William, King of the New World Order

27 February 2020

Beatrice Di
Of course there is not a Archie. But Most peoples believe otherwise. Do you ever believe. Sherlock. That the truth will prevail. About Archie. ?? Like always. Thank you.

Debbie Kallin
We are raising our consciousness; people are waking up. many are starseeds; there will be a separation of the wheat and the chaff, there is a spiritual ascension occuring. I understand that the dark has been here for eons not just happening now…The light is pouring in; we have a bright future. Choose your timeline. This is the final battle; Covfefe – in the end we win!!

Karen Henline
Amen and Amen

Karen Henline
WE are the ones we’ve been waiting for. WE are the change we seek. Jesus, the Christ , said.. “Greater things than I, shall you do , if you but believe.” This time, WE are the Christ. The second coming is a great wave of Beings . This is what Jesus the Christ came to teach. Not to worship Him…to gani salvation outside ourselves.. But to follow him…and learn from the Master. Those who are ascending at this time..know these truths on a very deep level. Opening our eyes, tells us.. We are NOT being brainwashed.

Debbie Kallin
I AM you, You are Me. There is NO separation. The Kingdom of God is your Right mind. ThE Ego mind is the trickster. The thinking of anything makes it so. BE vigilant with your thoughts..WE are ONE. The split mind is becoming Whole; Holy. Nothing real can be threatened, Nothing unreal exists. Therein lies the peace of God.

Paula Martin
Oh Nichola take care ….. This does not surprise me as it seems it’s a merry go round …. KEEP SAFE NICHOLA

Karen Henline
Heres the thing. There is a lot to study and learn here. This reading accurately describes one time line....the timeline pushed by the luciferian agenda. There isnt room here to teach or explain all the nuances… Each must study that on their own, in their own divine timing. The timeline of events that Sherlock has shown in her reading have been seen by many Lightbeings over the last 30 years. The work of the Light, in the last 30 years….and longer…has been to guide humanity toward another timeline..another future..a potential that all great seers have known about. The Luciferians also know. They are taught from the earlieat years about their agenda. We, on the other hand, have to ‘discover’ the lies and deceptions we have lived under at the clever hands of the Luciferians…by our own agreement to be tested for our abilities to hear our own truth..walk our own truth, and awaken to the sovereign I Am Presence within. All are playing their parts in these end times of the game. The Luciferians are. The Christed Beings are. We have the opportunity now to open our eyes and see the entire ‘set up’ of Christ vs Anti Christ… And see the players on the world stage for what they really are ! Actors in the end times drama.! The choice is ours. It always was ! We can choose the timeline potential of the Light…all we have to do is focus there… Or…we can delve into the depths of the fear illusion the Luciferians .(.yes…the Royal Family is part of that…but really..only a small part. They take orders from above…from THEIRA god...they are not sovereign in any spiritual truth of the word ! Not in the greater reality of Spirit !) We are the sovereign ones, if only we will wake up and smell the coffee, so to speak ! Seeing the truth beneath the illusions should not scare anyone. It is the first step in learning discernment. And discernment is an important tool as we traverse this tricky terrain to the golden age of love. And make no mistake, folks. Thats where we are going ! The amount of Light anchored here on Earth has reached the neccessary minimum. See these dark ones for what they are. But NEVER forget your own Light. We belong to the Light. And all is well.

Karen Ax
Hi, don’t leave. Take a break, relax, pamper yourself and your family, then come back refreshed. God bless you.

mature audience
The EU was the first stage of the NWO (pulling all the countries, eventually, under one government so the AntiChrist could reign) But the countries are rebelling and pulling out. The Global Government plan is falling apart. The Pope, who thinks himself the Biblical False Prophet, has been exposed and is reviled by members of his own church and fearing removal. YOU JUST HAD BREXIT!! Look at France and the rebellion! Look at Italy with Salvini! Look at America with Trump! Look at India with Modi! Look at Hungary with Viktor Orban! It’s the Time of The Great Awakening, the Satya Yuga! The Dark Side has lost! It is being exposed and will pass away. You’ve been staring into the Dark too long, Turn back and face the Light!

Kat-ties Angels
Yes, I believe the Royals will be disbanded and fall as they should. !!! don’t focus on the dark to give it power. FOCUS ON THE LIGHT!!!

carla digrugilliers
I found doing my cards and it’s about the Royals that the Energy is so Heavy. It’s so dark. Light 💡 will prevail. That’s why we are here spreading goodness & light.

Manuela Forster
The Monarchy will definitely end. There is 600 year long astrological cycle which is going to end and connected to the RF.

Judy P. Looney
Nicola because of your courage reporting the dark truthfully, people have been able to remove the Vail from their eyes and see truth. It is truly heartbreaking. The world is changing and true evil exposed. Pray for the children to be saved and ALL who have harmed them exposed. Your gifts are helping us see what has been happening in front of us while we were blinded. Thank you so much. When we stand together we are strong. May God protect and keep you.

