, starting businesses etc. To be fair our attempts to do so were met with extreme violence and terror. Nevertheless a black business class and working class slowly formed and was successful – and still is. But on the political side everything has declined to the lowest common denominator and appealing to those who will not think or do not care about the truth. You are right about the spirit of the African immigrants who all speak good english and work and start businesses. I have had african friends like this – and they have the American spirit in full. There is a strong racist element among some black American pro-American groups. But it is false science: melanin etc and they only care about their little group. You are of course correct, Black Americans are a Western people entirely as I see it.