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Daily Rabbit Hole #395 | 50 shades of See-eye-aye | Same Joke different shows

The Outer Light
Published on 13 Aug 2018

The Outer Light
Hi everyone here are the links:



Daily Rabbit Hole #123 | Julian Assange: 74% of American’s believe in the Deep State

Published on 19 Mar 2018

Daily Rabbit Hole #122 | Richard Dawkins wants to remove “‘taboo against cannibalism” + Sara Wollaston Drongo Tweet

The Outer Light
Published on 16 Mar 2018

Daily Rabbit Hole #61 | FBI fires head lawyer | Metro Captain disappears | Robot gets A+

The Outer Light
Published on 22 Dec 2017

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The Outer Light
Hi everyone hope your having a good lead up to Christmas! Here are the links 🙂


  • STREEP & Polanski

Ted Graham
Leave a comment in every Streep clip you can. Remind people how she applauded Polanski. She needs to be forced to own up to her actions.

  • BitCoin

Dont get too excited about bit coin and these kinds of currencies my friend. eventually it will force the feds and the moneymakers to adopt and regulate the currency. the real goal of all this crypto currency stuff is to digitize currency so they can monitor every transaction you make and regulate it if deemed necessary. No more putting your cash under the pillow. that is whats causing problems for the gatekeepers. this will end all privacy. this is planned. it will get regulated.

  • ROME & Religion

Jonathan Plumber (edited)
Clinton and Trump both work for the Pope of Rome just Opposite ends of the spectrum all Mafia and Illuminati, Jesuits Masons and Muslims also work for Rome. All media outlets and CIA are also agents of Rome working for “The Great Work” the Popes Kingdom of Earth king of kings.for his rulership from Jehusalem on king Davids throne

Jonathan Plumber (edited)
I am talking about the KJV AV 80 book version containing the books of Enoch that was burned by the Yanks and all catholic countries 1913 book burnings every new edition was doctored by the Roman Jesuits you probably have never even seen one have you mate if it is not signed by the British king it is fake and NOT a KJV is it ? the last printing was preWW1 The Papacy is owned by the King of Spain it was sold to him by Napoleon when he conquered Rome and put his 18mth son as King of Rome so time you read some history mate Diabolical Avocado

Diabolical Avocado
Jonathan Plumber: Ethiopian Enoch is a fine book. It’s not part of the western canon, but it is not incompatible with it. The Ethiopian Orthodox have maintained it in their canon, but it is a minor and relatively unimportant book… As to Napoléon’s son being made King of Rome, it was a dubious title that lasted three years and caused Napoléon to be excommunicated. During these three years, a tenuous situation resolved both the Pope’s captivity, Napoléon’s excommunication, and the title: King of Rome would not be contested and Napoléon recognized the Pope as “Sovereign of Rome.” Napoléon II was in effect a king without sovereignty, that is to say, not really a king at all.


Robert Taylor
The difference between Las Vegas and 9-11, is

1. everyone saw 9-11 happen live, no one has seen much actual footage of Las Vegas, (despite being one of the most surveiled cities om the world), no.

2. Many more lies about Las Vegas (other than the fact all of 9-11 was essentially a lie).

Andrew Fishman
I wonder why and how the FBI can be so specific about when they will have Paddock’s motive for us…

John’s Shack
He landed on the roof and he was a patsy. The real people behind this was a cover to sniper the prince from the opposite hotel. They was firing from one hotel to the other hotel trying to assassinate prince and Trump.

Al J
Their just hoping everyone will forget about Las Vegas .

Tamara Calderon
Paddock was an arms dealer that was used by the Saudi’s to try and assassinate the little Prince who was visiting Vegas and staying on the top floors that were owned by Waleed and Bill Gates.


Pat Andler
If you want to know how the robot completed a course on love, check out Quinn Michaels who is very sophisticated on this subject. This is very true and we need to learn all about this before it is to late.

Valerie Scarpelli
Q might b AI
. just when i was thinking it was psy- op then looked at Beanz site got excited again. now Quinn on Goodman is quite convincing about AI etc. Tricky sneaky machines ROTTERS! Not a calm emotionless bot me! but just curious they do this on their own, because they’re bored? bonding with a mind that doesn’t exist... had that creepy feeling, disturbing,. yes! hugs everyone. deep breath. Laters.

Simon Matthews (edited)
A.I is used in the stock markets & accountancies for it is far quicker at picking up trends of malicious irregularities, etc. They want to use this in the hospitals for it can work out differential diagnosis which can save time in time critical patients.

30:29 Think about Military strategics and theories. It’s clear they could out think 10 Four Star Generals – Its a must to have it.


Eat mostly East indian food, Lentils, chickpeas, red beans, black beans, spinach, potatoes, peas etc. Along with Naan bread and raita ) combination of yogurt and seasoning and maybe cucumbers, this is all so vegetarian and healthy, delicious and even, yes, addictive! Also wok (very easy) with minimum of meat and huge amount of veggies! Lastly, love Phillapine food !

Jennie Hughes
The fluoride is working in all walks of life. Many of those bastards on Capitol hill are on Alzheimer’s medications now. Specially delivered to them. Heard about that?

regarding health and diet, the Keto diet has been amazing these last 6months , dig your posts thanks

Good or you re the probiotics–even more important are prebiotics, which help your body create your own probiotics. My favorite one, Friendly Flora, is soil-based and from a great company in Crater Lake, Oregon, Vitality Herbs and Clay. Their Sacred Clay also removes heavy metals, radiation, old meds floating around and adds minerals, helps digestion, and more, can be eaten or bathed in, easy peasy. I get no compensation for plugging them, just loved their stuff for like a decade. https://www.vitalityherbsandclay.com/

Ten Dragons
Ed, The ONLY Pro Biotics I take are Floragen 3. There are 3 or 4 Floragen products. But like you said get them from a Pharmacy & ONLY the ones in their refrigerator. Pro Biotic Bacteria die rapidly room temperature and real fast if they get warm. Refrigerate them as soon as you get home as well and they’ll live a long time. I’ve been taking Floragen 3 for 8 years. It’s made vast improvements in Gut health. Cheers.

M. K.
dont eat sugar or any industrial made food, after short time your body and esp ur guts feel awesome. And not temporary, change the food plan forever. Sure u can have a sin every now and then, but generally avoid all the industrial mades, esp hidden sugar. Lost half my weight in short time a decade ago when i switched food plan, still happy with it.

DAWN G (edited)
Hi Ed/ I just saw Alex Jones & Jerome Corsi say google CEO Schmit is stepping down bc he is tied to child trafficking. Trump new EO is about shutting off the money tied to the CT & cabal & trump is coming after google! He is going to break up these big SM companies. Also they confirmed they both believe in QAnon!