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Brabantian 22 March 2017
Attitude of EU governments & courts toward Islam changing very swiftly, big moves already underway

This was seen concretely in the recent EU Court decision that businesses may ban women from wearing Muslim religious veils at work, so long as religious symbols in general are banned in order to present a ‘neutral’ image to clients, e.g., also banning noticeable crucifixes or crosses, kippah – yarmulke head pieces on Jewish men, etc

A new framework is evolving, with key ideas that:

(A) ‘European values’ means protecting the Muslims who wish to be non-fundamentalist, against what seem to be oppressive Muslim dominant trends, now under influence by fundamentalist imams
— E.g., Muslim daughters & wives are being threatened, beaten, abused to coerce them into wearing veils … these women need protection, a mere ability to file legal charges individually won’t effectively protect them, hence anti-veiling laws need to be considered … Muslim husbands in shorts & t-shirts leading wives draped & veiled head to foot in 30+ degree heat may need to be considered as spouse abusers creating public disturbance

(B) It needs to be clear that anti-veiling laws etc are not ‘anti-Muslim’ but merely an iteration of ‘anti-religious-fundamentalism’, similar to how Europe has had to fight against Christian excesses up till very recently … ‘European values’ means Europe needs to stop victims such as children & women being abused by religious fundamentalists of any kind — In short, the Muslim woman’s veil, is intrinsically a reminder that some percentage of those women are being coerced, beaten, threatened, forced into wearing such veils

Big EU pressures currently are –

(1) Visegrád countries of Hungary, Czechia, Poland & Slovakia, are making it clear that they are ready to follow Britain & exit the EU rather than accept increasing Islamist presence in their countries, this is under intensive discussion in EU corridors

(2) European political parties of the Left are collapsing in part because their more indigenous European members are massively rejecting the socialist-Muslim alliances, e.g., former French Socialists now supporting Marine Le Pen

(Muslims also are accepting this collapse, seeing that decimated, imploding Left parties are no longer useful to them, & Muslims have successfully begun their own migrant-Muslim parties, Denk (‘Think’) in the Netherlands winning Dutch Parliament seats in March 2017; Muslim politician Ahmet Koç is starting a similar party in Belgium)

(3) EU citizen discontent with issues related to Muslims, has become anger at the EU itself … approximately a third of EU voters in some countries, are showing significant anti-Islamisation tendencies in their voting

(The top 2 Dutch parties in the March 2017 election, comprising one-third of the electorate, both used anti-Muslim themes to win their victory, Prime Minister Mark Rutte winning favour for sending armed security ‘ready to shoot’ to block a Turkish diplomat from crossing the Dutch border to campaign for Erdogan amongst the Netherlands’ 400,000 Turks)

(4) Donald Trump’s USA administration has made it clear he is not interested in assisting Europe’s internal difficulties & is even downplaying Nato, also cleverly asking Europeans to at last pay full price per the Nato agreements if they want to keep it … Trump seems ready to let the euro currency or EU fall apart … Trump sees Islam-tied terrorism in Europe as resulting in part from Europe’s own stupid policies … hence EU leaders are thinking & moving in new directions re Islam, as a matter of EU survival

Feb 21, 2017


Do not be surprised by this lorry load of parasites, Poland is run by the mafia and this is big money for them, this is happening in Britain and has been for a number of years, I have watched migrants alight from lorries in Britain, when you contact the immigration dept, you are told to take their names and addresses, utterly pathetic !!!

Unskilled migrants ‘cost UK taxpayers £3,500 EACH’

Just impose a minimum wage of £30k on immigrant labour. This can be monitored via the NI number and the monthly electronic reporting of salaries / tax / NI already in place. No new systems needed.

Then let the market decide how many immigrants are needed. At that minimum price, they’ll all be skilled, and not just a cheap substitute for indigenous workers.

Yesterday as a comment to another article i wrote. It looks like it is even worse!

There are more questions than answers but the problems created by these figures are visible and real.

The government budget is based on 100 000 immigrants but it is 431 000. This is 331 000 more people than is planned in our budget. This is for ONE year.
This is whilst the government budgets for housing and schools are being cut.
So it comes as no surprise that we have problems in our schools, housing and NHS.

It is said that immigration helps our economy which can be seen as from 2010-2016 our GDP increased by 374 billion.(plus)
Our National Dept increased by 528 billion.(minus)
In addition we have the social issues that immigration creates.
I therefore fail to see any benefits to the country or our society that immigration brings.

