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DanJa Zone 20 Jan 020: MM & Doria & Harry & MK Ultra

Prince Harry – Master of His Own Fate – The [[[I AM]]] in ”Invictus Games”

Shaking My Head Productions
14 January 2020

Paul Furber: Assuming Harry is still in the hierarchy and fulfilling some function, he might be being moved to North America to oversee part of their sick plan for the world.

Canada is a dominion and a key part of global drug, child and adrenochrome trafficking:

Beyond the Headlines – TRU Reporting

18 January 2020


Jaqlyn Mead
Feel same way it’s not ppl guilty of criminal corruption it’s evil politicians, governments & leaders. Harry & Megxit r not trustworthy period bet UK is dancing a jig in pure elation 2 b rid of those 2 they may even b dbl or trp agents? Thought Mexico was scary border 2 protect but feel Canada is equally dangerous. Seems Trump administration is on top of both borders 2 best of their ability minus no help from $ Congress until just recently.

Dee Kobald
Yup! Harry and Megan staying at billionaire Frank Guistra s mansion on vancouver Island BC…. Weird how many deepstate actors hang out there... trudeau seems to have a lot of time for tofino… is a shithole... something going on there🤔😒 also…it’s worth noting that guistra is mentioned in the megameme folder in connection with traficking k I d s

Jaqlyn Mead
Not happy with their move 2 close 4 comfort! Praying heavily 4 protection over God’s children this evil must b vanquished 4ever!

Jaqlyn Mead
Just wonder if monarchy is on board with megxit as some ultarative motive. Or if they r defying the monarchy? If so she may end up like princess Diana 4 knowing 2 much. She obviously is spying on royals who else might they spy on. Don’t trust any of them they r up 2 no good they’re cooking up something. But they will have 2 beat God & we know that won’t happen period… No cardinal weapon formed against God shall prosper. If u r 4 God than who can go against u?

Melissa Hunt
@jaqlyn, it’s a Royal diversion “look over here!” to keep eyes off of the sex scandal involving Pr;nce And rew, which could bring the whole fake monarchy down.  Bishop Pell as well

Mary Murdock
Lo hill that top illuminati signals plus he’s reptillian Look at his forehead sometime big protrusion coming out on your left side as you look at it

Mary Murdock
@Dee Kobald j t the girly man with the fake eyebrows who’s related to Castro & now pushing beastality! Fact

Jeannie Garcia
The Eisenhower meeting would be easy enough to discuss if you had Laura Eisenhower on. She talks very fast but she is the former Presidents granddaughter and has her own YouTube and is on the Edge of Wonders Youtube a lot.

Chris Spivey:Who is Meghan Markle?

Who Is Meghan Markle

Jock Strapp
FEBRUARY 12, 2018
Excellent expose Chris.
In answer to the question of what’s with the shoes at the terrapin games, check Ole Dammegard’s answer at 1.18 hour mark in this “how they play the game” crap.

https://www.y outube.com/watch?v=rHi-1PJsgbI

Journalist Carole Malone told Sky’s The Pledge that the pair did not “understand the concept” of being independent

Ms Malone continued: “Here’s a quote: ‘As long as you’re a member of The Royal Family, this country cannot become your home’. That’s from The Globe and Mail.

“It’s not something Canada should allow.

“What’s clear is that unlike Meghan and Harry, the Canadians respect the Queen and the institution she represents, and won’t see either damaged or embarrassed.

“Their view is ‘come here if you want to, but as plain old Meghan and Harry’.”

The broadcaster added: “Deal with all the form filling, the work permits, the immigration status, just like ordinary independent people would.

“And don’t expect the Canadian taxpayers to foot your bills.

Jet Vaughn
Ro E. ….is MeAgain really adopted and not even half black and 52 years old, with her baby adopted from a 3 some she had ? I read it from someone who said they were in the know from her internship days.

Whit Cybi
Some people are speculating her drastic separation from the royal family also is because she HAD to get out of the UK because this lawsuit is coming and didn’t appear to be going in her favor. The papers are provoking her now. Their legal teams appear to be very confident.

Peter Lyall
I’ve saw Meghan in old home film footage at about 8 or 9 yrs old at either hers or at a friends birthday party and pretending to be the Queen. What I noticed in this home film was just how bossy Meghan was. She screeched out “I’m the Queen and I’ll do whatever I like..Including having some you rounded up and executed”. One kid in particular had a very very concerned and somewhat scared look on her face. I’ve sometimes wondered if that girl wanted to be friends with Meghan after that?

