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IPCC Says Scientists Have Been Attacked By Sceptics ‘Funded By Vested Interests’

Climate Change has been discredited.  Climate has always been cyclical and is not ‘man-made.’  Where’s my cheque from those ‘vested interests’ then? ‘The scientists have faced sustained attacks from so-called sceptics, often funded by “vested interests” according to the UN, … Continue reading

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Agenda For Tory Party Conference

It’s rowdy down at The Lamb tonight.  The Sheeplic are having fun working out their versions of that Tory Agenda. Best Comment: Arrival 1. Fuck the poor 2. Enjoy being rich Eric Pickles Memorial Dinner and Dance Leave http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/conservative/10337278/Conservative-Party-Conference-2013-full-agenda.html Thanks … Continue reading

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The Gagging Legislation Is Two Weeks From Becoming Law – Vested Interests Are In a Big Hurry

In less than 2 weeks the law has its final vote in the Commons before heading on to the Lords. [4] We’re focusing in on key MPs with bold adverts, leaflets and big public meetings in their constituencies. Can you … Continue reading

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TUC and People’s Assembly Mounting Demonstration In Manchester 29 September 2013

‘THE Trade Union Congress (TUC) organised march set to coincide with the first day of the Conservative Party annual conference at Manchester Central this Sunday 29 September is expected to draw tens of thousands of disgruntled protestors to the streets … Continue reading

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