The only advantage is to the individuals and the companies who prefer to use foreign workers who they can exploit.

In the bad old days pre EU and certainly pre Eastern European accession, unskilled jobs were taken up by some of the British who had learning difficulties. Now they are pushed out by EU types. I used to do a Saturday job at Tesco’s in the mid 60s and many of the packers there were from the remedial class at school. They were glad to have a job. Now they don’ t stand a chance. We have to put our own people first. I am so very angry that they have been forgotten. The EU has been a disaster for us. Why pay for minimum wage EU types with all their families. We owe them nothing. As for the big ishoooooooo sellers, send them all back.

Costing us £3,500, do me a favour ! The cost is vast !
We have 11,000 foreign prisoners in the UK costing the taxpayer £100 million a year to look after them, In 2015 we only managed to send 17 back, the rest claimed EU Free Movement and refused to go !
Gov.UK says that every week of the year child tax credit and child benefit is sent abroad to 50,000 children, mostly living in Poland.

My single relative worked for 55 years and has to be self funding in a care home. A UK care home costs £840 a week. His bank account has gone in paying care fees and now we must sell his house to stop him falling into care home debt.There are men in his home from Poland, Rumania and Lithuania. The care workers tell me the immigrant families bring them over and claim “Destitute” so our local authority pays the bills.
My daughter is one of 4 white British in a primary school class of 30- they call the education free- because we pay !
Don’t you believe it. This article is remoan – it is trying to have you swallow immigrants, refugees, asylum seekers, East Europeans, Muslims , Africans and foreign vagrants, it was written by Gary Lineker and some of his remoan mates.

Roger Bootle was an economist that, for years, talked about the need to leave the EU, he always used to come on Sky’s economics show.

He’s right, hands down. There needs to be transitional visa put in place for all EU migrants in non skilled labour.

Those that can show they can survive without claiming any state support for five whole years should then become eligible to apply for British Citizenship (state support should be reserved for British Citizens only). If that means working at 2 or more unskilled, low paid jobs to achieve it, so be it.

If they can’t show that they can’t manage without state support, they should never get the right to become British Citizens.

Latest unemployment figures raised eyebrows, UK gained 431,000 additional migrants workers. Just how many of these workers are low wage low skilled or unskilled workers costing UK taxpayers £3,500

200,000 non-UK workers
190,000 workers from EU27 countries,
90,000 from EU2 Romania & Bulgaria

Assuming 90,000 are low skilled / unskilled workers
= £315,000,000 cost to taxpayers

Now imagine if 431,000 migrant workers fit the same low skilled / unskilled category
= £1,508,500,000 cost to taxpayers

UK needs to stop handing low skilled / unskilled migrant workers an open cheque book of benefits, taxpayers are being burdened at the expense of cheap labour

Remain camp dismissed this and bleeted “they pay taxes” obviously they only meant high skilled and skilled workers because 80% of EU workers pay little or no taxes and claim in work tax credits …

According to the Migration Observatory ( not noted for its right wing bias) there are 3.5 million EU citizens living in the UK. 2.2 million of these are workers, 80% of whom are low skilled and would not meet the earnings criteria for non EU workers. This percentage rises to over 90% in sectors like hotels, restaurants and agriculture.

Economists for Free Trade calculate that every unskilled migrant worker costs the taxpayer £3,500 p.a. in benefits and support. Being generous and excluding the 1.3 million non workers, 2.2 million x 80% = 1,760,000 unskilled EU workers. Multiply that by £3,500 = £6.1 billion, that is what the taxpayer forks out for unskilled EU workers.

Imagine what £6.1 billion could do for the NHS, etc. That £6.1 billion is 5.2% of the NHS budget.(£116.4 billion p.a. according to Fullfact.) Remember, this is a highly conservative estimate, I have not included 1.3 million non working EU citizens living in the UK.

The ungagged
£3500 ? AND the rest..
That Romanian migrant on TV actually made 60k in 18 MONTHS through benefits for his six kids, 15 year old WIFE and collecting scrap metal on the black.
Unless of course that 3500 is a DAILY rate.
Who said the migrants pay more in than they take out ?
LIARS in parliament should be OUTED and forced to resign.