Jessica Mulroney – the real love of her life?

QUOIL is the name of Harry and Meghan Markles new company. They are going to merch the Queen?

Yankee Wally

MK Ultra Killer???  Trans with lesbian tendencies & size 11 feet & claw left hand.

Brenda Jackson
QUOIL LIMITED SC650317 (As in the Snake Via DanJa Zone)
Incorporated on 27 December 2019
16 Richmond Street, Glasgow, Scotland.G1
QUOILE AGRI LIMITED N 1653298 Incorporated on 25 May 2018
7 Myra Road, Downpatrick, Co. Down., United Kingdom, BT30 7JY
Incorporated on 13 April 2012 43 Drumnaquoile Road, Castlewellan, County Down, BT31 9LH
Published on Jan 13, 2020.
This is one of her new things she planning on doing

Doreen Evans
Hold up on this one. You have to ask yourself this question: What does she have on them that the RF agreed to their demands? Something never felt right about this whole thing. I think she is gas lighting little h. All of her tactics are those of a classic abuser. I get this uneasy feeling something tragic is going to happen to him. I still maintain that he isn’t Charles’ son.

Carol Xmas
@Doreen Evans ..well said . I always felt the same and knew one way or another he would have to go . Rather difficult after his mother’s “ accident “ .….. maybe his mental health could cause suicide or Mad Meg could take him and Archie out ……. RESULT

Tara king
phil is h’s dad. ceremony with drugged di. She and charles were not intimate so it would not have bene charles at that sate. Look at harry and then phil at same age.

Doreen Evans
@Tara king I just thought the very same thing. now that would be one spin that could rock the world.

Prince Harry, Medusa Markle, titles, money and more

Sherlock Tarot
12 January 2020

”The Palace needs to take decisive ACTION now.”

Meghan has gone AWOL without a word

Danja Zone
10 January 2020

@Raven Rock mabe that spider did it to her with all her black magic she grew up with. I research her when I first saw her and her bringing up. Spider’s mother pimped her to Doritos, she is not her mother, older sister or aunt. Interesting stuff to see where she comes from. Ashley maby you can go deep web searching on this, think they deleted it but it is there, I took lots of screenshots of spider with a whitch look on her face, yaugting with Gislebe Maxwell, jesica malroney, misha noonoo and others and video’s on JE’S boat, she was one of their best honey traps, not even to mention her connection to uncle A.

victoria elaine
@Dawn I dont think the same can be said about her sister in law. Danja video of her storming out of that meeting showing her with no wedding ring to me signals she is no longer a dutchess. She spied on the royals and tried to gather blackmail material. My opinion. If you were apart of her scheme your life might be in danger. I think they gave her the run down and may have told her about her future fate.

melissa gibson
Ha! I knew she would end up making an ass of Oprah and the others. Serves them right. Maybe they will learn to mind their own business and keep their mouths shut.

Obummers, Ellen Degeneres

They like her because they’re all scumbags cut from the same cloth.

melissa gibson
@Cecilia VAN HEERDEN I agree with you and Mary Murdock. She is playing with fire. Oprah and the Clintons have forgotten more about being dirty than Meghan will ever know. She is a moron in over her head.

Sylvia James
@Jane T Yes, their silence is saying lots. Their not coming out in her defence. Have they ghosted her as she is no longer useful to them? She has gone maverick. They want the royal connections thats why they turned up in there droves for wedding of a z list actress, that many of them would not have worked with, why else would they have been there? 😊😊



Mary Murdock
@J C oh boy. That “school” Oprah had opened in SA is a child. T r a f f i c k i n g. place. Trust me new age = witchcraft. Her God is lucifer. Just like that Dr of god was busted 4 the same thing. So is Dr. Phil. He’s 1 of them too. Look at his new tv Set. It’s triangular symbols are everywhere! She sold out at 15 to become famous!


Scribonius Thursday
@gina wiggles She’s a faux-menist, not a real feminist, she cares more about merching shirts than paying respect to rape victims.

