{{{How to Rig an Election}}}


As a Director of Applied I F Limited may I invite your readers to have a look at sleazeexpo.wordpress.com which Discloses in the Interests of Justice and Democracy Factual Evidence of Vote Rigging upon an Industrial Scale at the 2015 UK General Election

This was achieved by the UK Electoral Commission corrupting its own Voting Count Model by Failing to Disclose 3 of the 5 Primary Vote Categories which have been Prescibed by Acts of Parliament, beginning with the Ballot Act 1872, through the Representation of the people Act 1983, and via the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Act 2011, to mention but 3 Acts, ( Not Exhaustive ) – there are many more

To precis the 63 Pages of the Ballot Act 1872 in terms of the Count Model, this stated that:-
Issued Ballot Papers ( Votes ) Must Equal ( and Balance to an Accuracy of 1 Vote ) Cast Ballot Papers ( Votes ) Plus Rejected Ballot Papers ( Votes )
If this Simple Sum is Not Satisfied, the Election is Unlawful ( Ultra Vires )
Of course, this was before Postal Voting

Allowing for Postal Ballot Papers ( Votes ) this simple Sum changes to:-
( And using the Count Model “Template” shown on the Skwawkbox Blog ) in yellow highlights:-
Issued Returned Postal Votes ( CAT 2 ) PLUS Issued “Walk-In” Polling Station Votes (CAT 3 ) MUST EQUAL CAST Votes ( CAT 4 ) PLUS Rejected VOTES ( CAT 5 ) AND THIS SIMPLE EQUATION MUST BALANCE TO 1 VOTE – for an Election to be Lawful, Intra Vires

The Applied I F Limited #QUIXOTE Forensic Investigation TEST 1 ( Of 6 TESTS which Applied I F Limited has offered Pro Bono to the Police College National Lead of Authorised Professional Practice for Policing Elections DCC Gareth Cann and his Staff Officer Inspector John Askew, both Officers who are with the West-Midlands Force, and based at Bournville Police Station in Birmingham )

The #QUIXOTE TEST 1 can, and has been written in a slightly re-arranged format as :-

The Judgement of His Honour Judge Richard Mawrey QC in the Tower Hamlets Election Fraud Case Precedent has, in effect, used this Principle, but has set this out in Legal Terms which comes from the Representation of the People Act 1983

The Applied I F Limited Discloses this in the Form of a number of EXCEL FILES, Examples using the Count Model Template of 6 Vote categories
This Shows the 6 Vote Categories in 6 Columns , the 5 Primary Vote Categoories Above, PLUS a Sixth Category being the TUNRNOUT Figure , expressed as a Percentage
This 6th category is NOT one of the 5 Primary Vote categories, but is a Secondary Category, since it is Defined by ( and in ) another Act as ( CAT 2 PLUS CAT 3 ) DIVIDED BY CAT 1 ( The ELECTORATE ) , being a PRIMARY CATEGORY ( The Number of Persons who are Legally Entitled to Vote

This Turnout Figure does rely upon 3 other Primary Vote Categories
Readers will please note that, of a number of examples of Voting Irregularities disclosed upon http://www.sleazeexpo.wordpress.com ( and repeated upon :- http://www.wirralinittogether.wordpress.com – Paul Cardin, who is another Director of Applied I F Limited ) there are shown 3 Empty Columns where there are NO Ballot Papers ( Votes ) shown – Neither on MP’s Voting Shown upon http://www.parliament.uk , NOR the Root Source of Official Voting Records


Geoffrey Stansfield says:
May 14, 2017 at 12:49 pm (Edit)
There were of the order of 16 Million False Ghost Votes added in favour of M Macron

The Voting Count Model was Corrupted to Fail to Disclose several of the PRIMARY Vote Categories which are needed for the Election to be Compliant with Electoral Law

This was Exactly as the UK 2015 General Election where the Electoral Commission did Corrupt its Own Voting Count Model

For Factual Proof of the Latter Applied I F Limited Invites all interested to look at

FRENCH Results to be Posted shortly
This is an Ongoing Forensic Investigation Disclosure is in the Interests of Justice and of Democracy

The Sleaze Expo Blog is NOT a Political Blog
Geoffrey Stansfield
File Note
14 May 13.40

Proven voting fraud! Gov’t programmer testifies voting machines are rigging elections


Comment at AAG:  “The UKIP campaign appeared to falter … 23 Oct 2014 propaganda front Breibart — Raheem Kassam, is set to leave the organisation following the successful launch in February of this year. Kassam will join the insurgent UK Independence Party as of today as the Senior Advisor to the party leader Mr Nigel Farage.

