“Chirpy Vises”



That will teach you not to do the “HolaHoaxeyCoaxey” Mr Spivey.


Scrub Scrub Scrubhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nCssMQSCY4

The trouble with the Internet is that there is always another door in.
29 September 2014

Cameron’s Closet


Ivan’s Death – 25 February 2009 – St. Walpurgis Day –


I remember hearing david icke talk about some people in positions of power needing to sacrifice their first born, to keep their power

Comment: ”Cameron’s father died very shortly after his daughter was born by a woman from the Astor dynasty, that may be fate but it does seem very strange to me. Also these eltitsts sacrifice their first born children to the Redshield (Rothschilds) and leave the mark of blood on the Satanic hexagram in return for greater fortune and power from the Synagogue of Satan.”

British Prime Minister David Cameron’s Wife Gives Birth to New Daughter Prematurely: Baby and Mom Doing Fine


David Cameron’s father Ian dies in hospital


Comment: ”I will simply say that having been a fringe victim of the McMartin ‘cult’ in the 80s, and having worked with the parents and detectives surrounding what I experienced back then, that yes – I check the satanic calendar whenever anything gruesome goes down. Sometimes it coincides, some times not. But I definitely DO think, it’s something to reference when really freaky shit is going down.

This is the time frame I was lucky enough to escape (bolded):


  • 1 Demon revels: Blood rituals and sexual relations with demons.
  • 20 – 27 Sacrifice preparation: Kidnapping, holding and ceremonial preparation of person for sacrifice.
  • 27 Grand climax: Sexual rituals and female sacrifice.
    And I was told as much by the grand leader of them all at the time

If you (the universal ‘you’) think it’s hokey and stupid, so be it. I know it’s true, and these sick folks are serious about this shit, the same shit that you and I think is insane to even entertain.”

”I remember before Cameron came into power I said during a conversation with friends about Conservatives being in power again, that Cameron would look a hypocrite calling disabled people who are unable to work when his own son was severely disabled.

I didn’t however realise the sheer cold venom that Cameron would use once in power in his attitude towards those who are disabled.

I have also since said he would not have gotten away with what he is proposing now had his son had not passed away.

I know there is no proof, and do feel a tinge of guilt for even thinking what I think about this – but I can’t help the way I feel”

”Cameron is a inbred nonce and is a high ranking Freemason and serves the Big Society (Common Purpose). Many of these eltists have first born children with concubines and nobody knows about them and then they are sacrificed at a later point.

Cameron also said he did not treat his son any differently despite his disability which is complete bullshit as all they are even more cruel to the children born with disabilties, they are known to molest their own children to make them victims of mind control, it’s part of their so called tradition.”
Comment: The Archbishop of Canterbury has spoken about the tragic death of his first child in a car accident

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