E de Montfort
I think her powerful handlers told her to leave so they can all get together and regroup for the next plan. She’s probably going to Soho first and then on to scheme with Obama, Hillary and a few others. If she took money from them, but didn’t do what they instructed, I wouldn’t want to be in her size 11 shoes. (edited)

maur pearls
@Mmathabo Maibelo I think the Crown found out about the blood diamonds. Your the 2nd one to mention this and I thought that she brought them back as well, allegedly…

Amelia B
I worry about that because before she got to the airport, her security patrol were spotted and reported heading to Frogmore. Wonder what Meghan had to pick up/take with her from Frogmore? Money? Jewels? Diaries? Archie’s batteries?

Have you ever seen a narc self destruct so fast?

og mama
I have seen a narcissist self destruct when they come up against someone, or a group of “someones” who aren’t afraid of them and let them know that there WILL be consequences for their nasty actions. Narcissists know when they have screwed themselves…and they run.

gina wiggles
Usually narcissists are kind of smart, but MeAgain has made every bad move possible.. She’s just so stupid. Imagine the power she would have if she had played her cards right….you know, worked the royal game….. gotten a couple of (legitimate) kids under her belt. At least ACT like she had the monarchy’s best interests at heart. But Nooooooooo. As soon as Harry put a ring on it she started disrespecting the Queen & upstaging the other members of the RF. Her hostility was so apparent from the get-go. Her biggest mistake was dissing Catherine. Women know A LOT more about one-unmanship than males. A future queen holds more cards than a nobody, D-List, porn actress from Compton. It’s actually FUN watching Muggs & Plugs self-destruct. No one deserves it more than they do. And their idiot supporters are stupid enough to think the Darren Doll will actually be KING one day!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. Think again stoo-pee-does LOLOLOLOL

Delores Busher-Miller
@gina wiggles agree liked what you said enjoy watching the destruction, I only watch for shits & giggles. 1st time I saw “CHUCKIE” it was like hell no. Then I saw a post that Clinton paid her (maybe man legs) like $3M to hookup with Harry, he was the weak link, Queen & Clinton wanted “CHUCKIE” MM due to her (maybe has man chin) background, distraction for the New World Order, problem though Clinton lost – thank God. Thought I’ll see what’s going on here…

Jane T
@Sylvia James, Highly recommend you see Harry Markle blog on his last 2 recent articles.. (edited)


duty paid
i have said that from the very beginning…she is his handler, and Killory is MM ‘s handler. and she better be careful about what she says about oprah..cos she is queen witch…good friend of soros

duty paid – I think Marcus & Mulroney are her handlers. Clinton just checks on the programming.

Jackie Meintjes
@Delores Busher-Miller yes think you right about the above, the queen really should not have listened to HRC, they wanted a woman of colour – I heard – to up the likes of the Monarchy – but BOOM the MOAB’s came in the me again packet, throw out the mugg & pull the plug & donate the doll for a raffle bazaar.

@xVSupremacy Go back into her background, forget Hillary, look deeper into her past and where she really comes from. Black magic, she is not African American, different bloodlines, descend from, Dutch, Italian, Mexican ext bloodlines and the list goes on. She was a plant in the RF, ties with pedofile JE, uncle Randy Andy one of her honeytrap guys, doritos the pimp. Marcus Anderson the love of her life. I did my research when I saw her the first time. Lots to learn about her friends on JE’S boat, pictures with Maxwell, Jessica, Misha and video’s. She/others, changed her wikapedia, just as Doritos and Thomas snr’s and I believe many others have been changed so no one will go digging any further. Everything is not what the main stream media wants the public to know

@Nadine She has many bloodlines, Dutch, Italian and many more. She is not from real black descendants, Spanish is also in there and so we can go on.

Julie Braunschweig
@E de Montfort Yep. Last pic of Doria was at an ATM with a VERY sad/angry/disillusioned expression on her face. Lmao Apparently she was unaware PW is working w/MI6 tracking down missing money/jewels from royal coffers. Yup, megantionette facing a felony too! One more thing in common for those two…Bwaahaaa (edited)

@Julie Braunschweig that is why they took even the Wedding Ring from her it is precious Welsh Gold, exclusive only to the RF any wedding ring seen on her claw from now on will not be the Welsh Gold wedding ring

Gina Thomas
@avi mae, I can’t find footage of her going into the theatre. She sure looked like thunder when she came out. And, those hands on her thighs were a signal – but for someone, not just the public.

@Lilly of the Rose Well do you remember just after they were married, she was going up to the dishy young Guardsmen, telling them their hands were cold against her skin, and buying them mittens, I mean seriously, I realised then this must be what turns her and PH on .

