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Three Police Chiefs ‘Won’t Back Down’ Over Plebgate

‘Three police chiefs are refusing to back down after criticism by the home secretary Teresa May for not disciplining officers accused of trying to discredit former Tory chief whip Andrew Mitchell.’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-24545855 ‘Mummy Mummy tell that bad policeman not to … Continue reading

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Spectator Ponders Whether Andrew Mitchell Was Framed

Gosh Mitchell’s friends HAVE been busy.  Fancy landing a supportive spot in the Spectator.  Didn’t Boris edit that once?  Oh yes the Hillsborough article was mentioned recently. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2012/sep/13/boris-johnson-apologises-hillsborough-article and what did the article say?   Soupyone gives a report on … Continue reading

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Operation Save Andrew Mitchell – Is Richard Harrington Amongst the 70 Supporters?

NLAT has an Observer cartoon of Andrew Mitchell in front of iron plebgates. PC Pleb T Shirts  http://www.westmidspolfed.com/latestNews/?/27.09.12+%E2%80%98PC+PLEB%E2%80%99+T-Shirts+become+internet+sensation+-+COPS+launch+charity+fund-raiser/10207/ Operation Save Andrew – Why does he need a co-hort of people to save him?  He made his bed.  He should lie … Continue reading

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Exactly When Did Andrew Mitchell Start Saying What He Didn’t Say

Never fear.  The Guardian is managing the Andrew Mitchell Timeline.  Andrew on Facebook?  Wonder what sorts of stuff will pop up on it then? Mitchell Quote:  ‘You guys are supposed to f****** help us.’ GovWatch:  Since when Mr Mitchell?  Police … Continue reading

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