Secret Recording: BBC Licence Fee Agents ‘Want To Get As Much As We Can Out Of You Because We’re Greedy’


EeeYepBlowing Whistles – > English True Patriot
Crapita, Crapita Crapita – Capita cannot take Private Eye to court – for one simple reason – Capita are the most despicaple ‘outsourcing’ crooks and criminals used by the government of the ‘day’ be it labour, Tory or Tory/LibDem.

Jeremiah Johnson
They may ask for anything but what they deserve is A MASS BOYCOTT!

Rhys Gethin – > Jeremiah Johnson
Now we’re talking. Gary Lineker can go and scratch for his £2 Million and all the other Hanger’s On.

The BBC: aka anti-British Broadcasting Corporation; aka Botty Boy Club.
I don’t have a TV licence

The world population is 7.4 billion, the BBC collects tax in
the UK to finance itself from a population of aprox 60 million, it is then free
to sell in the acknowledged world language programs anywhere, it is a money
“cash” generating scam, an illegal scam.

Ask Mr Yentob

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