Dominic Grieve Insinuated That Corruption Was ‘A Problem’ Amongst Ethnic Minorities

Dominic Grieve

Dominic Grieve

How could this Tory MP have gotten it so wrong?  The Tories might privately think that corruption runs rife in ethnic communities, but the audacity of trying to steer this ‘idea’ towards those of the Indian sub-continent is breath-taking.  We have citizens who are second and third generation from this group and they have given their heart and soul to this country.  They see themselves as British and must be reeling from the shock of Mr Grieve’s remarks.  Hulllo folks, despite being born here and educated here well you’re still ‘ethnics’ didn’t you know?  If one saw Channel 4 News tonight one would have seen a volunteer from a local mosque make the point that they do a great deal for all the community FREE and that Grieve and his Tory chums should be looking at Bankers and those Corporations using off shore tax havens when talking about corruption.  A dignified and measured response from a community very much wronged by this ConDem Cabal who are trying to find a group to blame for their lack of resolve in tackling Banking and Corporate mal- practice.  Unfortunately  Mr Grieve neglected to acknowledge the Russian Mafia resident in the UK or the corruption within his own party.  He also hadn’t considered the fact that large amounts of UK money go to the EU but that this body has failed to produce any accounts to show where and how this money is spent.  As for Grant Shapps having anything to say about fraud.  The nerve of that guy when his How To Corp firm had to be dissolved because it sold a $497 (£313) software package called TrafficPaymaster, an autoblogging programme that created instant cashflow by allegedly plagiarising information.

Dominic Grieve was sent on a Tory mission to try to improve Tory election prospects by that old ‘divide and rule’ tactic.  Camalot unfortunately sent out the wrong bloke.  Grieve is just another Tory with the deftness and agility of a bulldozer.

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1 Response to Dominic Grieve Insinuated That Corruption Was ‘A Problem’ Amongst Ethnic Minorities

  1. Dominic Grieve’s comments are unfortunate.
    Law is equal for everyone. if someone has broken the law, punish them, do not punish the whole community.

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