Illegals With UK Drivers Licences

I walk in an area where many driving schools operate. I daily watch car after car pass me with migrant, training migrant to drive. I rarely see an indicator as the instructor forces the wheel over to avoid hitting me as I walk. I shudder to think that these morons will soon pass the test and end up driving a few tons of white van, with little or no experience. There something wrong with migrant training migrant, does that make me a racist ? No doubt if you are a lefty shirt lifter.

Thought you had to be able to speak English to have a driving licence,,??
this is just like ,the immigration office Doncaster,,advertising ,for some one that could speak Indian ?? ,,to work in there office , for a British Passport,, DM 2013
Doctors Huddersfield Hospital ,when they try to speak English you cant bloody well understand them..,,for me kick the fffffffff lot of them out,,of this country sick of them,,
and before you call me racist ,my wife is Asian ,she and my doughter, speaks better English better than most English..thats why we left,, believe you have Sharia Law now,, Sharia courts ?? is this TRUE?? i think it is about time you bloody lot ,stop putting your heads in the sand..wake UP clowns,

Major Cox-Tiff
How can they possibly afford cars when they only get £30 a week?Or even lessons at £15 a pop?

When driving lessons are required guess who pays for their lessons – we do. Wanna know how I know, a married woman friend set up a Driving School via a Franchise (Franchisor shall remain nameless) told her father who paid for the immigrants lessons. This was three or four years ago in Derbyshire & have no reason to believe it still doesn’t continue today.

Migrant dad tells how he and his family arrived in Britain after 13 attempts

”The Iraqi Kurds paid a total of £18,000 to people traffickers before succeeding in crossing the Channel. The mother, father and two young boys finally made it to Dover in the back of a lorry hidden among its cargo of Oreo chocolate biscuits.”

Their relentless quest lasted two years and they once almost froze to death when loaded into a freezer truck.

They claimed asylum in Scandinavia but were rejected and after 11 months headed to northern France, arriving in September of last year. But Hawkar refused to claim asylum in France, saying he would rather risk the lives of his family trying to reach Britain.

So desperate were they to make it Hawkar sedated his boys with sleeping medication so they would not wake too often during the 15-hour journey to Britain. The engineer said last night: “We don’t speak and we don’t eat inside the lorry because if we do maybe the driver knows we are inside and opens the door and calls the police.” Hawkar managed to track their progress using GPS on his mobile phone. A screenshot shows the truck in a holding bay at the ferry terminal in Calais moments before it boards a ferry.

“We think England is better than every country because they look after you. We want to build a new life here and we want to stay forever. We don’t want to go back to Iraq.”

They will soon be rehoused at which point they will be entitled to asylum support, which guarantees £36.95 for every person in their family and extra because they have two children under three. They have access to free health care and used it when Hawkar took his eldest boy to hospital because he was suffering a fever and received vaccinations.

They have no idea where they will be rehoused but want to live in Bradford to join lawyer Hozan’s sister and cousin who live there after they also made it into the UK illegally and claimed asylum. Hawkar said: “If we have a house and my child goes to school we will not stay at home. We want to live like everyone else and make a better future for our children.

Foreign patients to PAY upfront for NHS care amid crackdown on free treatment http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/763521/nhs-health-tourists-pay-free-treatment-crackdown

Most of the countries involved receive billions in Foreign Aid. It is surely not beyond the wit of man to ad up the amount that country owes and deduct it from next year’s handout.

Mass protest planned across Britain to demonstrate ‘contribution’ to UK

I’m really wound up about this 20 Feb’ march; My single relative worked for 55 years and had to go into a care home. His UK care home costs £800 a week, he had to be self-funding because he had a bank account and a house. His bank account has now gone in paying care fees, we must now sell his house to stop him falling into major care home debt. There are men from Poland, Rumania and Lithuania in his home. The care workers tell me the immigrants bring them over and claim “Destitute” to our local authority so the council pays the bills. Today while visiting I saw a white British girl care worker changing the nappy on a man from Warsaw who couldn’t speak a word of English. That girl, our “countryman” goes to work every day knowing she will be wiping the backsides of deceitful foreign thieves who steal thousands from our UK taxpayers.
Don’t be selling me any,”FOREIGN CONTRIBUTION.”