Medina Rae
@Paul Christian shes probably been drugging or either supplying him with some sort of drug under the guise of vitamins.

Jen Graham
I noticed that too! At their last appearance, she sat down and tapped him on the back to sit down too! She has balls!!

Margaret Cunningham
We don’t want them back! People seem to have forgotten that MI5 went through her history & knew that she was a prviate escort, had 3 abortions etc. Don’t feel sorry for him. He’s become like most Hollywood lefties, all he wants is the money!

We’re told they have no cook because “Meghan likes to cook.” Likes to control what substances are in his food? PH needs a complete checkup and lab tests, especially tests for arsenic.

@Special Agent0099 Absolutely. I can’t believe MM did what she did. We have heard of the 9th circle death cult. From what I hear, the Queen is the head of it. MM is low on the totem pole when it comes to being a witch. Big mistake taking the Queen on. MM apparently, has been cursed from the beginning of her marriage with Harry. Wonder who did it?

@Sofie Taylor A sex tape will be the least of her worries. The faux pregnancy, the fact that Archie as we know him doesn’t exist. They’re SLOWLY starting to trickle that info out. DM had something about the showing of Archie yesterday. They’ve played ball because they want access to the RF. Once they get the green light from The Firm to let loose. It is game OVER. No one is fuxing with MM. If she is indeed an agent for powerful US entities, then she’s a dead woman walking. MM is a bird … they have no use for her once her mission to create chaos in GB over. She’s not connected, she’s not saavy, she talks too much, she’s a narcissist and has a personality disorder. They want no parts in that once the mission is accomplished. MM is a liability at this point. You see how liberal Ellen was all hugged up with GWB? And that’s a recent photo because she has an iPhone 11. Doesn’t matter political party … POWER RECOGNIZES POWER. (edited)

Sofie Taylor
@LFrich She may think she has caused chaos in England, but we keep calm and carry on, we have Brexit and Megxit, 2-0 to the NWO. She was used for Agenda 21-30 but it has backfired as we have minds of our own and reject what we don’t like. The liberals are finished in the UK, we are a right wing country now like America, they are ridiculed, Ricky Gervais caned them at the Oscars, we know what’s going on, and we are not playing their games.

L Gene
Leaving the family she never has….to be with the baby she never had!

L Gene One of the best analysis to a “T” on the longest pregnancies in modern times. 🙂

Kris Papas
He acted weird at the Canadian consulate. Fidgeting with his wedding ring looking around.

duty paid
she had that death stare shit eating grin back on her face…till she got that message at the national theatre, and then ran out there like darth Vader was after her !

Julie Braunschweig
H not used to wearing his ring after weeks w/out it. Notice m’s were on upon entering theater…GONE upon exiting! Security had helluva time keeping up with the ditched duchass… Lmao It’s all over but the crying! (edited)

the blue velvet River
They stripped those rings off her finger!

gm c
@the blue velvet River Ohhhhhhhhh! I never thought of it that way. Good thought.

Could she be poisoning him?

She thinks she looks good in black… A merry widow whe would be..an no need for divorce.

It’s like the true story series on Netflix “dirty John”, the sociopath drugged his wife with daily morning green smoothies (edited)

Frannie Ladner
Meghan has lots of help. She is and was a plant to destroy the Monarchy.

Sandra Mullen
You may have something there in that.. It was all too rushed.

I believe you’re right. Why else would these black elitist Oprah/Obama who sow division and hate white people be involved with this Dlist actress. They are the racist. They are using this woke progressive crap to destroy the Monarchy and stoke racism. (edited)

L Esty
@CJ It has come out that she lists herself on her resume, Caucasian, but can play the race card.

@L Esty yep, ...when “poc” label became an in vogue trope to use against everyone who is caucasian amongst the progressive left SHE BECAME woke and black. She only dated white men. Was obsessed with Kate Middleton wedding and her plan was hatched to meet Harry. It was no coincidence those two were set up. Harry as draft as he is.. Has no clue. Believed her lies that she knew NOTHING ABOUT HIM ..