The Mail took a few days to get hold of and spin the story.
According to the Daily Mail Published: 21:59, 15 November 2014

“Raheem Kassam has been hired as the Ukip leader’s new election strategist, and tasked with turning the party’s poll surge into more Commons seats.”


Traitor Robert Halfon –– is on the Advisory Board of a project of the “The Henry Jackson Society”, “Student Rights” and also a signatory of the HJC statement of principles.  Sir Richard Dearlove OBE is also HJC principled.

Raheem Kassam — is the former founder & director of Student Rights


“Raheem Kassam is the director of the organisation and has been since October 2009. Raheem is from a Muslim family and grew up in West London. He attended the University of Westminster, where he studied politics and went on to work for Lehman Brothers, a public sector consultancy and then to run Student Rights. Raheem has also worked for many campaign groups including most recently the Bow Group. Raheem is also the Executive Editor of the online magazine The Commentator. ”

You can reach Raheem by e-mailing: raheem.kassam [at] studentrights.org.uk

Oddly for a man of Muslim background Kassam enjoys a drink and has his own column at http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/author/raheem-kassam/ and supports the zionist viewpoint.

Agent Halfon & Agent Kassam have worked together before to subvert British political actors.

Here is a copy of a twitter from Robert Halfon Conservative MP to RK.  Note that whilst still active the raheemjkassam twiiter account has been filled with garbage. I presume GCHQ & NSA still retain a copy. 🙂

******* http://twitter.com/#!/raheemjkassam ******************************

Student Rights ‏ @Student_Rights


Robert Halfon MP (@halfon4harlow) just paid tribute to @Student_Rights on BBC News. He deserves so much credit for great work on LSE &Libya
9:36 PM – 3 Mar 11 via Twitter for Mac · Details

Grateful to @RaheemJKassam Student Rights for exposing Jenny Tong remarks which set in train her resignation from Lib Dems in Lords #fb
Retweeted by Raheem Kassam
Raheem Kassam Raheem Kassam ‏ @RaheemJKassam


@halfon4harlowMP All in a days work!
Hide conversation
9:57 AM – 2 Mar 12 via web · Details

The Commentator/Guido get Jenny Tonge scalp, says @MartinBright at The JC: http://www.thejc.com/node/64376
Retweeted by Raheem Kassam
6:24 PM – 1 Mar 12 via TweetDeck · Details

Raheem Kassam ‏ @RaheemJKassam


MASSIVE thanks to everyone who helped us oust Jenny Tonge: @GuidoFawkes @MrHarryCole @_LFI @CFoI @Halfon4HarlowMP @RichMillett #JennyTonge
6:16 PM – 29 Feb 12 via TweetDeck · Details
Raheem Kassam ‏ @RaheemJKassam

Agent Raheem Kassam has travelled to the Washington and has been phontographed with Neocon Newt Gingrich.

Agent Raheem Kassam

Halfon initially worked as Chief of Staff for the Conservative MP Oliver Letwin ( document dumper ) and as Political Director for Conservative Friends of Israel.”

Comment at AAG:  “I’m not a supporter in general of Labour or the Left but the whole thing stinks.  I don’t believe that modern opinion polls could all have been so completely wrong. They must surely account for ‘Shy Tories’ by now.  Either these polls were manipulated or the election itself was rigged.

Remember too, Vince Cable – a man of decency and integrity but who defied Murdoch on BSkyB, and who has lost his seat.

Then there is the suspicious fact that we were conditioned for Clegg’s ‘reprieve’ a few days before the election, with sudden positive stories about him appearing in the press – and sure enough, he wins.

What I can’t understand is why our politicians cannot make this leap rather than mostly (except Miliband, who looked truly devastated) just patting each other on the back like chums and all seeming jolly relieved the whole election is over.

Do they perhaps fear it would show up their entire careers as frauds? Do they perhaps fear it would show our democracy up as a fraud?
Keep up the good work, Aangirfan.”

