Rules for Ritual

Super Bowl 51 -Illuminati Rituals Exposed

Leaked Video shows Angelina Jolie Exposing the Illuminati Rituals of Hollywood

Rules of the Ritual

1st Rule: Announcing What Will Happen Beforehand.  Mega-rituals are often preceded by “clues” in mass media warning or preparing the victims (and the world) for what’s coming.

2nd Rule: The Victims Must Seal Their Own Fate.  They will be deceived to think there is escape and then situation is manipulated so they are captured, with an emphasis placed on suffering and anguish, something that only those dealing in black arts would revel on. eg ‘Most Dangerous Game’.

Savile involved in Satanic ritual –

JIMMY SAVILE beat and raped a 12-year-old girl during a secret satanic ritual in a hospital.

The perverted star wore a hooded robe and mask as he abused the terrified victim in a candle-lit basement.  He also chanted “Hail Satan” in Latin as other paedophile devil worshippers joined in and assaulted the girl at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire.  The attack, which happened in 1975, shines a sinister new light on the former DJ’s 54-year reign of terror.  Savile, who died aged 84 in October 2011, is now Britain’s worst sex offender after police revealed he preyed on at least 450 victims aged eight to 47.  The girl kept her torment hidden for nearly 20 years before finally opening up to therapist Valerie Sinason.  Dr Sinason told the Sunday Express she first spoke to the victim in 1992.  “She had been a patient at Stoke Mandeville in 1975 when Savile was a regular visitor.  “She recalled being led into a room that was filled with candles on the lowest level of the hospital, somewhere that was not regularly used by staff.   Several adults were there, including Jimmy Savile who, like the others, was wearing a robe and a mask.  “She recognised him because of his distinctive voice and the fact that his blond hair was protruding from the side of the mask.  He was not the leader but he was seen as important because of his fame.  “She was molested, raped and beaten and heard words that sounded like ‘Ave Satanas’, a Latin­ised version of ‘Hail Satan’, being chanted.

Lord Burton said Dunblane was a cover-up

Satanist Minister Anton LeVay-

Roach Reports:  ‘….the glands (adrenal etc) can (and are) eaten by the one(s) who carry-out human sacrifice…one element being that prior to the act of sacrifice…the victim’s system is flooded with these very hormones etc.

When 9/11 occurred…thousands of people donated their blood, which subsequently went missing…this was blood that would’ve been saturated with the products of fear (immediately post 9/11 event) and at the time I did say that I wouldn’t be surprised if TPTB ingested this blood that went missing (or was discarded…cough, cough). The reason should now be clear.

The perfect victim being a male child, who is also a virgin….ala Crowley.
“For the highest spiritual working one must accordingly choose that victim which contains the greatest and purest force. A male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim.”‘

Savile the Royal Family’s Wizard just like Merlin and John Dee and Crowley before him. –

13 Jan 2013

Most people lead lives free of violence and misery so the ritual child sex abuse issues are from a different universe. That’s why it’s important to know some basic details. Everything is energy. You, me, matter is slowed down energy and light is sped up energy. Everything has an energetic pattern. Rock concert, Football match. Satanic rituals. Research shows us that the energetic pattern of a Satanic ritual provides a kind of euphoria and power to the participants. This energetic pattern is increased by the ritual sacrifice of a human.

If the human is prepubescent (exactly like the virgins often mentioned in the bible) the energetic pattern is even more powerful because children have a greater Chi energy. The energetic pattern is increased by raising the adrenalin of the ritually abused through rape and sexual abuse. The hormonal pattern raises the overall energetic pattern. Satanic ritual abuse is real. It gives power to its users and most are informed enough of occult issues to know where and when to gain the most power from the ritual.

My last point is very simple. This Satanic ritual abuse goes all the way to the very top of society including Royal connections and Downing Street. Jimmy Savile provided children to the power elite. He used his knowledge to leverage his own position into the halls of power and knew how to play the information game.

MI5 and MI6 and the power elite all knew this. That’s how they become powerful.’

‘Well, we all know that the Freemasons, Order of St John and the Knights of Malta use Latin for saluting satan in their cult rituals, and Saville wouldn’t have got away with so much child abuse over many years if he wasn’t a protected honorary Brother of one of those military orders,that’s why there’s more Freemason police, judges and MP’s getting paid public money for wages and not doing their public duty. It’s basically treason to have Freemasons that are only loyal to their Brotherhood and not the Law Enforcement, the Justice system and Parliament!’

Preface to King-Kill/ 33: James Shelby Downard’s Vision


Dean Warwick NZ Whistleblower – now dead – on Holly and Jessica Chapman

I think 1 2 3 4

Comment from someone ‘in the know’ – Mi5 all the way

Same as Aleister Crowley

You DO realise mi5 are satanic? Part of the territory. Talk about wheels within wheels. The same in the CIA. You will get all these glossy ads to join up, but the bottom line is and always was bloodline family – a WHOLE organisation can be controlled by a small cabal, with pretty much unlimited resources.

Need to know, old boy, for the potentially GOOD hearted individuals.



No comebacks.

Do as thou wilt.

