Three Police Chiefs ‘Won’t Back Down’ Over Plebgate

Steve Bell Plebgate

Steve Bell on the latestPlebgate twistT May’s rebuke of Police Chiefs re Mitchell and Plebgate.

Three police chiefs are refusing to back down after criticism by the home secretary Teresa May for not disciplining officers accused of trying to discredit former Tory chief whip Andrew Mitchell.’

‘Mummy Mummy tell that bad policeman not to pick on me.’  ‘Never mind Mitchie Darling ….. Did he push you off your bike?  I’m going to tell the Headmaster about it straight away.  Did you hurt your head sweetie?’…

NLAT and The Sheeplic taking a look at Plebgate again.  Oh what fun!  Ronnie Ram has his suspicions however….

RR:  ‘Hmmm? Now what are they up to? Feels like distraction tactics what do they want us to miss while we’re all listening to this little drama? 8 )’ and he has lots agreeing with him.

Don’t tell me it’s the Whips out for Mitchell again.  Isn’t that horse flogged to death yet?

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