Rachel Mayes
It’s amazing how such a small handful of people can orchestrate the future of the planet. This really worries me, for my children, and family. I’ve been listening to David Icke, and Richard Hall this morning. It’s amazing how much the news is false, to brainwash us, and make us believe in rubbish. It’s very depressing, as who knows where we go from here? I’m now going to keep away from the news, and concentrate on my family. Good bless everybody, and thank you Nicola for educating us. Love you all 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

Wanda Ashley
I do not listen to news much either except for weather… It totally makes me mad as crap, and then I get upset with myself and cry.I cry for all the innocent babies, kids, girls, boys, men and women that were used and abused and ultimately died from these evil forces….I guess our fate was planned since the beginning of time… so It will happen when God is fed up . With all the evil. I am a child of God. And I must Trust in him for a better eternity. Love, prayers and blessing of lughts forever. Jane

Jenny Zayn
Don’t give up your role is important. You’ve been enlightened and it’s been a shock. You cannot stop what the cards show even if you throw dark cards on any future topic it will happen you cannot escape that. Your role is to bring the messages to people’s awareness whether they agree or not. Many still need to research themselves for the answers we all align with. It is out there for all to research themselves. Sending you healing light, love & a hug from fellow lightworker❤️

Wee Scottish Reborn Mummy
My Tarot readings also say there is NO REAL baby A , it’s an illusion to distract us from P. Andrew .

Kat-ties Angels
My messenger was a lone seagull, flying around my apt window. It symbolized me being on the journey alone, but, as the Lirian I AM there was no-one in front of me, but again, so many followed in the golden footprints on our way home1 THANK YOU, Kat

Emm mi
Baba Vanga predicted that the monarchy would end with William, he will be king in name only.

William will be a puppet King for the NWO.

Debbie Kallin
@Marigold not in my timeline! Linear thinking is not useful, we are in a quantum reality!!

Tiny Dancer
@leahs nan Quantum is time travel. Linear is here and now. Aliens are on board. It sounds crazy but the sound barrier has been broken, possibly, time as well.

Lily Dragonfly
Also prophecy this is the last pope and last Dalai Lama and as u say William last king. William is King Arthur returned to restore Britain to its true place as the original Holy Land. With respect Nichola I must disagree with u. God bless yr endeavours.

niks gee
@Marigold probably true. Why he has met with Tony Blair etc

carol orsmond
I salute you Warrior Woman, I believe your being protected; but in any case it looks like many of us are being called to polarise into the Light and fight to the death for our truth & light; more vital to save our souls..Thankyou for your courage & valour; your words reached me to the core. My biggest fear is the lack of unity amongst Lightworkers..😢 All arguing that their truth is the only truth & getting agressive which the dark forces laugh up their sleeve at; especially the hard core types bashing their “truths” instead of giving Love & Light..Ive experienced this at all levels. If you leave now I respect that because your being guided by Spirit. One small question: could you tell us more re those who have passed recently? Since Dec/Jan 2020? God Is Love and we love you💞💖💜💛💚❤💙❤❤❤💜💛💚💖

Marsha Dufresne
Please do not be so sad, I am truly sorry that the results have been so dark for you. But darkness cannot reign where there is light. It is our job to send out the light, to send out protection to others and for ourselves. Darkness can only thrive if we allow it. We must push it back with light and with love. I do not believe that you should get discouraged or give up. Take a look inside and maybe you will see , your focus moving forward is to teach love and light, how to push back darkness. More people are awakening that is what the New World Order is afraid of. If too many people awaken it will not be possible for them to do their work. So we must all ban together, light will always diminish darkness. My suggestion, even if not wanted, is like I said change focus now light will bring them down. Maybe it is now your job to teach that. Bless you.

Karen Baird
I truly hope you are using some protection, you are messing with powerful people…worried for you

Agreed! Be careful.

Justann Okie
Yes Nicola use protection. You must take care.

Exactly! You really need to burn some sage and light white candles. I don’t think you’ve been doing this at all. Do you have a what we call a ‘P.O. BOX? that is separate from your home where someone can send you something? As I don’t think you have Native American sage over there ~ must be Native American.

Truth is my radar
Remember the rosemary’s baby dress Catherine wore 🤔

Lynn Cuthbert
@Truth is my radar ….yes she is playing along….MTF.  Diana wore a red dress.

Truth is my radar
@avi mae satanic bloodline? I just wonder if they are here to expose or push forward something else?

Peta Ribbon
That’s is spun right out Open your eyes everyone and Smell the Roses 🌹 I have faith hope and love in a lord Jesus Christ thanks again for everything Sherlock Holmes loved listening to you

Charmed For Sure
Thank you for your honesty..these are the signs of the time. Get “WOKE” y’all!

Wee Scottish Reborn Mummy
On another Tarot site I was saddened to see the reader would rather put down David Icke than face the evil truth .  GW: Tarot can be beguiling.

Wanda Ashley

Josephine Velázquez
Thank you for exploring the dark side of this topic. The majority of people focus on what they are seeing and it is the unseen that is the most insidious. Please continue to go where no one else is brave to go. Thank you Nicola.

Lady Montfort EL
#Yes alkaline water is key, use thyme or lemon or Moringa light green powder to purify it.

Lady Montfort EL
#We win in the End . . .never lose your faith

Gage Allen
Covfefe = In The End We WIN!

Margaret Thompson
Sherlock Tarot…I can tell this is affecting you very deeply…I know how disappointed you may feel…I want you to surround yourself in light because as an intuitive yourself, you have to take care of yourself, because our feelings can go really deep. I am sending you my prayers, angels and light to protect you…Keep the faith…take care of yourself, not only psychically, but mentally and especially spiritually…just really know we care and love you…we are all warriors in this battle of darkness on the earth and as a group will keep shining our light on the truth…We have to keep sharing what we intuitively feel to others…Ever since my husband died, I have shared some of my thoughts about the darkness I feel, not only in my country but also your country, with my close family and friends…Now they are not only feeling what I feel but they are now sensing it also. This is a battle of good versus evil...and we know that good will prevail in the end…Do whatever you need to do to heal during this time, just know that you are not alone (not even in your intuitive thoughts)…your tribe is here for you, no matter what…sending you LOVE and BLESSINGS!