‘So in this folklore circumstance the devil uses green to trick someone, because it is understood green is the color of growth and naturalness. Is this not the same as the emerald city/federal reserve note? A ploy to use a color which is good and from the heart to disguise something evil?  Green Dragons??’

Tricky August Dates for new Royal infant

  • August 1 Lammas Feast of the Sun God (Harvest Season begins)
  • August 3 Satanic Revels Sexual (Oral, Anal, Vaginal, Ages 7 – 17, Female)(This is a major Satanic Holiday)
  • August 24 St. Bartholomew’s Day
  • September 7 Marriage to the Beast Satan Sexual (Sacrifice, Dismemberment) Infant – 21, Female (Sometimes called the Bride of the Beast)
  • September 20 Midnight Host Blood (Dismemberment, hands planted) Infant – 21, Female
  • September 22 Fall Equinox (First day of Fall) Orgies (Oral, Anal, Vaginal — Any Age, Male of Female, Human or Animal) (This is a Holiday of lesser significance to the Satanists)

‘The Royals and other global elite, they do not celebrate birthdays and anniversaries of the living as we do, with say a bottle of Cava, they celebrate anniversaries of the living and the dead, and they mark the occasions with death and sacrifice. December 14, 1895 is the day the Queen’s Father King George VI was born, December 14, 2012 was the 117th anniversary of his birth. (1+1+7=9, their death number).

King Paul of Greece was also born on December 14, 1901, he was Prince Philip’s full cousin. December 14 this year was the 111 year anniversary of his birth!’

Satanic Ritual Child Sacrifice Exposed

Olympic Symbolism 2012 fully explained  – However Some trouble to come this way?

‘In MY humble opinion David Wilcock – to me – appears to be a trained professional special agent. not unlike many others who allegedly fight against those phantoms which exactly represent what they themselves practice within their own reign of influence.

Wilcock claims to be a psychic healer and a channeler, he is best known for a series called ‘the law of one’ which is his philosophical background which lays down the basic fundementals to a vast complex theory.

The main goal of this in-depth analysis is to determine if David Wilcock’s testimony is genuine, if so if he is being manipulated in any way and whether or not he has an agenda or over value for his audience to pick up on.  David Wilcock has a vast collection of information on his website

On his website he shares a large amount of information which to the most part seems to be valid and fair to consider. As well as uncovering the physical mysteries of our reality, Wilcock (like David Icke) shares a tremendous amount of information concerning the origin of evil on this planet, in other words the research involving the ‘illuminati’

Wilcock claims that not only was William Shakespear a fictional character, but that the group of people that were really writing the material under this name used an illiterate homeless person as the figure in which this eminent piece of our culture would represent.

[Wilcock] He says that the Rothschild faction is directly in control of the drugs and weapons trade. This is how they make their vast amounts of money to fund their black projects, he also claims that the Rothschilds have a hand in big pharma. A rather odd suggestion is that he says the Rothschild also control Hollywood and the music industry even though he himself is a soon to be well known film producer and currently a recording artist.

Most of his historical theories about the Illuminati and Secret Societies seem to be verified by present day research. Though, as it will be later shown. Wilcock has very biased opinions about the Illuminati today.
This seems to be Wilcock’s agenda, to make the Illuminati look like they are losing. He says that the Rockerfeller side of the Illuminati will fall then quickly the Rothschild family will fall. This is the same theory brought about by Ben Fulford a Jesuit Canadian who has deep connections to Japanese mob and the Rockerfeller family, Wilcock is a close friend of Benjamin Fulford.
Wilcock will even go further and say that some members of these factions are ‘leaving the order and waking up.’

Some signs that Wilcock may have been ‘gotten to’ is that he openly supports the military and voting. In the opinion of the analyst he is either either brainwashed, mind controlled, a fake, a clone, or just plain stupid.

When it is all said and done there are a number of key aspects that prove that David Wilcock is some kind of an intelligence agent and that his role is to perpetuate a certain frame of mind to the public and may or may not be entirely based on truth, though it seems some of it is. A number of different ‘projects’ have been mentioned by Wilcock in his work. It seems as though things like “montauk” and “looking glass” may not be the entire truth. A number of different names have been brought up by people like William Cooper and Stewart Swerdlow. Some people claim ‘Looking Glass’ was actually called ‘Yellowbook’ and ‘Montauk’ was actually called ‘Rainbow’ this could mean that Wilcock’s disclosure of these technology is not entirely based on fact and it could be hiding a deeper truth. Though it seems that the main goal of Wilcock is to intentionally confuse researchers and to condition them into believing that the Illuminati is divided and that some kind of struggle is going on within the new world order, this is classic ‘art of war’ and the basic foundation of deception.

Source – SparkOfLifedotCom – now taken down.;id=1648

Exposing the Satanic Practices of the Elite

Part 1

Part 2 –

Occult Practice in Plain Sight


Red Riding Hood Trailer

Red Riding Hood

‘Occult practitioners often wear hooded robes during rituals. Rituals sometimes involve sacrifices, which is symbolized by the color red. The synopsis of the film says that the townspeople offer animal sacrifices to the werewolf to appease his hunger. Her hood is also the shape of a pyramid once again. In this trailer shot, the snow is falling up, as if she is in a dissociative, unreal setting like a dream or trance state with her eyes are closed.’

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