Learner driver cheated on theory test by hiding Bluetooth headset under hijab

A learner driver who hardly spoke any English tried to cheat on her theory test by hiding a Bluetooth headset under a specially made hijab, a court heard. Hatice Sadir, 41, was fed all the right answers during the test and was questioned after exam officials found the concealed device. The court heard how she paid to be connected to a ‘facilitator who overhears the questions being read and then provides the answers.’

Learner driver cheated on theory test by hiding Bluetooth headset under hijab

GW: How many incompetents are driving on UK roads illegally these days one wonders.  Whilst cruising along St Albans Road last Friday evening – only one lane each way – former carriage track to St Albans back in the day – One car was parked beside another which was in the parking bay thus blocking the way forward for the rest of us – blood pressure rising – Another Silver Audi – it’s always an AUDI – attempted to do a U-Turn from the other side of the road – thus blocking all the vehicles heading in the opposite direction!  We are rapidly descending to the driving levels of Mumbai!  A friend of mine was knocked over & killed whilst out there working on an IBM project btw.

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