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Nowhere Man Series And Stieg Larsson

GovWatch has been pointed in the direction of the series ‘Nowhere Man’ to explain how someone might feel after being exposed to certain unsavoury psychiatric practices GovWatch has been looking into recently.  There’s also a couple of fictional books including … Continue reading

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Adolf Hitler- The greatest story NEVER told!

There is a real mystery about this documentary.  Some time ago GovWatch posted the link after finding it by accident.  The title certainly had sufficient shock value and the link almost didn’t go up.  However, because it was a detailed … Continue reading

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The Independent: IDS And ‘The Pauper Scooper’ Plus ‘BOE Sold Stolen Nazi Gold’

Stroll into the Top Paddock for a Latte and what do you find?  NLAT clipping out another piece for the scrapbook.  Where does he keep them all?  And it looks as if Mark Merino has dropped by to chew over … Continue reading

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90 Year Old Soldier Says ‘Brave New World Is All Wrong’

‘Perhaps that is why even though I am now 90, I still go every spring to my local cenotaph and commune with unfamiliar names etched in stone. I read out their simple epitaphs, their age and wonder, what if these … Continue reading

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2012 And More Parents Going ‘On the Run’ From the SS

Why do parents get so frightened of SS that they go on the run?  Why is an MP John Hemming helping them?  Why is Ian Josephs, retired businessman, helping people to go on the run? SS described as ‘politically correct’ … Continue reading

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