the way I veiw this is highly problematic, depressing and I am struggling to find the light let alone the tunnel
. ..globalism created by modernization theory from a false cold war that was financially backed by the same banks and corporations
, trade deals multinational corporations all shared with eachother under the impression of allies or friends against a common enemy – it is a false ideology where countries have not existed because of this entangled mess ..

  • how can a country be separate when it must trade with others to survive.
  • how can a country be separate when the banking system is globally connected.
  • how can a country be separate when multi national defense corporations are providing technical parts with back doors to defeat the purpose of defense.
  • how can a country be separate when origin born civilians join the military of their nationalities country then return to serve in the military of the country that they were born in.
  • same goes for politicians
  • same goes for resource companies.
    The reason we were given globalism and a banker corporate backed UN is to introduce dependency theory. ..that’s what they are aiming for and capitalism is going to be taken down on purpose since it has already served it’s purpose.
    people like george soros are the definition of a great capitalist within a highly liberal culture that is not only searching for solutions but is ready to give capitalism the shaft for something better.
    this search for a “better” more “equal” system is already being thought and organized!
    the UN is already openly talking about universal income benefit and sustainability and equality and stability all code words for enslavement.
    I don’t fear nuclear war at all because of this entangled mess I fear only for the future of my children and your children.
    the more I research the worse it gets.