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Who and Where Is Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed

Well the SS (Security Services) would have us believe that he is a dangerous ‘terrorist’ on the loose after disguising himself with a burka.  Hmmm a ‘shirker in a burka.’  Didn’t the Home Sec give him a passport?  Stop playing … Continue reading

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It’s Turning Frosty In Toryland As Gove and IDS Clash With Individuals Who Oppose Their Viewpoints

A steely exchange ensued between the Information Commissioner Christopher Graham and Michael Gove as Mr Gove reluctantly released details of 517 applications made for the first three waves of free schools after losing a tribunal ruling last month. Announcing he … Continue reading

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That Pesky Freedom of Information Act Again!

http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2012/jul/16/david-cameron-freedom-of-information Let’s Hear it for Transparancy http://www.ico.gov.uk/for_organisations/freedom_of_information.aspx From Previous Post In his memoirs, Tony Blair described the Freedom of Information Act as one of his greatest mistakes while in office, calling it “utterly undermining of sensible government”…..  Yes that Freedom … Continue reading

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