Adolf Hitler- The greatest story NEVER told!

There is a real mystery about this documentary.  Some time ago GovWatch posted the link after finding it by accident.  The title certainly had sufficient shock value and the link almost didn’t go up.  However, because it was a detailed and well referenced piece, GovWatch thought in the interest of ‘balance’ it should be made available.  The link proved to be quite popular with a number of visitors looking at it.  The Net Police have now pulled the link.  Why would they do something like that one wonders.  Could it be that ‘balanced argument’ is not in their interests after all?  Fortunately it is still available elsewhere if one searches for it but for how much longer one wonders.

Part 1

Harry Cooper – Hitler In Argentina

The Hitler Escape Trilogy!

Jeff Rense & Harry Cooper – Compelling Evidence Hitler

Trading With the Enemy“Why did Hitler bring in such strict child protection laws ?
read here what is happenong here”

Trading With the Enemy: Charles Higham



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