Comment at AAG:  “How did the Tories get people to vote for them? Because there is no truth to be found anywhere in the media, which only a few elite own. Everything is lies. They have to lie because this is the only way they can get people to vote for their party, a party that will just make things harder for most people. Ordinary people who voted Conservative have been duped, yet again!”

Comment at AAG:  “Paul Craig Roberts wrote this today (extract below). It could equally apply to the UK. How did people vote for party that has consistently ruined the UK since Thatcher. New Labour was a Thatcherite party too. As the economy gets worse the Tories claim to be the ones who can mend it, but instead expect more of this:

Jobs offshoring has shriveled the employment opportunities for Americans. These shriveled opportunities are largely responsible for stagnation and decline in real median family incomes, for the falling labor force participation rate, for the rising inequality in the income and wealth distribution, and for student loans that cannot be repaid from the lowly paid jobs available. Corporations and Wall Street in pursuit of short-term profits have given the economy away. Much of the former US economy now belongs to China and India. Corporate executives and shareholders got rich off of this give-aw”  Yes how could any ordinary middle class person have voted for this?

Comment at AAG:  “Another extremely dodgy result:

Karen Rudd MP, Conservative, elected in the very poor town of Hastings.

What suddenly changed, what generated the surge, what explains the swing?


It is the cover-up which always exposes them. Now they have to be increasingly blatant to keep it all under control. In days of yore they could fiddle things without anyone noticing. Nowadays even the average fool in the public can begin to see maybe there is something suspicious going on.

The new starting point I propose is that any official statement is to be disputed. Whenever any event occurs, ‘terrorist’ or ‘natural disaster’, the starting point is that the so-called ‘conspiracy theory’ is the truth and whatever the ‘government’ or ‘media’ is saying about it is a lie until proven otherwise.  Break the conditioning of the people on the street. Make them realize that they have been robbed and lied to and it is all their own fault which means first of all accepting the Leadership and Authority of those who were telling them the truth all along and that they laughed at and dismissed. That and God is what this Country needs.

PS:  and not bhuddism pushing bloggers or luciferian disinfo artistes…
As the twat with the tats always says…
‘Just sayin’ lol! ”

Comment at AAG:  “Video evidence that the Scottish referendum was rigged.


A video of a female vote counter appearing to place Yes votes in the No pile at a polling station has led to allegations by Scottish nationalists that the independence referendum was rigged.

Supporters of Scottish independence on social media – dubbed ‘Cybernats’ – have claimed that the video, taken at a Dundee polling station, and an image of a Clackmannanshire counting table show evidence that there was foul play in the election process.”

Comment at AAG:  “Other evidence suggesting “involvement of the shadow government in elections”:

1. UKIP gets nearly 4 million votes in England but only wins one seat.

2. UKIP gets more votes than Lib Dems and SNP combined but gets only 1 MP.

3. Poor urban constituencies in the South which traditionally return Labour MPs all suddenly en masse returned Tory MPs: Norwich North; Hastings; Bexhill; Southampton Itchen; Plymouth; Devonport. There are also other iffy ones.

4. Every single major national newspaper (i.e. not the Express) shat on UKIP.

5. Al Murray ‘Pub Landlord’ and inner ring member (a la Andrew Castle and that scum bag witch Annie Besant etc etc) was sent in by order from high up the pyramid to rubbish Farage in Thanet. Don’t get me wrong I would not myself have ever voted for that Zionist Infiltrated Weak Willed Socialist UKIP in a million years BUT they were the best of a very bad lot and demonstrate the utter panic that the sickos who run this joint have of real power in the hands of the normal (i.e. not yet totally sick) people. Al Murray stood out like a sore thumb. Talking about thumbs, the Rule of Thumb is that if there is a White British/European Male on TV or enjoying some prominence or success then it is always wise to immediately check out their ancestry. See if there are any interesting links.

Otherwise any non-Jewish male is a target even if they are ever allowed to get above the parapet in the first place. Look at Cameron, Clegg, Miliband, William & Kate. They all have Jewish ancestry. This really is getting so transparent.

