Brighton VRS Watford Re-Scheduled

Amex Stadium Brighton

Amex Stadium Brighton – Picture Watford Observer.

‘Watford’s away fixture at Brighton and Hove Albion has been moved to a Monday night as it will be shown on Sky Sports.

The match was initially scheduled for Saturday, October 26 before it was brought forward a day due to an event at Brighton University.

The game will now take place on Monday, October 28, with kick-off 7.45pm.’

Watford fans are well upset by this manoeuvre and have assumed that it is all due to SkySports.  Not so.   GovWatch has it on fairly good authority that Richard Harrington is rather taken with Brighton.  Shame on you Rich!   The truth of the matter probably is that the original date clashed with Rich’s ‘Tory Tarriers’ run night and so Rich asked the organisers to move the Match Day Date backwards.  That way Rich will be able to ‘leg it on down’ to his favourite hauntapart from Westminster Hof C of course – to watch the game.  Rich is doing some serious training right now.  He’s running in that 2015 Tory Marathon.  In fact I believe they’ve already started it.  GovWatch thinks that Lord Ashcroft might be funding the ‘Tory Tarriers’ sportswear.

Thanks to Watford Observer for the story.

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