NWA Actually Meant New World Attitude! How Women Are Enslaved in The West & How Sodomy Kills us.

Wise Warrior’s Path

Published on Jun 2, 2017
You can bet your big buck that we are living under some sort of tyranny in one way or another in our lives right now a poor and middle class. Apart from the brutal tax and bad media we have, there is something worse happening as a result of not being aware and being manipulated by the fraudulent systems. Example of some things we deal with are the slavery of gangs, the slavery of prostitution ran by substance abuse, and terrorist pimps that are helped out by our very own radical governments and investors. All this made easier by the influence of modern pornography, what our kids watch on TV, our radicalized and genocidal police and fake so-called “justice system”. Our cops protect the criminals badly influencing our kids, while our kids are arrested and tortured by them through their prison systems. Cops do not protect sht and wake up to it, you should be ashamed of yourselves for convincing people it’s good and you do aid in theft, pillage and murder. Satanism in our countries means more than just a revolution against god, but instead against normality, peace and life all together. They do not protect creatures, they make them extinct and blame innocents for it. Satanism and our governments are run by terrorist and radicals, there is no other way of looking at it. The sooner you wake up to this the better. And yes we must get rid of them starting now. st get rid of them where ever you see them. It is either our lives or their disgusting rule Get rid of em, get rid of THEM NOW! LEGALLY AND ASSERTIVELY NOW! Terrorism and radicals like that have only killed your families, what are you waiting for? Until they got you in prison camps screaming from holes in the ground for god’s mercy? These are our enemies and nothing else. No if and or but about it! How am I wrong in any of what I am saying? Am I wrong in any of what I am saying? AM I WRONG IN WHAT I AM SAYING TO YOU? & HOW EXACTLY!? WE EITHER DEFEND OUR LIVES OR WE DO NOT DESERVE THEM!

Twitter Page I gave up on due to Twitter being a bloody disgrace lately. Facebook? I simply refuse to post any of my content on there.
Facebook is a bloody social experiment and dangerous joke now.
Get you and your kids off it or just keep it for contacts and finding them.

Life and freedom is earned by being willing to stand up for yourself, but also to have respect for others needs also. Helping other people be free by helping provide an honest world for them also, and to offer a helping hand when they are down. Ensure safety by having awareness and courage, and not by being a selfish coward who only knows how to stoop low when their master makes them flinch!

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Don’t hate the ”Player” – Hate the ”System.”  Exactly.

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