Looking Forward To Winter?


South Park Oxford ‘in the snow’.

Yes it will be cold but that’s the only way that winter activities can be available for us to enjoy.

Dave might like to take a stroll in Oxford’s South Park with the children and gaze at that wonderful Oxford landscape.  Afraid it’s NOT quite Ally Pally but not bad all the same.

Here in Watford, we have country piles, erm, hotels a-plenty offering the weary traveller various ‘winter warmers’.

Ski NZ

Ski NZ?http://www.grabone.co.nz/manawatu-wanganui/tussock-grove-boutique-motel-20  I expect Mr Andrew ‘hard as nuts’ Mitchell might give it a go this winter.

One ‘fav’ for the locals is to book afternoon tea at The Grove.  If you book the last slot on the timetable, you can stay there till gone 8pm scoffing scones and other delicacies and washing it all down with copious cups of ‘tea of your choice’.  Someone will put another log on the fire if you ask nicely as well.

Tea and scones not ‘ard enuff’ fer yer?  Erm what about some skiing or perhaps ice skating?  Too bone shattering?  What about a good old Hertfordshire winter walk with the dog?  Down the canals is quite picturesque.  You could follow-up with a real ale at The Six Bells St Albans. Here in Herts we are very particular about our Ale. 


‘Pints of View’South Herts CAMRA.

The Six Bells won the silver medal in the recent South Herts Pub of the Year contest.  If you are in Oxhey, you might pop into The Rifle Volunteer where WWOGAS held their Chilli and Beer Fest recently.  The atmosphere’s convivial but intimate and the Ale is well-kept.

Check out South Herts CAMRA for further details.

And don’t think that St Albans PAAA are a bunch of wowsers.  Some great Autumn Surprises are being planned and there is some news about a visit by one of Santa’s best little helpers to St Albans in October.

Contact St Albans PAAA for further info.  Twitter: @StAlbansPAAA

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