Charleston FF

Comment:  “By the 19th century, Charleston was home to the largest and wealthiest Jewish community in North America.” – you should add – “as a result of the huge profits from the trans-Atlantic slave trade.”
In the 1500’s Sephardic Jews from Spain & Portugal were the first wave of immigrants into Mexico & what became the southern U.S.
The slave trade was exclusively theirs.
Pretty well ALL of the huge southern plantations with thousands of slaves were owned by Jews who pretended to be Catholic or Methodist or Baptist.etc.
In the 1840’s a rabbi published a book,limited too 500 editions,& distributed ONLY to other rabbis, to enable those to ascertain who was really a Jew & who was not. The Jews of the south were so undercover that such a book was needed to ensure that no goyim would accidentally be thought a Jew & thus gain the discreet networked benefits of being a Jew.”

Comment:  “Speaking of conspiracy theories.A good way to identify fakes is the very real conspiracy….9/11.  Or Israel itself.
For example Noam Chomsky the darling of the left fails on both counts.He is fake opposition,but he is an obvious one.
Then there is Assange...he too fails because virtually no leaks about Israel were ever released.
George Galloway fails the 9/11 test as well,but it is obvious the windbag is FOS.

Mention cannot be made of the 9/11 REAL conspiracy by any member of the msm because it could lead to very severe repercussions….particularly for Israel/Jews.Therefore it is absolutely vital the 9/11 “conspiracy theories” are either not mentioned or ridiculed if any mention IS made.
Robert Fisk has a high reputation amongst the chattering classes…”he tells the truth other journalists won’t”.
Fisk us a crypto Jew which stands to reason since he works in the media…Fisk believes the 9/11 bs of the msm.Perhaps he believes the existence of the flame proof passport too.
In a recent article in the “Independent”…Fisk takes a different tack….and it is a good ‘un.
At the beginning of the article he actually states that some conspiracies are real…then goes on to name them…for example the CIA overthrow of the democratically elected Iranian government.
By doing so he establishes credibility in the eye’s of many readers who already know that governments conspire.
He uses his “established credibility” to then debunk the 9/11 conspiracy.
No genuine investigative reporter could possibly believe the official story regarding 9/11.
Fisk is duplicitous.You would suspect the all-seeing British Secret Police have “good” information on him.  Perhaps he is a homosexual who fears exsposure??…something along those lines.”

NO criticism is ever allowed in the msm..concerning Jewish power and influence…you won’t get any of that from Fisk either even though it is so blindingly obvious.In many ways the Fisks of this world are a whole lot worse than a journalist who comes out with an undisguised agenda….at least with them you know you are being fed bullshit.”

Comment:  Ashke “nazi”

Episode #89 – SUNDAY WIRE: ‘Airport 2015′ with host Patrick Henningsen, guest Field McConnell

What’s the guy’s name again?  Dylann Storm Roof?  What was that again?


25 June 2015

AAG Reports – Gordon Duff writes:

The killer’s manifesto indicates authorship by at least 3 people:
  • One not a native English speaker
  • None from the South
  • At least one with an advanced degree in cultural anthropology
  • And another with ‘Urban’ or ‘Black’ studies in their 1970s era educations.”

Comment:  “Having read the “manifesto” in the regular controlled media. My first thought was how erudite the paper was. Yet his friends interviewed on TV. Had the usual inarticulateness, prevalent in society. Therein lies an error. For “birds of a feather”, is more usual. It presents an unusual juxtaposition of educational levels. Quite apart from the actual content.”

Comment:  ‘film’ ?? It would be ‘movie’ — yes manifesto is fake fake fake.

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