Lynsey Baird
Thank you Nichola, wonderful reading as usual. Whenever I see a robin, I will thank God for your gift. I was in an an abusive marriage for a long time and also had an abusive mother, Mm has always given me the same feelings I had when I had those people in my life. I have always known she has had a purpose in this so called marriage. There is no way they would have been allowed to marry unless there was an agenda. I have said this many times but no one really believed me. Reading about her has been stressful for me because of this so I am stopping now as I agree with everything you have read about how we are being brainwashed. The other day, I had a notification from my online newspaper and I had a really bad feeling it was going to be something terrible about Catherine so was almost scared to open it, it wasn’t but I still have that feeling which worries me,( I share my birthday with her, but am older!) It reminded me of Diana. p.s I have never, ever believed there was an Archie.

leahs nan
NICHOLA do a reading on how lightworkers can move forward. What path to take going forward

Judy Biddulph
Have you heard of Cosmic Agency channel. It is direct internet chats with the Taygetans from the Pleiades ship pilots. They describe our planet and the control from the kabal etc, and tell us what to do. We have to keep our vibrations high.

leahs nan
@Judy Biddulph no Judy I have not but I will check it out.. Thank you 💕

Lala Z
Nicola, please don’t leave! I have followed you from the beginning and have seen you evolve. It has been tremendously important for so many of us to have someone like you in our lives. You are so brave. We need you to continue on this path if you can. Sending much love and appreciation from Texas! Take care and stay blessed 🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼

mary hartsdale
Dear Nichola: Thank you for your beautiful and brave reading. Yes, it is time to stop deep diving. There is no more to be said. And thank you as well, for focusing on the light, and for encouraging us all to join together, face the NWO force with all our might – and hold on to our faith. God bless you and protect you! We must not allow ourselves to be confused, gaslighted, deceived, demoralized and defeated, anymore. All these ridiculous stories in the DM and elsewhere are just draining, distracting, and numbing to the psyche while they move the goal posts. We need to snap out of our trance, and stop being the sheeple they think we are. That is what we did at the time of the American Revolution, and the NWO has been “hell”-bent on destroying America and the US Constitution, ever since. There is no greater proof of the rise of Satanic forces than the entire Democrat Party in the US requiring the “right” for a mother to commit the murder of her own late-term baby in her womb, as well as after-birth infanticide – as if it is a “sacrament”. And this is exactly what the Satanists do. They search for the newest born baby to sacrifice it in their rituals. Such a political position would have been considered insane only 4 years ago – but this Satanic spirit is trying to normalize evil and make it not only acceptable, but celebrated, while trying to force us to accept the perverted belief that that what is good – is abnormal and bad. This Satanism must be opposed with all our minds, hearts, souls, bodies, and wills. And yes, many of us like you have been demonically attacked, but very few have persevered, as you have. We must, as you say, pull the arrows of wounding and betrayal out of our hearts and backs, and – with the shield of our faith and the sword of truth – join to vanquish this enemy of humanity, compassion, love and life. We are ALL EQUAL and made in the image and likeness of God – and we must never give up, and never give in. And we must never forget that Almighty God and his angels are far more powerful than the forces of darkness, and the light is stronger than the darkness. This is what every exorcist knows.

Ellen McAleese
Hi Nicola, I have been following your channel since you started doing readings on MM & PH. Her arrival into the RF and their reluctance to reign in her provocative behaviour has never made sense. I knew there had to be a hidden agenda because the BRF have the power to shut down a 2 bit actress in one swoop. And yet they allow her to continue making a mockery of them because the MM narrative is serving their interest. Your readings have led us to view the MM issue as part of a bigger picture. I am enjoying the journey with you, thank you.

Marie Theresa Hughes
Hi Nichola 💚 💜the ELITE have dominated things for too long, change is coming 😞
20 hours ago (edited)17

Dawn Archer
Hello Dear Nicola. I’ve just made my coffee to sit and listen to your reading. OMG thank you for your warning. I was sat with my husband the other day and said to him how bad i thought this world was. I told him i wish i could have a little house somewhere with no one around us just in the middle of know where with fields for miles. No one has any respect of each other anymore its all greed and hate. I’m glad I’m 63 years old i wouldn’t want to be my grandchildren in the world that’s going to be.i heartbroken to see you leave Nicola you have been a ray of sunshine and you have put yourself in a very deep place just to tell us Watson’s the truth of the Royal family. I hope you do come back one day and read to us maybe on the celebrities i would love a reading on Whitney Houston. Anyway Nicola i would like to thank you for being a wonderful friend to me. God bless you my lovely take care much love your way Dawn xxxxx🙋‍♀️❤❤❤😙😙🌹🌹🌹

Lorraine Marson
Sherlock are you sure your not seeing Harry in those cards starting his separate court in America to belittle his brothers power???

Aline Lee Ying
In a previous reading, I commented that the royal family would become even more insular (due to the antics of those two and Andrew). If I remember correctly, you replied that William and Catherine would save the monarchy. Your reading today sounded very… desolate. Do you believe PW will no longer save the monarchy, especially if he is the anti-Ch—-? Why wouldn’t he want George and any potential grandchild to continue with the crown? Or, are there forces inside and outside of the monarchy who want to end it? I hope you take care of yourself.