6. Allegations of massive postal vote theft are now beginning to emerge.

7. As if by ‘magic’ the only unionist pro-European pro-Israel pro-paedophile protection led political party (remember the Cameron ‘conspiracy theory’ comment) gets voted in by the ‘magic’ number of 330 seats. To old boys like Osborne and Cam it’s all about the crack in Downing St (did i spell that right?)

After rigging two major elections within less than 12 months it is now back to work to push through as much freedom destroying laws as possible. Remember they have to get the dictatorship apparatus fully in place before it is too late.

Expect ‘Extremism Prevention Orders’ coming to any remaining half decent non Mi5 bloggers in the UK (yes all 6 of them lol !). Defend Freedom, Get Jail.
Then they will start on the people that just look at those websites.
Passports taken away. Internet access cut. Bank accounts frozen. Driving Licence suspended. Character assassination in the Daily Mail telling lies about ordinary citizens to brainwash and scare the populace when that same shit rag could not give a flying f..k about paedophile politicians and gay Lords raping our most vulnerable children for years and years, until the people themselves exposed it on the internet.

It is already happening in France and they will try and do it here unless we rise up arrest them, put them on trial and then execute every single last one of them.

For the avoidance of doubt:
I am talking about the Criminals that are attempting to destroy this Nation. ”

Comment at AAG:  “The British dopes voted for the party of the aristocrats. India was once a very rich nation with a fabulous education system until the British ruling stole its wealth and reduced it to dreadful poverty. Now that it doesn’t serve the ruling class to have a strong industrial base in this country they are doing the same here. I found this on the net:

A good espousing of the strength of Indian culture was given by Lord McCauley in his speech to the British Parliament, Feb 2, 1835:

“I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief. Such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values, people of such calibre, that I do not think we would ever conquer this country, unless we break the very backbone of this nation, which is her spiritual and cultural heritage, and, therefore, I propose that we replace her old and ancient education system, her culture, for if the Indians think that all that is foreign and English is good and greater than their own, they will lose their self-esteem, their native self-culture and they will become what we want them, a truly dominated nation”.”


200,000 + Voting papers were reported missing from a van that was stolen in London bound for Hastings/Eastbourne, East Sussex, Then the Tories gain seats and the number of votes total the same amount of missing votes in 30+ of those seats, giving them the majority rule, it was rigged.


Comment at AAG:  “The truth is hidden from the electorate, we have programmes about Benefit Street, but nothing about the scum and criminals, that work in The City of London and Wall Street.

In the book, Economics and the Powerful, Norbert Haring and Nail Douglas, describe how hedge funds managers work with pension fund managers to rob the pension funds. Hedge fund managers get to know the books of companies they want to invest in and in this way they get insider knowledge. Because they have, so much money and clout, they can demand this.

If it looks like a company that the hedge funds have invested in might lose value, the hedge fund managers will get their pension fund manager friends to buy their shares off them so the pension funds lose money instead. But the opposite can also occur, if a company that pension funds have investments in is going to make a lot of money, then the pension funds sell the shares to the hedge funds so that they make the big profits instead. It is estimated that pension funds under perform by 10 to 20% because of this. That’s worth billions to only a few elite people. And with all that extra wealth they have even more money to corrupt others so they can make even more money still.

None of this ever gets reported in the MSM, and,so people keep voting for the bankers’ party, the party backed by financial criminals, because they have been told that Labour will ness up the recovery by a right wing press that the mega rich own.

Our retirement age in increasing not because we are living longer, ordinary people don’t, but the wealthy do, which alters the statistics, but because our economy has been scammed by the bankers, hedge fund managers, and private equity firms so much, it is always on its knees.

Everyday we get ripped off by the aristocracy but people unwittingly keep on voting for the bankers’ party oblivious to the scam.”