My daughter is one of four white British in a primary school class of 30 ! An ethnic minority in her own country. The Local Authority Ethnic Minority Support Service extract Asians,”Caribbeans”, immigrants, East Europeans, asylum seekers, refugees from class lessons for a total of 10 hours of one to one tuition a week, my white British daughter who struggles in some areas in a class of 30 obviously gets 2 minutes teacher attention in an hour – about 20 minutes a week to there 10 hours ! Also don’t give me “contribution”, Easy jet fly in here twice a week from Krakow to deliver East Europeans to her school for a free education, our parents outside the school gates call it, “The school run.”
The immigrant parents are there at 3.30 to collect the foreign kids, because they will only work 16 hours a week so it doesn’t stop their UK child benefit.

The study by Dustmann was full of flaws.

(1) it was taken from the British Labour Force Survey (LFS), of about 60,000 households in the UK, only about 0.2% of the UK population.

(2) The reliability of the data used by Dustmann and his researchers is highly questionable.

(3). It appears the researchers sought out data to ‘support’ a preconceived hypothesis, rather than (as scientifically/statistically accepted) setting up a null hypothesis and testing the data to a significant level!

Extracts from their study:-

1.1 in doing so accurately, however, requires detailed data in Government income and expenditure ***data that are not always available *** so it was guessed!

..it also requires that the researcher ***estimates*** the amount attributable to each individual or group of individuals.

…several conceptual issues must be addressed particularly in terms of the contributions of and expenditure on immigrants should be allocated…

Receipts on state benefits ***has only been available since 1998***…, housing data has been available much longer

Let’s havw some TRUTH here.
Many immigrants are given money AHEAD OF BRITS!


My uncle aged 93 was dragged across the floor by his hair into the shower- by his ‘carer’.
AN A FR I CAN Immigrant who te rro rized him.

the company was also run by a immigrant. sadly my uncle has now died.

Who do these people think they are ? where i live all the local people have lost their jobs to be replaced by immigrants. The local women used to work in the nursing homes looking after people they often knew, they were all sacked and replaced by eastern europeans with no qualifications or experience, and the old and often confused residents don’t understand why they no longer understand what is being said, as they speak to each other in their own language..
All the new houses being built are for them, there are whole estates in Weston Super Mare populated entirely by migrants who have bought their homes on the government help to buy scheme which is run with our tax payer money.
I have no time for people who abandon their children and elderly relatives in their own country to come here.

Most Lincolnshire towns are now unsafe because of the violent criminal gangs that control migrant workers. They have taken over large areas of our towns. Our politicians should hang their heads in shame. We should be planning to give them work visas, not giving them citizenship.

EUbanker-political super failure state
I bet George Soros is paying for this. It is estimated that he is behind numerous organisations that promote Muslim immigration and Left Wing demonstrations against the West. WHY are these people doing this? There is NO Muslim ban in the UK. As to the woman being insulted for wearing an EU. T shirt, I used to sometimes get racial abuse when I lived in Glasgow (I am English). I found it amusing and would simply give it back to what ever cretin was dishing it out. It is crazy that in our own country, those of us who dare to say we are sick of seeing our cities and towns full of mosques and a growing Muslim population, are then damned as, ‘Racists’. Of course we appreciate Muslims who integrate and work but too many Muslim communities aren’t and have turned into ghettos. The same is true of areas in London and the Midlands with large black populations. Most of their young men prefer to be in black gangs, each with its own, ‘territory’. We used to see this in America and now it is everywhere in the West. How many of the Luvvy brigade who want endless immigration have ever lived in a Muslim area? I did, for 13 years, and sadly there was no integration. The Mosque a few doors down was bursting with young Muslim men on prayer days. The women barely went out, apart from getting food supplies. It was another world.

How about the truth now?
Britain is more deeply divided, racist, and angry since mass migration. If anything Brexit has lifted the country’s mood.

We need to face a politically incorrect reality. Homogeneous society equals peace, security, safety and ultimately happiness. MuIticuItural society equals incompatibility, conflict and unhappiness. The more cultures you add to the mix, the greater the number of people and the further they were previously separated (in time and distance), the worse things become.

A nation can tolerate small numbers without changing its core culture, what it can’t survive is conquest by womb.

When they allowed planning permission for the first Mosque to be built in the UK, that was the beginning of the end for us. They don’t try to integrate with us, people like Allen, Geldof and Farron come out with the same old crap, but I would pay for them to come and live for a month in the Alum Rock, Ward End ect areas of Birmingham. When I was a child in the early Sixties, my Mom and Dad would take me to see my Aunts, Uncles and Cousins in these areas, we would play in the streets, not a care in the world, now, I wouldn’t drive down the Alum Rock Road now unless I had someone on the back seat riding Shotgun. These areas have been decimated in my lifetime.

