“Jeremy Hunt, how dare you!” Grieving mum launches impassioned attack after daughter dies at end of doctors’ strike

“Our NHS is amazing and deserves to be supported and saved… My daughter Karen had many procedures some surgical and Mr Hunt even on Sundays!

“How dare you Mr Hunt! Karen and every other patient in that Critical Care Unit received expert care and treatment day and night and 7 days a week despite your attempt to destroy and discredit these wonderful people who I know did everything in their power to save my beautiful daughter… How dare YOU Mr Hunt… And thank you everyone at Wythenshawe.”

“Julie, who lived with Karen in St Helens, explained that her daughter had suffered with heart problems since she was a child.

She said: “She had her heart repaired 20 years ago and has always had problems. Over the past five years her health really deteriorated and we were recommended to go to Wythenshawe by both Broadgreen and Whiston hospitals.

“Karen went into Wythenshawe on April 4 and was operated on a week later to replace valves in her heart. Sadly she never regained consciousness.”


RIP Karen Lovell.


Only legislation can bring back the NHS


“Thousands of us contacted candidates during the General Election to support the NHS Reinstatement Bill. This made a difference. So far 76 MPs support the Bill,” and Caroline Lucas managed to secure a second reading on 11 March 2016 but useless ToriCon MPs filibustered to prevent the debate. So we must campaign to keep it on the radar so it can be re-presented.



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