Denny McAllister
I send you light and love. I feel your pain and I too have such uneasy feelings about the future. Surely good can conquer evil, I for one pray it does. Prince Charles has escaped death on more than one occasion, I never thought or think he will king. Smoke and mirrors was the visit to MI5 make it public so the peasants can satisfy their conspiracy theories. Car crash, boat or air accident will follow. Those in the know fearful to speak. Look after yourself and stay safex

We are the resistance. Eyes on the Truth and Hearts wide open!!! 👍🏻

Some people believe that the return of Christ will be a false flag event orchestrated by the elite. They will stage either alien visitation (to give a common enemy and unite people, aka globalism) or the return of Christ (which would give one World religion). Neither will be real but the public will believe it is. Google “PROJECT BLUE BEAM”

Leila Wright
Dear Sherlock. I have been following David Icke since 1990’s when he was ‘awakened’ and pretty much a laughing stock but people are believing him now. He has written about the royal family for years and years. What you are seeing isn’t new and most people already know about it. But do you know why nothing changes. Because England prefers to have a royal family as head of state. It gives them prestige, richness, greatness. Rather than just having a president figure. It makes Britain different. Elite, special, etc. Now if the royal family are brought down. This is why it has always been left alone. We would have a presidency type head of state. Which in our country would be parliament. Do not be mistaken that bringing down the Royal Family will change anything. Westminster is the full of Satanists and paedophilia. Every powerful entity in the world is full of this corrupt and perverse cult leading and running everything. Do not be fooled that by removing the RF something wonderful will happen. It won’t. We will just be lead by another body of the NWO, even more corrupt and perverse and what makes Britain Great and different in the eyes of the world is our RF. Please do not think you are bringing new news to the world. It’s out there and has been for years and years, decades and decades. My worry is for your well being. You have often pulled back and said I’m not going down that rabbit hole. You were right to do so. There are people with much bigger platforms spreading this story and have been for years. But underneath it all we ignore it because having the RF is better than having a presidency, who is just as immoral and corrupt if not more. Without all our pomp and ceremony and world wide interest. The thing that makes us different from the world. Please, please hold back on this. I know you have been awakened to it all the nastiness. It’s not easy to process. But for your own health, and psychological wellbeing – don’t go there. Other people are doing that job and like I said. Ultimately people stick with it as it’s better the devil you know. I truly believe William and Kate have not and will not be like this and will break the mold. We must hold out for them. I believe they are innocent. Take good care of yourself. This isn’t your responsibility and you do not want to damage your health. Rest assured it has already been told. We all know already. Think of you and your circumstances and can you really afford to go somewhere you are not equipped to deal with. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

libramoon2 W
Perhaps she was, unknowingly, a surrogate carrying William. She went thro’ some odd rituals and treatment.

I see clearly now! It’s what I’ve been feeling too! 😥 Thank you Nicola! 🙏 💜💕💜💕🙏 love and light 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

thank you so much for all your time and efforts in every way possible . that is really , deeply fascinating about William . all the very , very best , Nicola . i believe there’a battle Spiritually on planet Earth . lots of love to you , i’ll see if my gmail problem is fixed , i’m desperate for a Reading . many of my previously very healthy family have died early in the last 15 years . so true . 5G is terrible . we can buy anti radiation curtains and paint . use Homeopathic EMF . Use Sepia if you’re going through the Menopause or call Ainsworths in London … they ‘ve helped me 100% . All the very best xxxxxxxxxxxxx.

Alexis Mahon
Put on the full armor of God, keep your eyes on the light! Ask your guides, and the powerful Arch Angels to protect you. Where we go one we go All. You are not alone. ❤️

Lynn Cuthbert
Illuminati…in full view!! Well done Sherlock…👏🏼🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

Glenda Sabo
Why do you think the queen never let Charles be king? They had to wait on Will I. Am. To be born. Diana knew the truth. Why do you think she was taken out. Remember the story of how she said she was a virgin and they did things to her before. And when Charles wanted a daughter. Meghan ….. Just keep searching. There is more to tell beyond this point. It may be dark but out of darkness comes light.

Bossy InCharge
The anti christ is fom the middle East…… He imitates all that is Christ... That’s how he deceives…. He knows the bible better than we do.…thats our downfall….. Neither William nor Harry is the anti Christ for goodness sakes…… Read your bible….. It’s all there

Ulrike Balam
Take care….Blessings..Love &Light. For you..🙏💫🙏👏👍👼👏💫💟

Lady Montfort EL
The NWO have evicted me twice, publicly hazed me I am still sleeping on my mum’s sofa wiv my three children whom I home educate, I have met the Messiah in his current disguise and I know who he is on the World Stage, I am a warrior for his cause and I have caused great destruction to usher in the day of The Lord True Messiah! They turned everyone against me and sectioned me in hospital, but now tables have turned and I know how to fight them properly in the spirit, it’s all done in the spirit.

