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Leopards Don’t Change Spots

Update to Where’s David Cameron Amidst All This? https://ukgovernmentwatch.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/wheres-david-cameron-amid-all-this-row/ Just found this from 2007 He sodded off again!  Left his constituents up to the tops of their wellies in flood water for a chance to ‘big it up’ on the … Continue reading

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Art in Focus

Damien Hirst is in the news again. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2157028/Damien-Hirst-devastated-mother-children-leaves-59-year-old-Dog-War.html I find out who was responsible for the hideous steel structure imposed on the hard pressed East Side of London.  (acceleration of the destruction of our system?  With any misfortune a ghastly … Continue reading

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Lord Flight Spoke on the Financial Services Legislation Today

While the General Public are spinning round on stories about CPUK and the latest Motorway accident – that company beggars belief, anyhow – the new Financial Services Legislation is being aired in the House of Lords, and Lord Flight Con … Continue reading

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Amazing British Designer Poached by Apple

‘Poached by Apple’. ‘That is illogical, Captain’. RE: Leveson – Blogger from Daily Mail sums up new position. ‘The closer we get to the top the softer the approach from Leveson, too many speeches allowed and not enough questions answered. … Continue reading

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