Libyan ‘Hell’ Driving New Migrant Surge

As Gadaffi himself predicted before being murdered. Well done Hilary Clinton, this blood is on your hands

Rogerborg – > Sean Miller
A cynic might wonder if the goal was to destabilise Europe.

Sean Miller – > canadianhegemony
It was an unnecessary intervention. As big a mistake as it was to leave the vacuum in Iraq? It’s only inevitable that the Islamist factions will come back to power in most these countries if the nation isn’t run by a Saddam type. That’s not praising him as a good guy, but when you have so many factions gunning for each other? You got to have a guy that scares all of them.

Milk® Supremacist
It’s almost like Africa and the Mid East are full of people incapable of creating stable societies. But I’m sure if we keep knocking off their “dictators” & import enough of them into America and Europe they’ll magically turn into freedom-loving Westerners. It’ll be just fine, don’t worry.

GW:  And exactly when did Libya change from being a civilised low population density country to a ”Living Hell?”  Ah yes when CaMoron joined in the ”invasion’‘ and got rid of their leader – that’s when!!!!

MPs deliver damning verdict on David Cameron’s Libya intervention

GW:  Thing is the General Sheeplic knew BEFOREHAND that it was a rotten idea!

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