I doubt very much that the New World Order will prevail. The Illuminati are scrambling to survive. Once the Federal Reserve Banking System has been dismantled (which JFK tried and Trump is trying again), and a new system has been put into place without any Fiat money, the NWO is done. For years there has been talk that William is the anti-Christ, likewise Harry according to Gematria calculations. The Beast is the Federal Reserve Banking System that has enslaved us for centuries by applying the fractional banking reserve system (interest on interest) which Trump, Q and the Patriots are quietly dismantling behind the scenes. One recent event, namely BREXIT, is already an indication that there won’t be a One World government, quite the opposite! A dismantling of the EU is not far. You have to remember that more and more people are waking up and they will no longer allow the 1% Elite (to which the Monarchy belongs to) to rule over them. We are strong in numbers and if we do not give in to their demands like being chipped, following a one World religion etc., they won’t be able to do anything. And not to forget Cosmic Disclosure, which is also just around the corner, where the public finally is assured that UFOs are real and alien races live among us. I prefer to see us living in exciting times where the Powers that Were (which includes the RF) are gone. I don’t buy into doom and gloom, that is one way how they kept us chained to their World Order!✨✨

Sea Moon
It’s ‘anti dark’ many are against..the Royals are only a small representation…there are many more involved,but the RF are front and center and make themselves public..sucking in the masses with the ‘ceremonies’ that make them appear something they are not.

Tina Garnham
@Sea Moon sorry still a royalist…. seems to be a lot of anti royalists here now

When i see a Robin i always have a connection, after my Mum died. she loved Robins, every time i see a Robin now, it’s a very deep, Spiritual feeling. she adored them and i ‘ve only felt this about them since her death .

J Bond
Thank you for speaking out, that took courage, conviction and strength – qualities we should all aspire to. History repeats itself over and over again, and although we might not recognise the signs at the moment, it is happening. ( PS I have been drinking lots of water recently) xxx

edah mushore
Thank you and GOD Bless you so much! I have been praying you would see this in your cards and speak about it. We need to focus on light good love and unity as the human race They’ve been manipulating the world. Be happy the truth is the only solution With enough truth and love they will disband. ❤❤❤ love you loads

Michelle Misir
I feel that the new Real ID falls into this I refuse to get one. (For those living in the US)

Christine H
What is this ‘Real ID’?. I’m British but live in US as a permanent resident, been here 3yrs + can apply for citizenship in 2yrs time. Is it a State or Federal thing? I’m in NY.

Julie Lockhart
@Christine H The Real ID is a form of drivers license that will also kind of works as a passport. I believe it is chipped with all your information.

Cat On a mushroom
Not wanting to face the dark was probably a reason some left your side.

Eugene Gilbert
I don’t know what William being the anti-christ I heard it was Obama now that I can believe

Faith Thomas
You are under psychic attack Nichola. Please do not disappear. Just take some time out, call out to the Archangels to protect you whilst you rest. I agree with 75% about MM, Harry and the queen, philip, charles etc. This is why Diana was murdered. I have seen and spoken to Diana, so has my daughter. Please believe what I am saying. God bless you darling, put the cards away, cleanse and refresh xx PS. I know there is no Archie, but a baby did die, I told you that long ago!

Candy Clews
Apart from finding the tone of your link reprehensible, it has several inaccuracies:

1) Kate & William only broke up once, in 2007 (the narrator says several times)

2) Aristocratic British men never wear wedding rings. It is seen as a continental habit and therefore frowned upon in England (hangover from our wars with France). I was surprised to see Harry wear a wedding ring. Perhaps Meghan insisted?

3) Their little flower girl, Grace van Cutsem has a syndrome, which was why she behaved the way she did at the Royal wedding and it was a true testament to Kate & William that they did not rule her out as a bridesmaid because of it.

4) Britain’s early success as a country was made on the back of opium and slave-trading. Thankfully there were a few who outlawed it.

5) That was not Gary Goldsmith in the video. It was Mike Tindall, an ex rugby player and husband to Zara, Princess Anne’s daughter.

6) James Hewitt is not Harry’s father. Diana and James didn’t meet until two years after Prince Harry was born. As James once told The Sunday Mirror, “When I first met Diana, Harry was already a toddler.” …. I couldn’t watch anymore it was so awful. My only sadness is that people will believe the content of this video.

NoFear 64
Thank you, Nicola. Know that we are not alone in this fight. There are many of us who are here to assist in bringing Darkness to the Light. For those of you who would like to delve deeper into what this is all about, I’d suggest this comprehensive documentary:

It’s rather long, but if you can’t watch it all at once, then take it bit by bit as you are able. Also, follow the QAnon Movement at – The Great Awakening The latest message – 2/25/20: Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people. Q

AngeliqueCaroArt T
Oh welcome the real world. Yay ! the Robin! By the way – we don’t live on a ball either. I don’t read papers or listen to propaganda box. Yes, I almost left you but it’s what we have to face. Much love.

Hi Nicola…just want to thank you for your integrity and bravery. You are NOT alone….we are in fact Legion out here. Take heart...remember the Desiderata ….


Me again…..

Amazon still has the book ”Final Warning” by kathln Keating……a guide. Dated but still worthwhile.

Judy P. Looney
Nicola do what you need to do. Step back, breathe in the Light and know that God wins. He will lead, guide, and protect you on the path He has put you on. The truths coming out our brutal and horrific, but people are waking up because you are a truth warrior. I pray a showering of blessings and wisdom as you make a choice of what you need to do. Much love and light sent to you. And thank you.