Carla Kalma
That’s why she wanted to live with Queen, cia spy

Carla Kalma
Michael Obama is her handler – You mean Michael Robinson

@Carol Wilkins Why worry about what people think? She should make a decision based on the fact that Memegain is NOT a British citizen NOR is she going to get her British citizenship – so she is NOT entitled to the Titles…

Kimberly Simon
@myrrh2000 the queen will put her family over duty which will be her biggest downfall. Harry knows how to pull her strings. I’m sure Charles and the queen caved to their demand. They don’t care about the taxpayers at all.

Marie Langford
You can bet, Oprah, Obama, Clinton, Soros behind all of this!

Marie Langford
Fay Hinsch, the plan to destroy the monarchy. I hope it doesn’t happen, I would be very worried for UK

@Marie Langford They don’t really do anything anyway. I am torn. On one hand, I appreciate the colonizers are getting their karma because they have ripped off black and brown people, committing genocide for hundreds of years. MM is probably the ancestral spirit coming back for them! However, I know this woman is mentally ill, the site of her has always gave me a knot in the stomach. Her energy is VERY negative. She has dead eyes and a wounded soul and she projects that out.

Marie Langford
@LFrich oh yes, I agree with you! But do you think that The loss of the monarchy would leave a vacuum, and much worse could fill the void?. 🤷(edited)

@Marie Langford No, I don’t. They already have that racist, deranged Prime Minister. They don’t have much political power anyway. They’re pretty much ceremonial at this point. They are a constitutional monarchy.

Jill Peacock
@Marie Langford how about bigger plan…. Destroy the world

Jill Peacock
@LFrich that’s cause she sold her soul to the devil

Marie Langford
@LFrich , thank you for your kind response. I do hope that you are right!

Robin Massiello
Nahhhhhh… They wouldn’t want to be associated with this train wreck plus Oprah put out a statement, that she had not spoken to MM in quite a while & never told her to do this but, she wished them well!!!

Jellis Squared
@Robin Massiello Who knows if Oprah is telling the truth…???

Hailey Fields
@Jill Peacock I agree. The NWO agenda.

Invisible man Invisible man
“Is she slipping him something” Now that is a very interesting statement!!!!!!

Carla Kalma
She may want him dead, collect insurance and inherit his wealth, that video i for mentioned yesterday says it all.

Marsha Cimadevilla
I thought about that too.

It seems likely MM was ORDERED to leave ‘quickly’ UK without PH, by the senior RFMs…is this the sign the divorce is on the corner? It will be the best solution for the RF crisis. Give the money hungry “Duchess” $$$$$$$$$, and save the health of PH. (edited)

Its best she is not seen or heard

Sandra Mullen
Yes that would be the best outcome. And Harry can get the help he so dearly needs..

Carolyn Simpson
I am sure divorce is just around the corner. M will let the cat out of the bag again.

She will probably want over $1 billion to make her go away…LoL…Don’t think she doesn’t know the RF networth….A Calculating Manipulator since day one…Out of all the people they picked a Yatch girl???? 👩🏽🤦🏻‍♀️👎🏻(edited)

Helen Lesley

Michele B
Does this chick have a death wish?! Like seriously, you’re going to F with Oprah and Granny, two of some of the most powerful people in the world and expect to live😂 She better find Epstein and crash with him in his hideout (edited)

John Je
Joan Rivers passed away…

@Michele B, that’s probably where she’s gone now.

yoruichi shihōin
Ashli was right, the outcome will be grisly. Either Meghan or Harry, they are playing with FIRE

Veg Patch
I read Oprah denied she’d encouraged them to leave the RF. And yes, where are all their friends? Nobody seems to be speaking up except Jamila Jameel, but she’s always got something to say about everything

Lesli Robertson
Yessss after outing Michelle Obama as a tranny and Obama was our first gay president.

elizabeth Mcnally
They should put her in the tower and bring back the guillotine

Tara king
give pp his drivers licence back lol

Teresa Belshaw
she knows exactly where he is.

Una Scintilla
If these accounts are still alive be sure someone in high places agree with that! Because if you look at all the names mentioned here you’re not looking high enough!

Tammy Wines
Lmao oprah has no real power only what the men in suits give her raggedy ass !! Now that 1,000 years of monarchy is another story .

Somebody said she’s on a mission when done…they will pull a button to make her disappear.

Dolphine Achonga
@Michele B Oprah is lying as usual. No one could have pulled a wool over the RF like this, without some big time backers. The program is still on schedule. Just a few ”bumps on the road,’ then they’ll be off to party and make money in Canada and LA.

Julie Braunschweig
@John Je That was a gentle euphemism, lol. Murdered, more like it!

