It’s Turning Frosty In Toryland As Gove and IDS Clash With Individuals Who Oppose Their Viewpoints

A steely exchange ensued between the Information Commissioner Christopher Graham and Michael Gove as Mr Gove reluctantly released details of 517 applications made for the first three waves of free schools after losing a tribunal ruling last month. Announcing he would no longer challenge the commissioner’s decision, Gove claimed parents and teachers trying to join the government’s programme had been vilified by opponents.  Well Mr Gove, your own SPADS are showing us how to get what we want.  Expect more of the same I’m afraid.  Mr Graham is to be congratulated on seeing to it that there is ‘fair play’.

Now for Ian Duncan Smith’s techy performance on LBC where he tries to explain in spite of official DWP guidelines to the contrary, that Job Seeker’s Allowance is ‘salary for those performing WorkFare placements’.  James O’Brien does a good job as the adversary.

They are so used to their own rhetoric that they are unhinged by someone who sees the reality of this triple dip recession.  Talk about complacency.

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