Menna Maranatha
The love of money is the root of all evil.
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I discovered this years ago from my Brazilian adult students. I was so depressed then decided to fight for the light. I became a Reiki teacher, a Tesla healer and Munay ki teacher. I sleep with black tourmaline to ward off the nightly attacks. After reading The Keys of Enoch, I felt comforted and knew there was another God of Abraham who rules the Universe. Far more powerful than baphomet. We end up WINNING. God bless you. Love love love to you and all your followers. Xxx777 💕🌹💕🌹💕

Susie Fraser
Nichola, We need 51% to reach critical mass and I believe we are at around 40%. People are switching on every day.The hundredth monkey isnt in the future – it’s here now. There are benevolent loving beings helping us but we all have to do our part and wake the fuck up. Take heart in the fact that there are far more of us than them. So we must stand together and help one another. Gaia is our mother and our only home we have to fight for her.

Kept Grits
You’re saying what my mother said when I was a little girl. She felt it would be Charles or someone from Russia that would rule. That most people would believe the Ruler would be good until he achieved world domination then the mask would come off.

Sherlock Tarot
Yes because then I hadn’t seen .. because they AC blinds us. Please have a watch of the video I have pinned to the top of the page. It was shared with me after I made my video today. It has confirmed everything .. and I have something else to share tomorrow

Bart Speelman
I understand your move. You’re closing this chapter to protect yourself. Thank you for your readings. We are all facing challenging times at the moment. This has been coming for a long time…. with awareness we can walk on with our heads held up high. No fear. Instead w love we will continue the journey.

Will you do a reading on Arizona Wilder and Svali?

April Gardner
Do you think that they moved to that remote location to avoid the virus? I do.  GW: Interesting thought.

LA Thompson
People are waking up more and more every day. Do not give up. Gaslighting has been around for years. We need to believe and uphold our light towards the dark. Thank you for you knowledge and sharing your readings. Blessings to you and your family

KT Rainbow

Maryliesel Reidenbach
God bless you on Ash Wednesday & EVERY day. It freaked me out…well, all of it does…but esp. When you said, ”i feel my work here is soon done.,” adding later that you’d been feeling very depressed. All I can do from across the ocean is ask if you are ok….& also say that this is all so very heavy that it may be too much for one person to battle….maybe concentrate on something else for a while as you have done a difficult job in warning us. You can do no more. Plus & Ultimately & ALWAYS God is fully in charge no matter the schemes & machinations of those who think they are so very powerful. God is fully in control. I know you know that….just trying to reassure you that you’ve done a huge job in revealing all of this, please take care!

j williams

I am so surprised to hear so much truth from a tarot reader. You are so correct in your reading as I have been studying this for over a year. I don’t know if it’s Harry or William…..

Anna Caine
Chin up. Evil ALWAYS eats itself. People have come through from much, much worse than this. There was a time when the holding down of humans was so overt that they actually walked through the streets chained and shackled to one another, and were openly whipped for little to nothing. There was a time when they were cruelly killed…. just because some soldier felt like it, or the “ill – leet” felt like a bit of malicious “sport”. It took quite a time and a bit of a mind shift, but people STOPPED all of those things. Nowadays, we again seem to have fallen back into doing nothing about anything and just accepting “they are rich and powerful and can…..”. No. As said before, “they” run on OUR power and OUR money/labour, etc. We need to start using that power and wealth for OURSELVES and our children.

Nicola, do happy Readings now, don’t let the dark inside, hard though it is, use energetic medicine like Homeopathics. Ainsworths in London have a wonderful service where we can call them for free advice about anything medicinal. they’ve saved me having very serious, further liver damage after years of “family” courts, Aspirins and Migraleve, for weekly migraines, had damaged my liver, gallbladder , stomach , and gut so badly , i was in agony , could barely eat , my liver was completely “white” …NAFLD after an ultrasound my GP said it “can’t be cured “ ( i had to pay for another ultrasound – i’ve cured it with herbs and Homeopathics )all my GP’s said for 16 years “it’s fine , carry on taking the max dose of Aspirin , it’s fine “ …. not true . i believed them like my Mum did , now she’s dead from side effects of Statins and Avandia … i can say this legally as i took her death to AvMa in London in 2010. so many medical drugs cause harm …. i wonder why ? who owns the pharmaceutical companies ? never a “cure” , just more pills for the rest of our lives …. keeping them going but never curing . George Soros has a pharmaceutical company in Wuhan . Bill Gates has a patent for a vaccine for the COVID 19 virus

AINSWORTHS have powerful Flu mixed Remedies etc … after 2 years of my own post flu thing / hell , i’ve just been cured ) .. 98% of people are happily recovering from COVID 19 but the fear being spread is huge .

watch Dr John Bergman on YT . all the best , Nicola . maybe do happy Readings on Spiritual events and people , it’s really important to stay UP at this time when we’re being pulled down .

use Energetic medicine to help bring you UP . i’VE USED IT IN MY DARKEST HOURS and it even cured my son then age 11 of his dire , desperate , severe Dyslexia ( QXCI …. BIOFEEDBACK )

and it’s pulled me back from almost complete ill health where i didn’t want to carry on and never felt i’d ever be healthy again , but i am . But i saw my Mum die form medical negligence and drug side effects … she was in severe pain for 10 years but i didn’t live near her and she only told me what she was taking 6 days before her death , she was being bullied by the nurses and her GP “to keep taking the medical drugs” ( i have all her medical records ) her neighbours said she was “terrified of seeing the GP ” . she died trusting the wrong people . All the very best xxx .

winter moon
Check out a you tuber called

“This is a call for an uprising” & “TransApocalypse now “

Glenda Sabo
People will leave again. God knows that his work is condemned. People will laugh, scream, turn against, prosecute, but the Bible tells us this will happen. Dont be afraid to report the truth. EVER!