The House Meghan and Harry stayed in in Canada is owned by Yuri Milner. Buddy of George Soros, Epstein and the Bromfmans. Does it get any dirtier?????

@Marie Langford No, I don’t. They already have that racist, deranged Prime Minister. They don’t have much political power anyway. They’re pretty much ceremonial at this point. They are a constitutional monarchy.

Carla Kalma
She may want him dead, collect insurance and inherit his wealth, that video i for mentioned yesterday says it all.

Lesli Robertson
Yessss after outing Michelle Obama as a tranny and Obama was our first gay president.

Rosette Nivah
She is hiding with Madame Maxwell and hanging together. Bird feathers flocks together (edited)

Lucky Lass
Its hilarious that MM blames Oprah. She cant burn bridges fast enough! MM probably has MI5 and the IRS looking for her……thats a takedown I would pay to see.

moon jewelz1
Ashli she def has tons of dirt on them! I agree this was a set up marriage. By whom is the question but I think we all know why. U hinted at it in your video!! I too think he’s being drugged or maybe got him addicted!

Elizabeth Mack
I called this from the jump! She was hired by Harry, he proposed she be taken on to deflect from pedogate, his real intent was having this horror take down his family, so they could usher in the NWO and then we’ll hear from all her “deep state Hollywood friends”, or as we will know them, our overlords shipping us to the deathcamps! (edited)

Lesli Robertson
That’s sooo possible too. I think they are being used as a diversion. HOCUS POCUS SHIFT THE FOCUS!!

Jill Peacock
That’s true….. They have to get control of all the nation’s….. Then cause more serious problems all over there world. More destruction. See people are more easily controlled, once they lost everything and become desperate. Then they’ll swoop in, be our Savior…. Enter the anti Christ. Yes then it’s NWO. That’s why they wanted her. She is tungsten. She’ll fight like hell to get what she wants. I’ve been saying this for at least a year. It’s still very very possible. And you know,. Hollywood lies, games, and drugs. Satan is drawing weak ones to his side. Be careful. Do not be fooled. He’s a slippery devil.

Sara N.
No, this is a trainwreck unto itself. Harry would not do that, he is too self centered. This is a separate mess from the Andrew one. You can actually have two disasters at once, and them not be connected.

Elizabeth Mack
@Sara N. I don’t agree! Especially with her now close ties with Obamas, Clintons, Oprah, The Clooneys, Degenrate, all of them deep state operatives, have been for years… Plus all the “rumors” of HER going into politics?? A Prostitute???? Ok…

Lady Bug
I have suspicions if it’s Munchausen because I don’t put anything past her

Gus Cat
@Lady Bug ~ sadly, most narcissistic women don’t want children as it takes attention away from them. When they do have children, there’s a motive other than maternal love ~ they don’t feel love, they don’t like children, animals, music etc.. They are self-less creatures, they have no self, so they observe others and mimic them to appear normal. I thought of Munchausen syndrome too.. They do that for attention. It doesn’t matter who gets hurt as long as it’s not them.

Marsha Cimadevilla
I thought about that too.

Linda jackson
Danja, you just crack me UP! “Karma’s sometimes a SLOW HEFER, but WILL catch up to you!!”  Lol And so true!!

Tara king
obumma plant

chicky rogue
b i n g o!!! <===seems obvious epstein yatch grl

Tina Golik
Narcissist gaslight…that causes the person around them (their target) mental health to go downhill…they also separate you from family and friends. Its so they can have more control. I think Meghan Didn’t like being told to stay away from cameras. She wants attention…she wants to be a celebrity in the spotlight. Separation from the royal family means she can be, say, and do whatever she wants in the public eye. She wants to make money from the title she has. She is a user, and will leave Harry broken, and alone. It wouldn’t even surprise me if she tries running for president at some point…or makes Harry do it. Her agenda is self gain, and political influence.

Katherine G
Small doses of arsenic? It affects balance and hair loss. (edited)

duty paid

Valerie Howard
Yes have noticed since he return from Canada how bald he is…

princess adora
baldness runs in the family!

Peggy Rannick
She went into the theater to sign divorce papers, and they took the rings with jewelry which belonged to Diana’s estate … That’s why she came out with no rings.

GiGi K.
I heard this also. Also said look like she was mad and had maybe been crying.

