Operation Troll the NSA

An idea from the US that seems interesting.  UK Column has also indicated that the best way to counteract surveillance is to ‘fill up the airwaves’ and the Internet with ‘useless info’.  They only have so much server space and processing power.

“Operation Troll The NSA” is aimed at jamming the recently revealed Prism surveillance system, phone records collection and other secret government data-mining endeavors in a coordinated act of protest.


Steve Jolly from the organisation No CCTV protests at the Bilderberg conference in Watford, 6 June.

NO CCTV Org putting the citizen’s point of view.

Guardian Blog –

Winning the Publicity War

‘Regardless of what the shadowy puppeteers of the Bilderberg Group decide to implement at their conference in Watford this week – perhaps they’ll agree to start a war or two, or prolong the inexplicable television career of Piers Morgan – they’ve already lost the publicity war. The most memorable imagery of the conference isn’t that of the blacked-out limousines swooping silently past security checkpoints, or the lines of police officers vigilantly maintaining a ring of steel around the conference hotel. It’s of protester Steve Jolly standing around with a great big CCTV camera on his head.’


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