People need to be warned about the dangers of falling for the new age religion as well! Accept Jesus as your Savior, repent of your sins and follow Jesus! HE IS THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD’

Spinky Boo
Dont give up. Keep your strength and believe in good. And I do need to drink more water💕💕…take a much needed break Nichola…..

Tiny Dancer
Have you ever heard of Edgar Casey?

Teresa Perrotta
Sherlock tarot. It will never happen. Watch Utsava, William will never be king. The royal family is going to be demolished. Believe!!! The queen is under house arrest for her evilness.

Jesus woke me up on my living room floor after watching many a series on the royal family. It was weeks of study and then it happened. Now, I know everything I was ever taught is a lie. This world is based on lie after lie. Jesus is Real… Archie is Fake…..

je suis
A plague of biblical proportions has already visited China.

Suzy Boozy
It is written this will happen. When the Rapture comes, we will know it is Christ our King. Pray that you are included and not left behind. As Nichola said, cling to your faith. Be prepared everyone.

Purple Angel
You’re not leaving us are you nichola?? I will miss you if you go will you still be doing private readings 💜💖💜

niks gee
Why does Harry have satanic symbolism for his new business venture in Scotland today?

niks gee
Ephesians 5:11 ESV / 345 helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them Many of us are doing similar work Nicola. You are not alone x

Nichola for those who do not know what you are referring to.. It is UN Agenda 21/30. The UN NWO. Very well documented. Totalitarian, Communist NWO. Thank you Nichola. I suggest people go to The INTJ (International Tribunal for Justice) for Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors) Also watch SGT Report Channel Youtube, Sean has been covering this for a very long time along with his very informed and highly creditable interviews with people from all backgrounds including scientists, retired doctors physicists. Many esteemed backgrounds. He is right on top of it. Amazing Polly Channel youtube also covering all of this stuff. Beautiful and Intelligent woman. Also I recommend Kevin Shipp ex CIA. He has been giving lectures about the Deep State and the Cabal for many years. The who, the how and the what of it all. He ties it all together. Nichola you sound so flat and tired. This seems to have knocked you for a six. Just pace yourself and allow the information you have been receiving through research and your readings to settle and be properly integrated before overloading yourself with more information. Take Care.

sharon siegrist
I feel that we must pray for William 🙏 and Kate and their children. Ask God to build a wall around them spiritually and shield them from the darkness. Nothing is carved in stone I believe they can be saved! There is goodness there inside of them. We must try to right this and we can through the power of prayer and meditation.

Julie Lockhart
Sadly… are correct, this world is in Satan’s hands. And he is trying to lead us to the dark. The NWO has been in power for centuries now. And I’m so thankful that you were able to educate those that would not or could not see. But I take comfort in knowing that while the world faces it’s biggest battle between Good and Evil, that my faith will see me to be raptured. I have faith that my Savior, Jesus Christ, will come to get myself and millions of other followers and spare us from the war. Nobody knows yet who will be antichrist, he will come to power after the rapture (according to scripture). But it could very well be William. The fact that you’ve opened people eyes to these things will prove to be a blessing. You have pulled some of evil’s followers into the light, and you should be proud for that. I will continue to follow you where ever you are led to go on this channel, as I’m sure the rest will. Thank you Nicola. For all that you have done and will continue to do. We all love you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Bossy InCharge
If you know your bible you will know that anti christ will be from middle East.... He imitates all that christ did.…. Not William or a member of our royal family 😑

Everyday bless yourself with Holy Water from a Catholic church. It is free. I try to do it everyday…my fur babies too. I learned this from two exorcist priests...demons plant seeds of depression, anger etc in your mind. So pray out loud daily, go to mass and use holy water yourself, the house etc. It will protect you. Also have blessed candles in your home, wear a St Benedict medal…wards off evil.

Amy D
Wise as serpents meek as lambs. Many people have no idea what this means and it’s clear in your comment section. You keep digging, sister because many of these people will fully support antichrist just like they did with the test run antichrist known as Obama. Keep digging and never mind those who tell you to chill with diving down this rabbit hole. Knowledge is power and you have much to learn.

Wee Scottish Reborn Mummy
All Wives are chosen to further NWO connections and increase their control & power . MM was to get them in good books with ppl by having a coloured Princess and as a distraction from P.A . Also to keep an eye on her and stop her giving out secrets . P.H is well and doing what RF want ..

Again study your Bible if you have one. The AntiChrist will not come from England. The Bible firmly states he will. Be born in the Far East and educated in the West. He will be thought to be fatally wounded but will come alive with his evil deeds. William was born in England and educated there. I am sorry that you have been so besotted with Megan that you would even attempt to try to read the dark side. There is no proof the AntiChrist is male!!!! I do not believe you would even publish such rubbish. No one even the stack of cards knows when or where the world will be changed / sorry you hatedcthrvQueen enough to Even publish such rubbish. —meggsie lover!!!!

Sherlock Tarot
William is Jewish but English born

Sherlock Tarot
Check out John Locke @Bossy Uncharge – The Philosopher?

@Leisurelady The cancel culture is satanic.

Miss DiagNosis
Please don’t worry about taking us into the dark because it was from the darkness that we got light. I don’t believe that William is the anti-christ (if there’s even such an entity) such demon is coming out of occupied Palestine. The RF is most likely part of the filth because they must maintain their ill-gotten gains. They gave us Jesus being our Saviour so that we wait on Him to come and save us from their misery and by the time He ‘gets back here’ we’ll be further enslaved or dead. Didn’t Jesus go in the temple and throw the Merchants of Venice out on their arses? We can’t sit on our hands and wait for Jesus, we must fight this evil by ANY and ALL means necessary. The greatest threat to humanity today is ZIONISM.