Peggy Rannick
@GiGi K. She was beside herself…

Lisa W108
I hadn’t thought about them taking the jewelry – makes total sense!

Valerie Howard
Funny place to go and sign divorce papers, though you did that at the registrar office?????

livia clemente
One can only hope!

Bj M
Look what I found on The Wrap: “The PR firm Sunshine Sachs said it no longer represents her (Meghan).” Ghosted, eh? hahahaha

aileen boyle
If this is true, their other clients will no longer be obliged to talk her up. It will be interesting to see if they back off, because I think may have shot herself in the other foot by throwing Jennifer Meyer under the bus. Jennifer is friends with the actresses from The Morning Show, and I think a job on that was mooted for Meghan. She’s such a loose cannon, she’s pissing off everyone that could have helped her. (edited)

346 NYC
Does everyone know that Hillary Clinton bought a huge estate in Northern Ireland? She’s living there now. She’ll be coordinating with the EU/Globalists/Soros to take down the UK. She plans on setting up her own little fiefdom on her new estate. There are even tunnels. There’s a video on youtube with drone views of the property. The woman is evil and feels like she can get away with anything in Northern Ireland.

chicky rogue
she was invited to be dean of the university there {HOGWARTS?}

Helene Mohlin
Well Northern Ireland particularly is known to be unstable, even today. Tendencies to crime, fights and etc. Hillary would not be as safe any longer.

Mary Miles
I believe I made a comment about her possibly being a plant early on because of how she met him and her collecting information. Nothing seemed right from the beginning. Simlar behavior from the left when they put plants in Trumps office after elected, using various people to record him using their phones, etc and reporting to whoever. Could this be the case for MM? I would not be surprised as this is the behavior of the left, and MM is a leftie for sure. Has she done something that she is now running from? It appears she has much to hide. The fact that PH has gone along with it is strange.

Shirley Berry
@Mary Miles if she was doing all this spying and taking photos before they married why was it allowed surely that’s a big red flag

Mary Miles
@Shirley Berry My understanding based on reports from others says that they did realize it and stopped it by escorting her out and ordering an escort in the future.

Sali K
Very interesting ashli……hmmmmm Why would the Royals even pay all these people? Does amal clooney really need the $$???

Christian Cruz
She will end up in the coffin…She’s another elite bate and they will get rid of her just like that. 😌


Mary Murdock
Look at big nasty smelly mikes ( Michelle’s) eyeball –  Rolling back in his disgusting head. And Ellen degenerate. Is actually a man btw!

Kathy Rickman
Nutmeg has burned the 2 biggest bridges she could. She is the biggest narcissist I have ever seen. Nutmeg needs to watch her back before something happens. I said a while back she might be putting something in his food or drink. (edited)

@Kathy Rickman ..@ you maybe right that’s I do feel his given in foods drinks have look Joseph Magi videos card came out strongly that MM was doing voodoo practice in Windsor with Harry and also giving stuffs in food.he mentioned like her monthly bloods in food ..I have seen and heard from JM reader ..

Kathy Rickman
@Veera I agree with you one hundred percent

Sarah Bishop
She’s backed by Soros/Ties to Canada/Ukraine and US Demonrats. Deep State is going down. MM and PH heading full speed into a brick wall.

Paula Martin
The security breach in the Cotswolds … was allegedly it was near a public footpath and a pregnant woman was seen there NOT MM… .Who was it you may ask WELL I DONT KNOW …. but I can guess !!!! Darren’s mum??

Monica Turk
Clooney, Ellen, Oprah all work with CIA

Jane Doe
All of them, including the CIA are part of the New World Order.

goofy roofy
Kamloops school at the end…oh snap!!!! they still have lots of ‘splainin to do….DanjA, have you ever looked into the 3 loves of Charles meeting dangerous circumstances in 97??? Interesting stuff XD


HRH Princess Rachel Kleypas-Sparrow

Julie Braunschweig
Who’s controlling the cannon fodder currently known as megantionette? Here’s a clue: the Bushes, Clintons, Obamas, Soros, Vanderbilts, Rothschilds, Bilderbergs….the entire NWO. Stick a fork in her. She’s dead! Er, DONE. R.I.P. Rachel. Devil is waiting for YOU! (edited)

Helene Mohlin
Noone should end up in hell let’s pray for her salvation

Truth is my radar
The happy couple – Obama and George 😏

They were looking a little questionable.