I’m English, have to do whatever I am told to do, do not belong to a union, have no hard and fast job description, can’t take lunch if I’m busy and have to work late unpaid if I am given work at the last minute – I’m a secretary. I also am tired of dealing with people over the phone who can barely speak my language. The lefties and employers are always bleating that we “need” migrants – we don’t. Too many lowpaid migrant workers suppress wages for everyone else. Why is it considered a God-given right for everyone to come here from all over the world and demand jobs, housing, healthcare, a certain standard of life from us that our forefathers have sweated to build for future generations? What about building up their own countries? No, going to an already-established nation that is full of self-loathing lefties is what they want.

It’s awful to say this, my husband went to pick up a friend at a big famous hospital that specialises in heart and transplants today, fortunately our friend only had a small op, but there was a Polish man in there needing a heart transplant ? His heart is knackered through smoking ? No doubt he will get the care he needs here, but many of our own indigenous folk will miss out on medical care. It doesn’t seem right to me.

Migrant gang ‘burn down women’s centre’ just WEEKS after it opened
ONE MILLION more migrants to land in UK before Brexit unless May acts NOW, Brexiteer says

What concerns me deeply is the type of EU immigrants that will make their way here if we do not take control of the Draw Bridge that leads to the promised land, and a good life on welfare handouts with free healthcare and social housing, etc…

Many of the European nations are collapsing as it is, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, etc… all heading for total collapse, or deep recession, which will last years. Even the wealthier nations are now also struggling to cope, such as Germany and France.

Then there are the begging bowl former Communist Eastern block nations, most of whom are very impoverished with high unemployment. Their people have already made there way across to the UK as it is in their thousands. Many more of these scavengers will invade before we finally take back control, especially if they are permitted to use the “I have already got family living here excuse” to get in.

Personally I believe this excuse must now be binned. It should not be an automatic right to gain entry to a foreign Country just because you have existing family living there. All requests to come to this overcrowded Country should be dealt with on individual merits only basis. If you have the skills required, education, and preferably a job already lined up, perhaps your request can be considered. However you must also have private health insurance for at least the first five years, the ability to support yourself and family totally, no criminal record, a good command of spoken English, and ideally NO INFECTIOUS DISEASE. It should never be a right to be let in just because you claim you have family though.

Then there is this to consider :-
Herr Merkel opened her trap and invited in the third world, who we know mainly consists of millions of mysogynist, inbred, brainwashed parasite Moslems, so sadly the population of Europe is no longer what it used to be. Therefore the UK will be flooded out too with many more of these these vile, aggressive, very primitive creatures, who frankly have no understanding, or even the ability to grasp what it means to be civilised, nor have they any intentions of respecting and accepting our way of life, customs, law and Christian religion, and especially that our women are entitled to be treated as equals in this part of the world.
Many of these invaders will not work, but will come here to freeload off our already over stretched welfare, healthcare and education systems, and don’t even get me started on what will happen to our already non existent housing stock.

Islam is a tyrannical, violence-ridden, misogynistic, socio-political ideology masquerading as a religion.

This so called “religion” is NOT A TRUE RELIGION :- Islam is a tyrannical, violence-ridden, misogynistic, socio-political ideology masquerading as a religion. It is also totally incompatible with ALL civilised Westernised Countries. Moslems have one agenda and that is to take over every Country they invade and subjugate the host population to their vile, barbarian 7th century, primitive way of living.

They are also incapable of supporting themselves, largely as a direct consequence of inbreeding which severely reduces their ability to that which is commonly described as “M o r a n” – Therefore they exist by parasiting off the welfare states of their victim host nations, bleeding them dry like a plague of Locusts.

They are brainwashed and totally intolerant of all other living beings, it would be far kinder to euthanise them all.

We must make a total break from the protectionist, corrupt, dictatorship EU NOW before its too late to save what remains of this already densley populated Island. Failure to do so will result in millions more immigrants making their way here, and the EU finally destroying what remains of the UK forever.

‘What’s there to be happy about?’ Iraqi refugee speaks of life in Europe after fleeing war
DER Comment: meteoric
15…….so that’s 37 then., islamic number system for taqqiya purposes.

