Minister’s job at risk over foreign aid fiasco: Justine Greening could be axed

Justine greening intdev

Justine Greening IntDev

“Ms Greening, who has been in charge of foreign aid since 2012, faces questions over how vast sums of UK taxpayers’ money are being spent.

Richard Harrington.

Richard Harrington IntDev

Among the question marks over her record is how £12million of Ebola aid to Sierra Leone was allegedly stolen by corrupt officials and how millions sent to Mozambique to buy a fishing fleet ended up helping to pay for military patrol boats from France. ”

Who Else Is At International Development? Why None Other Than Rich Harrington CON MP Watford – That’s Who.

GW:  None other than Richard Harrington CON MP Watford – ”Cameron’s POOCH” who was/is a director of an investment vehicle called ”Eden Financial.”

Harrington background from “anti”
2 May 2016



Sponsorship, financial and material support.
Contributions from:

Alan Cockell, Founder Director of MMC Ventures, a Private Equity company
Bruce MacFarlane, also a Founder Director of MMC Ventures.
Howard Leigh, Managing Director of Cavendish Corporate Finance Ltd, a company specialising in selling businesses.
Alan Howard, Founder of London-based Hedge Fund Brevan Howard.
Michael Lewis, Owner/Partner of Michael Lewis Chartered Accountants
Cost of a reception for Ambassadors which Mr. Hague hosted covered by CQS Management ltd, a leading European Hedge Fund company.
Richard Harrington, who is the Chair of the Conservative Friends of Israel. The CFI appears to have close connections with Eden Financial Ltd, a Private Client stockbroking and Pan-European share dealing company.
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2 Responses to Minister’s job at risk over foreign aid fiasco: Justine Greening could be axed

  1. L Smith says:

    The question remains who really did win the UK General Election in 2015?
    The Quixote Reports which is an Independent Investigation carried out in the interest of the Public shows huge scale ALLEGED ELECTION FRAUD throughout the COUNTRY

    Where is Democracy? Corruption eventually leads to Destruction, who will speak for the People?

    • fanofootball says:

      Good point L Smith. GW has been coming to a similar conclusion esp when R Harrington CON Watford miraculously increased his very slender 1425 majority substantially in a 3 way marginal in 2015.

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