Watford Borough Council Have Put In Yet Another Submission To Seize Farm Terrace Allotments

FTAG BannerFTAG are now in receipt of a  letter sent by the Department for Communities and Local Government outlining to FTAG and interested parties that Watford Council have put in their THIRD submission asking the Secretary of State to grant consent to Watford Borough Council to appropriate the land set aside for Allotment use and known as Farm Terrace in order to develop a Housing Complex.

Housing dev

“Happy New Year Farm Terrace” from Dorothy Thornhill Watford FibDem Mayor.

GovWatch: It’s a New Year, a new start, a new mindset which is turning against the unbridled capitalist approach where even capitalists say they appreciate the idea of all members of society catered for   There’s also a parliamentary election fast approaching and Dorothy Thornhill has set out her stall as the FibDem PPC for Watford.   So what does Dorothy Thornhill do?  Why she sets off once again down the same Yellow Brick Road as she was on in 2010 doesn’t she.

There will be a FTAG meeting  week beginning 19 January 2015 after members have scrutenized the latest WBC Submission to the Secretary of State regarding Farm Teerrace Allotments.

Farm Terrace Fighting Fund at http://www.gofundme.com/save-farm-terrace

Happy New Year Farm Terrace from Watford’s FibDem Mayor Dorothy Thornhill.

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