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Telegraph Tells Protesters Not To Criticize Bilderberg

By Matthew Norman 8:14PM BST 31 May 2013 Well Mr Norman starts out by bashing Watford for having nothing much but Watford FC.  Oh well we only just missed going into the first division that’s all but perhaps Mr Norman … Continue reading

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Balls and Bilderberg

Sign the petition to bring back the Bradbury Pound to solve the Bankster created financial problems. http://www.ukcolumn.org/bring-back-the-bradbury Ed Balls charged his expenses for attending Bilderberg to the Tax Payer says UK Column. List of those attending Bilderberg 2013 – http://bilderbergmeetings.org/participants2013.html Continue reading

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New Political Party In Holland

‘The most striking new party in the Dutch elections in September is undoubtedly the Sovereign Independent Pioneers Netherlands (SOPN), founded by Anton Teuben of Soest. He expects “dozens of seats in the House of Representatives ,” he says today in … Continue reading

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Holland’s Joris Demmink And Their New King In Pedophilia Scandal With Links to British Monarch And CIA in Turkey:

No wonder there was an emergency meeting in Downing Street.  Efforts to divert all the emerging scandals are failing.  http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2334916/Secret-affair-high-profile-figures-casts-shadow-Number-10-David-Cameron.html Is it Kengate because if it is, I’m afraid the vids removed from UTube  by the PTB were downloaded by … Continue reading

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Join UNITE’s Hunt For Hunt 15 June 2013

UNITE together with the Save Lewisham Hospital Campaign are planning a search (Hunting actually but we don’t use horses) in Surrey South West for local Mp and Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt.. Saddle up Folks – First item … Continue reading

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