Nigel Farage And Nick Clegg First Debate Live

Huff Puff Huff Puff Huff Puff.  Erm yes?  Make mine a Chocolate Slice.  Yea I know what time it is.  OK why not.  I’m belatedly interested.  Seems there’s been a lot of UKIP bashing in Watford in the last few days.  Boy do they hate Kippers in Watford.  It’s probably the FibDems running scared of the May election here.  I believe the audience stats indicated that Farage won?

Farage Clegg UKC 27 Mar 14

UK Column News 27 March 2014

UK Column News took a look and decided Nige was ‘on the money’ but didn’t go far enough.

Thanks to Huff Puff for the link.

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