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Proof that John Lennon Faked his Death

”But Sean Clement has an even bigger red flag, one I would guess almost everyone but me has missed. He looks very much like John Lennon…….

In this article from 2004, we are told the full extent of Staycer’s collection of Lennon and Beatles memorabilia: he says, “You name it, I have it.” He showed only a small fraction of that collection in his hometown of Traverse City, Michigan, and yet it was still called by the newspaper one of the largest outside the Smithsonian. Problem is, the story doesn’t make any sense. For instance, it says this:

Now in his 40s, the Detroit area native remembers attending live concerts by the Beatles in 1964 and 1965.

OK, so let’s do the math. The article was published in 2004, so 1964 was 40 years before that. What was Staycer then, 7 years old?

“It was like a precursor to a modern-day mosh pit,” he said, referring to the thousands of screaming fans hurling objects at the stage.

No it wasn’t. It may have been noisy, what with all the screaming girls, but moshpits weren’t around in 1964. And if they had been, it doesn’t sound like a good place for a 7-year-old.

Staycer started collecting Beatles memorabilia in the early 1970s, when the group was at a low ebb in pop culture. Then, people were giving away Beatles albums, he said. And kids were using bubble gum cards featuring the Liverpool Lads as noisemakers for their bicycle spokes. “They’d already broken up, and those of us who’d grown up with them were finding other interests,” he added.

So the Beatles were at a low ebb in pop culture in the early 70’s? I don’t think so. The only ebb the Beatles have ever had was in 1966, and that was a small ebb that was countered very effectively by Sgt. Pepper’s. Where did young Staycer get the money for Beatles memorabilia, at age 14? Don’t tell me, a paper route? We are told one piece of memorabilia Staycer found or bought is a letter written by Lennon from the Dakota apartments, “creatively laced with profanity.” Sure. Staycer no doubt picked that up in the late 1980’s, when Lennon memorabilia could be gotten for a song, due to another popularity ebb.

Now get this, Staycer’s collection includes a NYC restaurant menu signed by all four Beatles during their first US tour, framed autographs with original line drawings, and Gold Records. Go read the article. It really says that: GOLD RECORDS. Staycer has Gold Records by the Beatles.

But back to the movie Let Him Be. They tell you in the interviews (see Munroe’s interview, for instance) that Staycer needed make-up to look like Lennon. But if you watch the film, the interviews, and study the photos, you see the opposite is true. He actually needs makeup, a wig, a hat, or dark glasses not to look like Lennon. It is when Staycer is playing himself that he is in the heaviest disguise:…….”

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EMI – John Pepper was head of the entire British spy organization in the US from the late 1940’s,