GW – “Consider This”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwtdhWltSIg


GW:  The Tories also stated it was their plan – if Labour formed a Government – they would stage a coup anyhow.  http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/2015/05/owen-jones-if-tories-get-more-seats-labour-get-ready-very-british-coup

May 12 2015

Russell Brand admits he ‘f***** up the election’ for Ed Miliband and Labour


8 May 2015

Britain – No longer “Great” but Doomed to Another Five Years of Pain and “Austerity”

“We the people are not those who deal in perfidy.  So where are the people who make up the body of the giant, where are those who will wake up and say “Enough!”  On this dark and depressing day, our land needs us.”  http://www.globalresearch.ca/britain-no-longer-great-but-doomed-to-another-five-years-of-pain-and-austerity/5448285

DER Comment: “In addition Nigel was robbed of South Thanet by the Torie slime party, the votes for him were deliberately destroyed, so he could not take his rightful seat and challenge wimpy no balls Fat Dave. The ballot boxes went missing for six and a half hours, then reappeared, it was obvious they had been tampered with. Equally the Kent Police investigating spent as little time as possible looking into complaints made, then declared it all above board. Postal votes were also shredded, which is totally illegal, as they should be kept for a year after any election. This Thanet vote should have been declared void and held again, disgusting, disgraceul and totally unacceptable. Nigel was on course to win Thanet and should have taken it.”



Comment @ AanGirfan: What has happened is nothing new. What IS new is the blatant, audacious, and desperate manner in which it was perpetrated. What’s giving them the sweats, waking them up in the middle of the night?? The inextricable linking of everyday old fashioned government lying and corruption, so unremarkable in the past, with child-murder. Brittan fell…(!) Janner is roasting-and the Talmudic teachings which inspired them, condoning sex with and murder of children as young as three years and one day, not to mention theft of all the adult goys have (including democracy???) and their murder, have become the topics of household discussions across the UK, and the entire world! And what’s more, the sneaking suspicion that this child abuse is involved in far more than the simple sexual gratification of some pathetic perverts- things like life extension; communing with transdimensional entities; Adrenalchrome; adding potency to Voodoo/Vodun/Qabbalistic rituals; “magic” found in the pineal, pituitary, thyroid, adrenals; all these and more are encompassed in their perverted indulgences, and when these secrets become known by decent folk, they will be irrevocably smashed, never to hold power again- and humanity will step forth into a new Golden Age, where power, technology, and science will be wielded for the benefit of all humanity, and abominations such as usury, profit, and coercion, just to name a few, will never be known again…..but I digress. How’s about campaigning to make vote fraud a capital crime? Ha-“Vote fraud” is SUCH a banal term- it in no way conveys the actual nature of the event; Hey, mate; just stole your future- your labor- your wealth- your peace- your dreams- your dignity- your happiness- your chance to create a better world- your health- your security- your justice- your world- your life- and that of your family, your friends, everything that all decent people have striven for, fought for, killed for, died for for eternity- and in return I serve you a slice of HELL………and there isn’t a thing you can do about it because it is “the will of the people.” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
Actually death seems a mite niggardly reward for such, when it’s phrased as above….
And establish the “Anti-child Abuse Party” – and you’re either with us, or you’re with the child-killers…..and as you campaign, remind that all this gov’t madness was possible because of Dunblane- which was a proven pedo plot- starting to get the picture? Cheers, All! Remember, your happiness is their greatest peev…….hint, hint- hugs and kisses!

5 Responses to {{{How to Rig an Election}}}

  1. L Smith says:

    As we walk down the path of righteousness to seek the truth, honesty and justice we uncover corruption at the highest level which is damaging all the principles of life itself.
    Results have shown some election results were rigged which I hope the police will investigate.

    • fanofootball says:

      The perps are the perps and the righteous are the righteous. The perps will get what’s coming to them and the righteous will get theirs. We are two groups on separate paths. One path is infinite and the other is finite. Pray for them.

  2. Lorraine says:

    Applied I F Limited alleges the Electoral Commission produced a Fraudulent Count Model at the UK General Election 2015 and since, to allow ghost votes to be added on an Industrial Scale making all 650 MP’s Results Unlawful and Ultra Vires under Electoral Law, this being the case Applied I F Limited alleges the due to the Electoral Commission the House of Commons is an unelected House since 06 May 2015. Can an unelected House of Commons pass Sovereignty Laws? Applied I F Limited alleges the Electoral Commission has created a Constitutional Crisis for Our Most Gracious Majesty The Queen.

  3. Lorraine says:

    For over two years Mr G Stansfield and I who are Directors of Applied I F Limited are working on a non-political ongoing forensic investigation into Vote Rigging at the UK GE2015 and since that date. Please check http://www.sleazeexpo.wordpress.com all information is based on Facts not Fiction. Thanks
    Lorraine Smith
    Applied I F Limited

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