“Project white genocide the dark agenda of Count Coudenhave Kalergi ”

Whites think for themselves, apparently, so the idea is to breed us out…in 2000 the EU UN estimated

Croydon tram crash: Two still trapped and 50 rushed to hospital after carriage overturns


Anti DM Dave
That’s New Addington (or little Siberia as it is/was known) but more than likely known as Eastern Europe Mk2 cut off from civilisation for a while.

5 November 2016
Italian police tortured and abused migrants who refused to be fingerprinted, Amnesty report claims

“People, often exhausted and traumatized from their journeys and without access to adequate information or advice on asylum procedures, have to answer questions with potentially profound implications for their futures,” it said. Oh dear what a shame! No one asked them to make the journey, maybe they should have made sure they the information they needed before they set sail for their handouts! I do not believe a word of what they say, they all lie to get attention.

Thu, Nov 3, 2016
ICYMI: We are all members of the Alt Right now — Hillary and the hoax of white racism


DER Comment: robinhoodlegend
Sweden has been infested with the likes of Barbra Specter…the elites started with the softest target and where the lightest race of people lived (kalergi plan), however inter-racial relationships have not been as successful as they would like so now they are trying to force the issue…when Merkel and May said multiculturalism had failed this is what they meant….(not as some thought great stop 3rd world immigration)…there words are chosen carefully….clever stuff. Have a listen to Sarkozy back in 2008….he openly states that for peace in Europe….Europeans must breed with other races and if they did not volunteer then more cohesive measures would be taken… (surely we should all be able to mate with who we want to whatever our colour/race…wheres the human rights there) If you would have told me this 2 years ago I would have struggled to believe you but the evidence is now becoming overwhelming when you start to piece the jigsaw together….lies…lies….lies, now hundreds of thousands of people are aware that Europeans are being displaced and replaced….western leaders will continue to bash the white male …white supremacy, white privilege, only whites can be racist, nazi…blah blah….why then does everybody want to come to Europe if white people are so bad?….there is going to be chaos…then will come ‘order out of chaos’ tried and tested over many years….Merkel and co have now imported w ar…..they bomb the cr@p out of mus lim countries creating extremist groups and use them as tools for change...they want our money and our democracy...this will keep them in power….why do you think they love Is lam?...political Is lam will be used to control the masses that’s why there importing it wholesale (listen to Federica head of EU security last June stating political Is lam should be part of Europe)….There is no common sense politics anymore…..the agenda will be kept to whether you like it or not……..don’t be fooled these leaders have access to sociological experts they know what they are doing.

‘In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way’. Franklin D. Roosevelt


“Russia does not need Muslim minorities. Minorities
need Russia, and we will not grant them special privileges,
or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter
how loud they yell ‘discrimination’. We will not
tolerate disrespect of our Russian culture.
We better learn from the suicides of America ,
England, Holland and France , if we are to
survive as a nation. The Muslims are taking over those
countries, and they will not take over Russia. The Russian
customs and traditions are not compatible with the
lack of culture or the primitive ways of Sharia Law and

Vladimir Putin.

29 October 2016
EU REFUSES to send officials to ‘dangerous’ Greek islands despite migrant promise

26 October 2016
Somalian rapist in Aberdeen branded a “danger to the community” wins human rights battle to stay in UK
22 October 2016
Girls ‘ferried for sex at Kurdish car wash’, children’s charity Barnardo’s claims

It’s a betrayal of the British people. Every person i”ve spoken to and every thing i’ve read tells me that a huge majority of the people living on this island wants controlled immigration. They want the skilled people with so much to offer. They want immigrants who will integrate and to love their new country. What is wrong with that?? Does that sensible opinion make every single person a racist?? No…it just makes them realists. Anyone wanting this tiny island to take in the world’s economic migrants is deluded and dangerous. There simply isn’t the room, money, infrastructure or services and nor will there ever be. The population is increasing beyond natural capacity. We just can not sustain this. By bending over backwards for the recent immigrants because of our fear of being called racist, millions around the world want everything given to them for free too. They don’t want to work hard and build their own country!! Too much for them. Why not come to the UK and get everything handed to them.

This will end only one way now i’m afraid. It’s gone to far. And when the next terrorist atrocity is committed here in the UK, the land of milk and honey will turn very nasty indeed. The liberal numpties will be too busy running away to scream their favourite word.


