Watford FibDems Caught Mis-Using Material From WO On An Election Leaflet

FibDem Leaflet 2015

FibDem Leaflet 2015 – Pic WO. But some say it went through the door late 2014.

“The Liberal Democrats have taken a paragraph from a 549 word comment written by a former Watford Observer reporter and used it to seemingly show his endorsement for the Watford Mayor’s parliamentary credentials in a leaflet.

Residents received the double-sided pro-Dorothy Thornhill literature through their doors last week.

It quotes a segment of a piece written in August by the Observer’s ex-chief reporter, Mike Wright, in which he analysed how Mayor Thornhill’s legacy could potentially be damaged by a run for Westminster.


GovWatch:  Dorothy is just another  mediocre politician who had a couple of good ideas about ten years ago and has traded on that ever since and would also like to build her parliamentary career from them.  House of Cards folks.  Think Nick Clegg in a dress.

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