“Prof George Lees”

Theresa May Wed to Roth RIO TINTO Lovelace Mafia RIP Benazir Bhutto Lady Di Goldsmith, Imran Kahn I

Published on 16 Jul 2016

Let me introduce you to what makes Theresa May COERCIBLE ENOUGH to be the new PM. The Tottenham riots were launched to cover my exposures on Stalin being trained there and released by his profiteering mate Winston Churchill in the Sidney Street Siege to let WW2 take place. May that yr gave the police a pay rise & flounced at the police union rally. This video was made the day she was picked for office but her husband was introduced to her by the murdered President of Pakistan. She Benito Bhutto was murdered the same year 2008 that we let the brutalized Iraq have “peace” and on the quiet Collapsed the Global Banking frauds & launched the SOVEREIGN DEBT CRISIS mafia op with all Democracy’s funding in private pockets (thanks to employees at the central banks who include THERESA MAY at the BofE. So the company that her husband works for is CAPITAL GROUP which was launched by Jonathon Bell Lovelace which launched the Linda Lovelace PERN movies. Vogt is still on 1 of the 750 Capital Group companies on the UK register for Capital International. Vogt is the coover for the Odessa film star do they know the XMAS fraud and Douglas Voght was the publisher that reveals the 2000yr religious fraud. Since Theresa took over the Cameron’s who lost a child Ivan have been gifted a £16M mansion. The TOTSE website which Reuchlin used to out the Christianity PISO frauds. So May was a Frazier (the treasurers at Aylesbury RFC). Philip John May is the banker and Bhutto was born in the PINTO, Chris Columbus vessel out of Genoa & into the US Capital Group companies in the holy city of LOS Angeles THE HOLY CITY JOKE that gets more quakes than anywhere on this earth. SO the Carry on team show the EMPIRE upon which the English speaking elites steal from & the Murdoch Gove Bunged it in MAFIAS still own it all & EVERY CENTRAL BANK on the globe thanks to Blair Bush & NATOs armies. Imran Khan was running for President when President Bhutto the May/Theresa Brazier friend was murderd & the MAYS emphasise they are huge fans of CRICKET. Immie Khan, the ISLAM MENACE in PAKISTAN married Jemima Goldsmith who was the BASTARD parents of the murdered Princess Di. khan was the captain of Sussex CC when my wife was the scorer & training in financial services. Brighton Secs & Directors the massive money launderers. Princess Di was Jemima’s half sister thanks to James Goldsmith siring her via the loins of Hon Frances Spencer Di’s mum. May was an employee of the BANK OF ENGLAND which is why she was in Cameron’s cabinet. So the American web site Little SISS reveals that Capital Group and all the names I find are the owners ON THE QUIET of Rothschild’s RIO TINTO Gotcha Theresa. The Barclays are on the Capital Group board and the LOVELACE family members too. The Mays are childless and are philosophical as they steal from the worlds democracies ALL OF THEM are in sovereign debt WHICH IS AN ACCOUNTING IMPOSSIBILITY BUT THE GOVT MAFIA’s biggest sin. So Imran Khan was getting into replacing Bhutto President as May’s friend & I corresponded & lobbied Immy’s team since 2011 (3 yrs after the murder & the BANKS were crashed by declaration through Murdoch’s cabal). So Bhutto was murdered & Pakistan was partitioned out of Linthilgow in the Edinburgh region. The irony of it all is that the ISLAMIC menace, Judaism and CHRIST were all launched by the same PISO BIBLE fraudsters. Prof Ron Jones lived over the “LORDS” Cricket ground…. the joke that the GODS are no longer in the Bible story & the Murdochs’ paper is the SUN GOD JOKE. Capital was a mutal like the COOP Lloyds frauds led by Peter Marks for £6m bung. LA is CAPITAL GROUP HOLY CITY & it gets Ms Kopcho “CHRISTIAN” name DARCY the stammering king joke ….played by the Mr Darcy actor. The one company that I found on the Brits Business register has £259m at the bank but the UK registered addresses are in NY LA & Washington. Some in tenterden are DENTAL companies my wife & her bros income stream from the students and practitioners CPD scam. So the GOTCHA tab I have looked at more deeply now. The Capital Group in LA is running the Scottish Enterprise Group that I have exposed as Ewan Brown’s, CHANCELLOR At St Andrews, creation as the funder for an “INDEPENDENT SCOTLAND” It is now run by a Pettigrew now since I exposed Brown (see Browns on the Boards below). Sadly my sisters friend Pettigrew has a fatal illness. So RIO Tinto Rothschilds since 1880 is owned by Theresa May’s husband as a cover for the Rothschilds immense riches globally. D’Armour, David C Barclay , Harvard Uni are the corporate directors and Bhutto went to Oxford & Harvard. Millers on the boards with James Brian LOVELACE (look Linda up on YouTube) James F Rothenberg, Steven T Watson all . So Mays’ companies issue 55 million shareholdings in RIO TINTO

John Paterson George Lees THE WORLDS BIGGEST SECRETS & Qu Vics virginal wedding dress