Paula Martin
I have a very vague idea there is something in Nostradamus about this…

Karen Lawson
I had never heard that till recently and my first thought was No, he and his wife seem so lovely with their little babies. But then your gut says that according to the Bible the antichrist will be well loved and put on a great show of being a good person to fool so many into believing. It is a scary thought and could be very true.

Wee Scottish Reborn Mummy
Of course P.W has been initiated into satanic cult to carry on the work as King if Monarchy is not ended .

Bossy InCharge
Don’t blame God for what men do….. So sorry you had to suffer such, but we are capable of storing up evil in our hearts….all of us 🙄

I am glad you are openly talking about the elitists and the dark things they are doing. There is a reason why this is happening to you. My mom once told me that there is only 1 royal family that stands above all the other royals in the world, the English royal house. They rule above other royals but rule under the Vatican. (did you know there are 3 popes? A black, white and grey pople) And the Vatican has a boss above him etc. I saw that Prince Harry does a masonic sign with his hand. He put his hand in his jacket. Also there are pictures for example of Napoleon, Stalin, George Washington, Karl Marx, the pope doing the freemason hand signal. The world is being ruled by freemasons. A lot of celebrities are also doing the masonic hand signs. And I hope one day we will be freed of our slave masters, but I am not sure if I am going to live to see that happening. A lot of people are brainwashed . We are being brainwashed our whole lives. But people are waking up. Something has happened in their life when they saw the truth and woke up. Our governments are at work for the elite. The elite own almost everything and also our corrupted governements and msm. When I woke up in 2003, I was mad.I looked up everything I could find about the currupted and the evil things the elite have done. Mad at our goverments who are supposed to protect and help the people.Mad at the people who do not want to see the truth. Once you are awake, you can never go back (to sleep).

Lynn Bush
Some are reptilians they will never own me

Long ago someone said that AC was e_rgon of Tu_ky. What of this? The Pope is the antipope so who is er_on of Troy? Love your courage…….we need you the av himself has destroyed others before you….m.msrtin and.keating and a.bell. Thanks

Sadie Snow
Harry and William will usher in the Mark of the Beast through the chip system headed by the UN. The modern Prophets believe Archie is to be protected and groomed for his role as the Antichrist.

j williams
Daily focus..,ground under feet , wear and clean crystals in sun and moon, stay out of matrix of media and mind programming, clean your water take chlorella daily, switch off modems at night..have detox days from internet, centre align and meditate, eat salad that is organic, lemon water, talk more without phones, wear non metallic makeup, focus on starlight, sunlight and the beauty of nature……..dont use credit cards

Nanny T
@j williams examples of non metallic makeup please.

Shanta Meeder
Kate is 100% the 19 Sun card. Not only does it look like her but her birthday is January 9 – 1-9.

I totally disagree with you. We already have the anti christ on earth – he was born in the far west and he will appear – be injured then reappear. Please read your Bible and Nostradamus—Antichristbwill NOT come from England. This is. Reading from the dark side I have been tested and have very strong ESP and I don’t use cards – the AnyiChrist is already here and he is in America!!! English people don’t have to worry about the dark side because he is an -America and we know who he is!!!! Stop downing the British family-the Antichrist is Ali e and prospering in America!!!!

Sherlock Tarot
William is Jewish

You seem to be unaware that the structure of Western civilisations are currently being torn down to create the implementation of the NWO. or One World Government. This is why there has been so much backlash against national Sovereignty. The only country as far as I am aware that will be free from the NWO is Israel. The rest of humanity will be enslaved by the totalitarian communist NWO.

Karen Henline
@ leisurelady…..You are extremely ill informed. The City of London is the heart and soul of the NWO. If you are as knowledgeable as you claim…you would know this. The Mayor of The City of London is not part of any government jurisdiction. You need to study. You do not have the facts.or understanding.

Karen Henline
And no, leisurelady…it is NOT Donald Trump. Sincerely, America

Sea Moon
@Leisurelady~~~Why do I feel there is a heavy dose of ‘Trump derangement syndrome’ in your comment? You do not have the answer of who the Anti-Christ is. .Perhaps your ESP should be retested…I have never heard of such a test..did you pay to have it done? I feel you need to do your research of centuries past and really take a look at not only the British Royals , but all of the European Royals. They are the source of the constant birthing of darkness by their nature of feeling they are superior..their symbols will be their downfall. It is best to be informed other wise you are part of the ‘problem’ . Just a side note…the Bible you refer to is NOT the final authority of these times. Nothing is written in stone. WE as a human race have the power within us(if you believe in the bible then clearly you have the knowing that you are a ‘child of the creator’..that makes the ‘creator’ within you..).choose wisely what you do with that power of creation. Open your eyes to the truth of the world’s dark side...the British Royals have a history as do others …it’s all about money..find out who controls it..and that is the source of the original darkness. Perhaps you should offer yourself to the RF to be a part of their ways…then and only then would you really find out what they are about and you will be able to define ‘darkness’ in its raw non-human state.

libramoon2 W
Jeane Dixon predicted the AC would be/was born Feb 5th 1962 in Tobruk. Chart has many planets in Aquarius……

Amy Hartmann
Sherlock, Will you please see if Hollywood and Mega is attached to this?