Ricky Gervais tells (((them))) the truth in 2020

Liz and Dick: A Different Kind of Biography – Transvestigation

Truthful Spirit Blue Heron
Published on 21 Aug 2018

Light Rain (edited)
…I just watched a movie a few weeks ago with these two…His Divorce, Her Divorce…1973…towards the end of the movie…Richard Burton is walking through the airport to answer a telephone call…clear as day…“a camel toe”…I reviewed that image at least five times…definitely a “camel toe”...and then he quickly covers it up…as if someone in the background…told him to cover the “camel toe”...Liz must have been...”packing” a big one…lol…

Deeba Deeba
LT just another little Jewish man in a dress and lipstick

Wow she really morphed back into an old Jewish man they can’t hide it so well as they age

HUH?? OBAMA and CHILD TRAINING CAMP?? Isaac Kappy – MJ, Clinton and more.

Published on 10 Aug 2018

#Isaac #Kappy What He Says is True! Hollywood is Full of Pedophiles #Satanists! #Conspiracy s Real!

Michelle Lovetro
Published on 31 Jul 2018

Rebel with a cause
We know there’s far worse going on. Child trafficking, molesting, torture and murder. They drink the adrenalized blood of their victims to get high. They go to Marina Abramovic’s Satanic spirit cooking parties and sacrifice kids to Moloch..aka.Lucifer..Pizza-Gate is Fact. Johnny Depp’s movie Fear and Loathing in las Vegas isn’t fiction..Hunter S Thomson made snuff films.

carey grant (edited)
Yep. That’s what Walnut Sauce is. And HST is a POS. Also, Depp had River Phoenix killed

Anon Omys
Watch the Katy Perry Video where she is exposing this. The end of the video is interesting and possibly telling these people to go die. I don’t think she likes what she has become:

Ashton Kutcher, Angus T Jones & Charlie Sheen – 2 & 1.\/2 Men
TRains Time
OKAYYYYYYYY…….STOPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!! Wait a minute. Here is the spill as I know it! I have been familiar w/ Ashton Kutcher’s Thorn. org since it’s beginnings. Buckle in, this is going to be a wild ride! Here we go. If you all recall, there are a couple of tapes of the two ‘Corys’ conversing about being molested as young, children actors. In another video, Cory hints to the identity of the ‘Powerful Actor’, still highly involved; that he CANNOT expose. Fast forward several years. Now, Ashton, played a role, ‘Replacement’ if you will, in a HUGE sitcom. The actor whom he replaced, & he (Ashton) made it a known fact that they hated one another. (WHY?) Ashton, was once, (maybe still) a Truther. If you will allow yourselves to go back & listen carefully to the tapes made by, Angus after leaving the show, it is clear something frightening & terrible traumatized him badly enough that only, God, Himself could cleanse this young man enough for him to be worthy of living. Angus, went from what appeared to be a happy go lucky youngster, to a suicidal, depressed, almost gross young man. Now, there is a reason that the hatred between Ashton & this other actor still exists to this very day. There is a reason that Angus, once he saw a ‘Safe Escape’, expressed openly his repulsion of that show & anything to do with it. Once Angus, who was known as, Jacob, trusted Ashton, he confided in him & opened up to him exposing whatever demons there was to expose. Now after 9/10 yrs on the same set with the same ppl one may lean to the belief that friendship evolve. NOPE! Not here! Not with the one actor & the others. Ashton takes the info he has, the videos Angus has made & shares them with the leading co-star & he claims, he has no idea Angus felt this way. I’m not saying that something occurred that I cannot prove. What I am saying is this, way before #PizzaGate, I have researched & studied this vile, low form of life. I’ve known for many years that the one big name was responsible for harming many young boys. I could never tie it all together until the big eruption on that very popular sitcom occurred. Ashton, does in fact, make software as his character on the famous sitcom betrays. Ashton, felt a conviction to open this organization after all that crap happened. Just look for yourselves & although it is not confirmed by name calling or accusations, it fits. Why not use the big wigs money to fund busting their asses & exposing their crimes all the while saving innocent children. I call that genius! A reporter with The Daily Beast. She stumbled on the trafficking of America’s children by our elite & she wrote a great book, ‘Trafficking.’ Check it out. It will BLOW ur mind!


Debbie Reynolds “I married the devil”

Actor Based Reality – Kermit Roosevelt, Father Coughlin, Adolf Hitler, Walt Disney

Mariah Carey’s Illuminati Humiliation Ritual! Is she Next?

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