Norwegian TV Travelled To Watford To Cover Plight Of Farm Terrace Allotments

Watford on Norwegian TV

Watford on Norwegian TV.

A Norwegian TV crew travelled to Watford because they had heard of WBC’s intention to build houses on Farm Terrace Allotments.

Dorothy Thornhill said she had ‘sleepless nights’ worrying about the decision to confiscate the land and trample all over an age old tradition of growing organic veg and fruit.  Well she’s got the bags under her eyes at least.  Dorothy is getting quite a name for herself.  She was cited on New York TV the other day over her remarks about protesters of Bilderberg probably ‘kicking off’.  Well they didn’t.  Dorothy Thornhill seems at odds with reality a good bit of the time.  Probably reading too much Chicklit.  Another example of FibDems helping to sell out our precious freedoms for ever.

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