George Lees
Published on 27 Jun 2016

This is John Paterson’s comeback BUT John switched off his recording system 30 minutes before I did. So THERE you get my stories about KATE MIDDLETON’s Mum and our love life at Thames Poly where I rejected her advances because she was already married. Same with Mrs HOARE the Bellringer at Tring church but that is linked to Rupert Murdoch’s cabal murdering Sean Hoare the last truthful journalist in the UK. The pictures include NAKED PRINCE HARRY and the Royal involvement in the Jack the Ripper murders. I start by showing you the image of John and the Judiciary cover ups of our work. He wears lurid tartan pyjamas. The Brexit referendum is cover for Blair Kissinger & Lord Kerr of Kinlochart running UNELECTED the future of Europe as a MAFIA Op. Prince Harry’s nakedness is used by Murdoch’s press all the time but we are not allowed to republish it to expose the ROYAL illegitimacy and their involvement in the terror on 7/7 when Harry dated a CRESSIDA to cover Cressida Dick the murderer in the Met Police. On 9/11 Princess Fergie & Andrew were major players. So we get up to date on all the recent scandals. INNSBRUCK is the joke about Hitler, Pope Benedict & no room at the inn for jesus. The Brook joke is now widely understood and Hannah Mary Rothschilds hubby Lord Brookdale is the most difficult man to profile on the internet. SO I try to explain the BREXIT Tony Blair cover ups. John is talking to all the quislings and is a ROYAL COMMISSION official despite our exposures of the ROYAL BATARDS and the Bishopric false religion. So the NUJ journalists are discussed and we agree that we cannot fathom how they sleep at night. Hislop has the word PISO in it and dropped off my lobbying lists in 2010. Lord Patten has been disappeared as head of the BBC and Oxford since 2014. John is unaware of my work on the Rothschilds that now takes us to the 9th century. So I get john to witness the ROYAL prince Eddy Jack the ripper murders covered by puting the Prince in Glams castle. Gavin and Stacy Shipman on the telly cover the NHS Dr Harold Shipman played by Robin Williams and in 2005 Tim Shipman was the reporter for the Daily Mail WAR CORRESPONDENT FOR IRAQ. Then I explain the sovereign debt balance sheet scams of the Rothschilds who now own every central bank on the globe including the BASEL FAWLTY Bank of Internat Settlements. I explain Ancram being in charge on the CHINOOK Irish troubles assasination. Then explain the SWASTIKA being the icon for the global masons up to 1939..Rolf Harris’ Jake Peg joke is the swastika with one leg off. It is the Rotary Club, Waggon Inn wheel, and the suns’ rays for the ROTARY CLUB. Then I profile Mrs Valerie Jane Lees nee Hancocks INTEL crimes to cover the illegitimacy of Queen Vic that John, Hellett and I have blown open. She was the first woman to be wedded in Virginal white because she had her only legit son aged 14 by blind Prince George of Cumbria yrs before she married ALBRECHT/Albert the poof with the chain on his penis. John understands the Jack the Ripper murders cuts out the vagina because it is the PISO pi (the Vagina in translation & the AMERICAN PIE for Don maclean & Britney’s AMY song. Johny Depp takes stimulants and solves all the crimes like me using caffeine. Depp and Jolie are in the same bloodlines as HRH the queen related to the POPPO’s of Grapfeld which is just to the EAST of Rothschilds Frankfurt and launched the GRAPES in the ripper film and the Royal champagne scams on the front page of the British papers last week. Queen Vics life in rape is next up. Then I show john Colditz, Hannah Mary Brookdale & jesus’ holy relics in Waddesden, the Colditz amputees, the batman jokes for blackadder and baldrick. Lady Jane Grosvenor sister of the Duke of Westminster is now Lady Jane DAWNAY and that is a joke about the 39 steps hero on the clock face at Westminster. The duke of Wellington is Wellesly Wood who interlocks with Hannah on the ROTHSCHILD boards and that is the HOUSE of Rothschild movie Bank of England WATERLOO Fraud. The european Development bank is next to that BofE in cheapside and President Hollande and his ex segolene Royale are directors.. Arrius Calpurrnius PISO was the great grandson of King Herod & the Gt Grandfather of Marcus Aurelius. I have now sussed the whole story. BREXIT AND MECCAno are regions in ARRIAN BAVARIA like the Tyrol and Trins where the Scottish Soldiers died. So Harry is now dating a GOULDING to cover the GOULDING discussed by me and Field McConnell as the cover for the murder of GOULDING the double agent in 1945...ELLY GOULDING is now dating Prince Harry to cover it all. The last 30 mins are only on my video. Princess Kates’ mum is Caroline and she was a post grad at Thames Poly. Corbyn is the same actor who played David Kelly KILLED BY THE BLAIR REGIME but in the weapons delegations with Cameron. CENSORED see Comments for full story URL

Donald & Hillary Aleppo’ Quakes since St Paul, St Helena launched Christ, Islam & Nestle of Frankfurt

3 Oct 2014

150 years of dark forces to 1990 Part One of Two by Professor George Lees


150 years of Dark Forces Part 2 Prof George Lees


Abraxa Interlocking vent for (foreign Secretary Rifkind & Arms for Iraq Chilcot) Empires of theft.


AD Hosts Prof George Lees In Year


10 Nov 2014

Fetzer War Dead, 2000 Year Christianity Fraud & The Mr Bean Galipolli JOKES


11 Aug 2015

Paterson McCletchie 2 Hemel Butlins Intel Otago Poly Chipping Norton MI5 M&S my EX


Sheriff Peter Paterson NO Conflicts Better Off Together Fatal Accident Interlocks Lees Divorce 1


19 Jul 2015

Sins of Illegit Royals2 Roths Popes PMs Polis Welby MI5 Buller 140 M dead


https://www.ashridge.org.uk/  Hemel Hempstead



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