One world governance and the council of foreign relations
And watch
The endgame white genocide
And read
The dark agenda of Count Coudenhave Kalergi plan white genocide by design

You might like to read
Christian girls are meant for only one thing….the pleasure of Muslim men.
Migrants are an underground army.
UN supplying invasion of Europe
Refugees or an occupation army?

DER Comment: Fizz
Look at Dubs background…his real homeland, beginning with I, has not taken a single refugee. Their PM has even built a wall to keep out the wild beasts, as he called them. Check it out for yourself. Nothing about it in the press, because they control the press…watch

Thanx jewelry

In his homeland, they are even doing DNA tests on newcomers to keep their bloodline pure.His people all over the world are telling us we must take in more and more.. Look up Peter Sutherland of the UN and read

UN supplying invasion of Europe

We heard it recently from a former well known politician now running a charity across the pond.

If you have read
“The dark agenda of Count Coudenhave Kalergi plan white genocide by design ”

You will know more than many in this country. That is what these refugees in Europe are all about…

As I see it, Dubs has a funny way of showing his appreciation to the people of this country. He is deliberately aiding and abetting the destruction of it.

There are many of similar ilk now in top positions, particularly legal and parliamentary. I would be very surprised if the recent court action against Brexit does not win, even on appeal…

To see the reaction of Brexit from another well known member of the House of Lords, read

The wandering jewelry
Make adjustments again 😉

Wanting to see more of the agenda? Will try to put details below…and escape green line
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8 hours ago
Have a look at

Wedding name link up disasters

For a good laugh…lots of really serious stuff as well …

SWEDEN – The self destruction of a Liberal Nation (Warning to American)

21 October 2016

16 October 2016
Rape in Kent- police arrested two 16-year-old boys and an 18-year-old man.

Comments Unavailable.

Squalor on the streets of Paris as migrants turn capital into ‘APOCALYPSE’



These boys, in their teens, are on their way to join relatives in Britain. Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to ascertain the exact ages of child migrants Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3836058/Britain-come-Child-migrants-pose-selfies-prepare-leave-Calais-UK-ahead-Jungle-camp-s-demolition.html#ixzz4N9fLgPj5 Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

The 400 ”Children” Rudd Is Taking


DER Comment: GaryAronsson
They say that people who don’t learn from history are forced to repeat it. Well we will be repeating the 1930’s and everything that went with it, and between ourselves I can’t wait to see it happen because THIS TIME we will finally get to clean house and erase all those who have tried to destroy us.Anyone who fantasises that the entire population of Europe will simply bend over and take one for the team just to please the Ruling Elite is in for a great big surprise, and it won’t be a pleasant one!

I just returned from northern Italy and the numbers of young men loitering around in Genoa was very intimidating. In the richer areas, the africans were begging. These people will be a strain on the country and will not be delivering the workforce some countries like Germany are looking for

Why are all migrants men or male late teens pretending to be “children”? Why can’t any politician see the future implications of this imbalance?

Even the Greeks have forgotten the Trojan horse.

Was just in London a few weeks ago. Funny, I thought Marylebone was relatively not too bad. Try Pond Street in Hampstead near The Royal Free Hospital.The whole area looks like Mogadishu now. I’m sure the free healthcare we provide to the entire planet has nothing to do with it.

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Banglatown, look it up on A-Z of London, it is in the area of Tower Hamlets. Need I say more. Seriously the area has been officially renamed on the map. You can deduce the inhabitants of that area yourself I am sure.

15 October 2016
‘Shocked’ EU migrants living in the UK launch campaign to hit back at ‘hard Brexit’


Something You’ve Never Seen Is Happening in Europe!! | ‘Migrant Crisis’ | ‘WW3’ | ‘Hillary Clinton’

Woman stabbed to death working at child refugee centre as migrant, ”15”, arrested

DER Comment: ”We all know something extremely weird and odd is going on here. I have recently retired from a career in mental health working mainly in social services and the NHS. I can tell you this, both services are now running on fumes. I know personally and all my friends and colleagues say the same- they do not understand why we are taking in people with no economic value whatsoever. Many are dysfunctional, many bring dangerous diseases and for some extremely strange reason we will leave our own poor homeless and give these people the best. The country is totally and absolutely flat broke and now a recession of epic proportions approaches. A large proportion of the population are asleep watching the soaps, and another large part are held hypnotized in the the spell of the PC virus.

