{{{British Deep State}}}

A lot of attention is the US deep state, but what about ours?
Tony Bliar came to power in 1997.
3 months later, Princess Diana was dead. (Keep the Queen in Check)
A number of senior politicians, who opposed Blair especially surrounding Iraq, ended up dead. Coincidence?
Robin Cook
Dr. David Kelly
Charles Kennedy (he tried to move the lib dems to a Eurosceptic base in 2005).
Any others?

“I will be found dead in the woods…. there are many dark actors milling around” Dr David Kelly CMG (2003) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/22595538/killing-kelly

I memba seeing an email once from Collin Powell to Blair insisting he clear his schedule to attend an event at bohemian grove. Allot I should imagine, Bush and Blair lit the blue touch paper back in the 90s
>I wonder what Q actually has on Blair…
Not Just him, that awful, ugly ol’ bag of a wife of his has heavy ties to the Clinton Foundation and they have their own foundations.