25 July 2015 –

A Prophetic Word

I received this from the Lord Monday morning, 7-13-15 and have been waiting to release this. After hearing more confirming words of the same from Him from others, here it is. I don’t know how to post to your sight, so I email you with these words. Please let others read this and be warned.

“Thus saith the Lord, the only God: My Word has been spoken and it has been here for many generations to see; it has been here for many generations to hear by the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It has been sent mightily through this nation and out to many other nations of the earth, but it has been rejected. As Israel of old turned their backs on Me and judgment came upon them, so you have turned your backs on Me and I have turned My back on you. As you cry out in reveling of your sins, relishing them and flaunting them, so you will cry out in your pain and suffering that shall very shortly come suddenly and swiftly upon you. As you have given your children to the lust of this world so you shall lose your children before your eyes. What was once precious in your sight you have selfishly let go.

My Word has gone forth and it has been ignored by multitudes, including most of My church. My words of warning that have resounded for several decades now have vastly gone unheeded and now it is time to reap the whirlwind of My just judgments. Your weeping and howling and gnashing of teeth that shall so very, very shortly fall upon you will leave you in utter shock and disbelief that this has happened to you here in America. I will come for My people, but you will have to endure until I do come. The sins of this nation reach unto heaven as did the sins of Sodom & Gomorrah and Nineveh; so it is ripe unto judgment and you must be purged. The dross must be taken out of the silver. The fields must be cleansed.

Look to Me now, for it is too late for some of you to begin; your life will be lost, but your soul shall be saved. You cannot begin training for a battle as you march into it, but must made ready before that time is at hand. Take no delay, take no more time to waste, but seek Me diligently and swiftly in My Word, according to My Word, always seeking Jesus and always pointing to Jesus. Nothing that shall be done by any man that is of Me will point anywhere else but to Jesus and My Word all according to My Word. If it does not move, speak and breathe in accordance to My Written Word, reject it and leave it alone; get far away from it. Try the spirits whether they are of Me; you shall try them by My Written Word.

The pangs of judgment are now come upon you. The fires of My jealousy for My espoused will burn across this once great land. The land will tremble and shake, the rivers will overflow and it will be torn asunder. Unheard of violence will spread like an uncontrollable cancer, eating at the very heart of men. Oh, the sorrows of suffering that will be upon you, that you shall shortly see, that you never thought you would see! Look at what happened to Jerusalem, to Shiloh, to Israel; and you, America, have far gone beyond what they have because of the Light that was shined in you and given to you. Now you will reap what you have sown. You have sown to the flesh in choosing to indulge in you lusts, and now you will reap what you have sown as I have lifted My hand of protection and My hedge about you is now gone and only around My true, chosen children. Repent, every one of you that have not. Come to Me now before your last heartbeat, for that is all you have. Time is short and no one is promised a tomorrow; come to Me, Jesus Christ, now, before it is too late, for your own individual soul. Stand on My Word. Thus saith the Lord of hosts””



13 July 2015 is a Waning Crescent http://www.calendar-12.com/moon_calendar/2015/july

Comment:  “Take heart! I have overcome the world.” Unbelievers: This is an appeal to you to see the signs of the times.
More compelling proof that something huge is coming very soon. The clues are everywhere…all in the media. People are putting the pieces together and the picture the puzzle portrays is grim. YouTube search September 23rd-28th. Blood moons, high Jewish Holy Days, Pope Francis visits US, Tomorrowland fest in Georgia, warnings by John Kerry of climate chaos, Jade Helm wrapping up, and so much more. Research this. Share.”