Cherie Blair’s Health Clinics Anyone?

After all, Cherie Blair REALLY Cares.

Friend’s Meeting House, Euston, today, hosted the AGM of KONP, where one June Hautot got a rowdy ovation.  What for?  Well, when Andrew Lansley(******) insisted that his NHS Bill would not mean the privatisation of the health service she shot back: “codswallop” on live TV, thus nailing Mr Lansley nicely.

After all business had been conducted, including a refreshingly ‘honest’ presentation from their accountant, we heard that the web designer didn’t charge a fee, various people had dipped into their pockets, and the wonderful Dr Wendy Savage had criss crossed the country raising awareness.  She’s worn out really.  In addition, the Camden branch of KONP had self funded a series of Richard Branson facemasks for use in their door stepping activities outside Virgin Healthcare.  A gent from Devon was in the middle of a legal battle trying to stop the takeover of vulnerable children’s services there,

and a teacher from Lewisham had taught himself web design to inform the folk in his area about action still being taken against this vile anti democratic move by this vile anti democratic government.  He really hasn’t got the time but is driven by the injustice of it all.

Later, at the main event, a nurse spoke passionately about the position at UCH and her suggested slogan was ‘If you’re not for a public NHS service, then we’re against you’.  This received loud applause.  A Medic in charge of a trauma unit said he wasn’t political, at all, and would rather be at meetings learning to further his skills but recently, he treated a patient who had been hit by a car.  The patient had a ruptured spleen and multiple broken bones.  He was concerned because the man’s 7 months pregnant wife was frantic.  He thought the unborn child could lose a parent.  Fortunately, he had a surgeon available at 2 in the morning to operate, and a team in intensive care to get the patient through the first 48 hours.  Later physios gave the patient specialised help so he could move to a ward and eventually go home.  Two months later, he received a picture of the new arrival with two happy parents.  Enough said.

Finally, a 77 year old woman from Liverpool – one of a group of 6 senior citizens – temporarily saved Whiston Hospital, a brand new facility, from SERCO.  Andrew Lansley will not meet her.

Mrs Pritchard – Campaigner for Whiston Hospital.

Whiston Hospital, Knowsley.

Concerning the effects of Lansley’s legislation on the NHS, a member of KONP told me that Cherie Blair intended to go ‘into business’ with a Right Wing US backer in order to set up ‘Health Clinics’ in supermarkets.  Apparently, there is a website.  This lady is forensic because I can’t find it, but Alan Watt at ‘Cutting Through the Matrix’ found a piece in The Telegraph.


Cherie Blair “stands to gain from NHS privatisation”

(A:  They’ve slashed it to the bone and they’re privatizing it now, the one that Obama’s copying actually.)

Cherie Blair is a director of a company which is preparing to profit from the growing privatisation of the health service, it can be disclosed. / Holly Watt / 29 Sep 2011


He has other ‘interesting’ things to say as well.

What can we do?  You ask.  Well, there’s a meeting of NETROOTS 30 June about online activitism and there’s also a Venture Capitalist Meeting on 5 July 2012 about what money can be made from NHS (GASP) which should have some representatives at it.  The National Pensioners’ Association have a meeting in the House of Commons from time to time.  Well, I think they do.  They’re well connected anyhow.  Finally, the TUC are having a Demo on 20 October 2012.

George Eliot Hospital is looking into Franchising in order to meet the Government’s funding requirements??????  They need help.

George Eliot Hospital.

George Eliot

Unrelated Reading – Bankers:

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