MPs cryin’ ’bout missing their half term hols when the country’s in crisis – Part ii

Union Jack Jeremy, Glasgow, United Kingdom,
the country is in crisis and crime is out of control….leave must be cancelled indefinately until they start doing their jobs…in fact work weekends as well for the 45 Billion pound budget for MPs annually…yes that is not a typo

potty dotty, Newcastle, United Kingdom,
I watched the news tonight and one of those clowns had the absolute nerve to ask for I presume child care because they have to be in the commons. What the hell do these Muppets think everyone else has to do when their kids are off school. Bunch of brats !

As-it-is1 Cheshire, Chester, United Kingdom,
Saw one MP moaning because she would now have to find childcare and could she be compensated – welcome to the real world! Not every job conveniently grinds to a halt so everyone can go off on their jollies with their kids. The mess they are all making of Brexit, they should cancel all leave until they come up with an answer; the threat of that might actually get them all to behave like adults and fix their mess!

Pollywolly, London, United Kingdom,
Come on people, be fair! They have their priorities – me first, me second, me last! Just think, they’ll all return to Parliament refreshed & raring to go after being hard at work since – um…………..7th January????

Avir, Coventry, United Kingdom,
So sad that the poor dears are having their winter hols.ruined.It is of little importance to these clowns that millions of peopel are having their LIVES ruined by the sheer incompetence of these “gravy train riders”. The same incompetents who appear to be incapable to negotiate an exit from the EU dictators. Maybe a few nights sleeping rough in the cold would bring these selfish pariahs to their senses

Roger Tend, London, United Kingdom,
For all they are paid, having to give up the ski season too would be awful.

Jax, Midlands, United Kingdom,
Most of them are hardly ever in the near deserted Commons anyway apart from PMQ Punch and Judy time. Maybe bunked off to one of the other jobs so many have time for. When they do attend, is there anything they can’t screw up. They’re useless – as Brexit has proved – if proof was needed.

daveuk321, Solihull, United Kingdom,
I want to be compensated for my taxes paying the salary of an MP whilst in jail

no1bee, Swindon, United Kingdom,
They need the time off to shed their skin

carpoma, Norwich, United Kingdom,

bruno201, w-s-m, United Kingdom,
They don’t deserve a break as they haven’t been working hard enough in the interest of the country. They need to stay put and work their little socks off, in shifts if necessary, until the situation is resolved. They don’t need congratulated or rewarded for being mediocre.

DonkeyDave, London, United Kingdom,
close the open checkbook for MP’s. We need more accountability, not checks done by fawning civil sevants. There the problem lies

ab, essex,
It’s called holiday insurance! How do they think the people of the armed forces manage it every time the government decide to send them away short notice?

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