{{{NWO Church}}}

t.dezyn 24516177
The pope is just a olayer and knew of the PEDO stuff, it has been used to weaken the church purposely so the NWO can collapse all religions and bring in a world religion doctorin.
When this pope resigns he’ll rest in Argentina. It’s said the new command of religion will not be Rome. It will be in Portugal!
The Zionist jews already say the ”maSiah” is here, they name him Jesus but this isn’t the jesusu you know!
As all of this is going on to distract, as well as the UK and brexit, we see the war continue in Syria with USA back rebel forces.
UK and France enforcing the old imperialism, UK and Kenya, jewels, oil etc. We have 5,500 soldiers based in Kenya!
France now coordinating five border regions with a french army to back and support the local Gov’s.
Russia also has beefed up their presence in Syria.
The real question is. Who is Trump really fighting for?
Does he let some of these things slip just to mask his real intention to really rid of the corrupt?
He still bows nicely to Israel. USA embassy also moved, which is bible proficy! Ready for the new temple to be errected once all religions fall.

Everything is still the NWO agenda.
I suspect the Clintons etc will not be processed because other events will prevent the attention being given to this course of following.
We shall soon see, if correct, the real world mess will unfold further in the next 5 years, maybe to the extent of WW3?