Around us crime grows, our children are at risk and being molested all over the country on an industrial scale. Those who do not understand what is going on are confused and frightened. The media now are total spin and promote the narrative. We are now surrounded on every side by traitors. Our civic, media and judicial system have been infected with the disciples of the Marxist creed, political correctness. This was done by 13 years of the TROJAN horse New Labour. A party riven with perverts, vindictive g..ays and marxists.

Those who are in the know, know what is coming. We find ourselves in the middle of another maniacal failing Marxist project and the Left are moving fast now, as the right rises at break neck speed all across Europe. The r…efugees were brought in to distract and occupy us and to play the oldest game in history, DIVIDE AND CONQUER”

Large parts of white European society now are totally incapable of defending themselves and have been pacified by years of exposure to feminism, white guilt and all the other brain washing subversion poured down their throats in school and at universities by the lefties.

Diversity and Equality is totally destroying the cohesion and moral fabric of the nation and it creates weakness within and takes away our ability to be assertive with minority groups. We are no longer allowed by law to defend moral values, question ethnic issues or challenge anything that goes against the narrative. It is sowing confusion, frustration and disorientation and while we are confused more “strangers” are poured in and close in on us.

The nation state and culture are being attacked whole sale with the law, idealogical subversion and the use of mass m..igration. This is what Marxists do. They have these crazy schemes. And every time they have come to power, they fail and leave hundreds of millions dead and then they run off with billions of pounds.

You see before your very eyes now that the Marxists have now broken cover and they have broken cover because they are losing and now will try every dirty and violent trick in the book, including murder and intimation to hold on. We can see that happening now. Left wing Anarchists from Britain led the demonstrations in Calais at the week end.

It is Cologne that is the water shed moment, and all the other massive crimes happening all over Europe. Germany especially is waking up from its “Welcoming Party” hysteria. And now they know what they have done.

No Marxist project has ever NOT created massive civil unrest. And we see this happening now. Marxists are insidious opportunists and will ferment and stir trouble to distract. They plan now for white Europe to turn on the “newcomers” and whilst distracted they will move in. But they will lose, but millions will and are going to die. They have moved too early and the right rises at break neck speed now. As the “attacks” on f..males go on the PC spell will be broke. The eastern bloc are totally NON PC and are pulling away from Europe. They want now only the money. We now have a total divide in Europe. A massive polarisation of attitude, so conflict is inevitable.


Watch for the a state of emergency being declared. France had already declared it. More to come.”

GW: ”15” Eh. Don’t believe it. Sorry.

Same Poster as Above: ”The Marxists have this automatic assumption that people like me somehow back them. My family are British born Christian Yemenis, white mother, Muslim Yemeni father. Came here during the war. We are totally integrated and the colour has now almost gone in current generations. Many are totally white but have foreign surnames.

We were screaming at our MPs when we saw these mad “Welcome Parties” in Germany. We grew up with M..uslims. So we know them. We knew they would be mass r..ape and g…ang r..ape. I as a former mental health professional have been dealing m..uslim grooming for years. No one would listen because of the PC thing and so many went to the media years ago, but they wouldn’t listen either. I had two friends who were sacked for complaining. They were accused of racism.

Many mixed race blacks I know and many in my family are against Europe and this mass migration. The left have this idea mixed race and British blacks are on their side. WE ARE NOT.

Many of us were born dirt poor in the 1950s and thanks to Britain we have done well. Yes there was racism and we fought each other and after the fight we got up shook hands and win or lose, we had mutual respect. RESPECT EARNED. NOT GIVEN BY LAW.

Nobody gave us anything, just as no one gave the white poor anything, we worked for it, and we too are angry and resentful our taxes are not going to our own British people.

”All I can say is I try and some of us are now pursuing MPs and journalists mainly by phone. The media is useless but the terrible truth is slowly coming out and awakening is taking place. I came to a conclusion some years ago as a mental health professional. And many of my colleagues agree with it. It this, and it is very simple and true.


Suffering wakes you up. All those Cologne girls will now have woken up and now realise that all these refugees are NOT “poor little woolly vulnerable lambs. BUT smiling wolves.”

Unfortunately there is mass suffering needed before more are cured and assertiveness returns. When assertiveness does return, it will return with savagery. And before this is over many of us will have been forced to become murderers and mass murderers, including myself and you.

Good luck and take care of your families. The government and the Police are now our enemies. If I get caught up in what is to come. I intend to ensure that my local politicians will be my first port of call, before anyone else. My family and friends you might say, have a plan and list of priorities. I suggest you all do the same.”