Mary Murdock
@LFrich in th in that picture, George was laughing pulling up his zipper. But what you didn’t see is the small child ( girl) on the bottom right of picture. Both bath house barry & GC big nasty P e d o s ! (edited)

@Mary Murdock It really did look like a lover’s frolic had just ended. OMG. But I am not surprised.

Dara Colakoglu
@Truth is my radar I think Clooney will be a presidential candidate.

maur pearls
@Mary Murdock Omg! That is really sick!!!

Duchess Soho
I agree! Soros is behind Greta and MM

Delphin 0131
Hindsight now we know why Meghan’s sweaty pits lol 😂 she’s like I need to get the hell out of here………

Linda Sue Suits
IMO someone placed her in the RF to bring them down. Check who is sniffing around. The plan is to bring the RF down, get their wealth and rule the world.

Marilyn Scott
These people act so STUPID!! I find it hard to believe the Royal Family can’t find out who’s directing her, they’ve got MI 5&6. Plus it’s so telling leaving Harry to catch all the grief and do clean up. Is Harry that daft??

They know but in war with other faction

leny verbunt
I’m a little bit greedy My narc feelings inside
I’m not one who would normally hide,
I Never could have enough money but UK I have all of yours
I’ll buy big mansions in LA & Canada where I will live
I should have been a proper princess, but then again -Too hard no !
Just a billionaire woman who entertains rich men on my yachts for more money and show Oh I know, it’s never enough,
I’m the most Woke person it’s true
My gift is my mattress body
And I’m going to be The next American president too
And you can tell everybody this is MY song
It may be quite simple but now that it’s done
I hope you don’t mind I don’t care if you do mind That I put down in words
Screw everybody- that I have ghosted in this world world!

Protagonistas de La Biblia
First! I think George Sorros is behind all this. There is definitely a poltical agenda going on. Someone very, very powerful wants the RF to be destroyed from within. (edited)

ABSALUTY AGREE… Known for a looong time.. So does ASHLI.. 😆😆

Marie Langford
@Protagonistas de La Biblia exactly!👍

Janet McDonald
@Protagonistas de La Biblia I agree ☝️ and MM should have been more careful of whom she became bedfellows with because Soros, Clintons, Obamas etc doesn’t like loose ends or put another way a job left unfinished. Now they have to come up with a solution to explain/fix this loose end. Yours is the first response which is right on. I wonder how long it will take for the ones in the know to put two and two together and realize MM was the PLANT to split the Monarchy and bring in the NWO or perhaps even overthrow PW and replace him . So PH would be King and she would be Queen. I know I am going out on a limb but I’m not putting into words what I’m really trying to say. But bottom line Geo Soros etc is involved and his cronies whoever they all are but you hit the nail on the head. I think MM is involved with them and PH too. So they need to watch their backs now. I’m just saying but you sparked my interest and I agree with you.

Tina Bendle
I kept thinking why would the Queen use the word ‘bumpy’ in her Xmas speech, it seemed odd, now it doesn’t as she also referred to the moon, plus a secret that couldn’t be revealed….

Bammy Shore
Yes, the pieces do all fit together. Meghan met Obama in March 2015, one month before meeting Harry at the Soho House in Istanbul., April 2015.

Katherine Evans
She’s sure making some powerful enemies! How well does she know Ghislaine Maxwell? She was seen boarding a plaine with Epstein and Prince Andrew before she married Prince Harry…. perhaps she’s working for Mossad toio, maybee she’s been planted in the royal family to gather blackmail material to prevent Andrew from spilling the beans!

E de Montfort
😂Now the handlers and Meghan are turning on each other. Oprah probably did suggest that Meghan make outrageous demands and when it boomeranged she’s now blaming Oprah. A narcissist always has to blame someone for their own mistakes. We should have expected this. Meghan has mental illness, she creates discord wherever she lands. A narcissist with no conscience is like a shark in a feeding frenzy, incapable of controlling herself. Based on what I see and from what Ashli says in this video I suspect that the queen has held off stripping the title for fear that Meghan may now reveal some of the secrets she’s been holding over their heads. It’s a nasty game of chess. If her title is stripped then the Sussex brand she has abused goes up in a puff of smoke. Your move, Your Majesty. (edited)

EnglishRose Maria
she/he is a cia asset

Dianne Guarino
Look at the pic where Michelle is with George bush jr. what the hell is with her eye